21-Day Fresh Start Challenge Mini-Workshop

“Why Challenges Are Magic”

Official Challenge Begins June 10th, 2019


  1. Pat

    Need help overcoming sugar addiction!

  2. Margaret Greutert

    Oh my!! Wouldn’t it be great to find one way of eating that I am successful at and could maintain!!

  3. Valerie Kosick

    Love and gratitude to you and this group! I intend to participate a bit late, as I have a vacation planned with the family to Seattle!!! Even though I won’t be participating at the same time as the larger group, I know that I learned something and every one of these challenges.

  4. Theresa Cavuoto

    Great video Cheri !
    Loved the last challenge and can’t wait for this one !!
    My goals as a nutritarian is to be healthy , the healthiest I’ve ever been , taking no medication, and gliding gracefully into my golden years!
    Living a full life until the end and being an example and spokes person for the nutritarian lifestyle to anyone I know who will listen ☺️

  5. Marie Farris

    I’m ready

  6. Jackie

    I always marvel at how much alike we are, Cheri! You match my story exactly…that’s how I know there’s hope for me. Plus I’ve done it before for long periods of time. Just struggling to GBOT..but I have confidence I will be there soon. Thanks for your encouraging and honest video. Love ya! 🥰🥰💪👏

  7. Blanca

    Very informative, thanks cheri !

  8. Carol Murdock

    I think being totally committed to the Nutrient lifestyle would be freeing for me. You are so right about a lot of brain power is wasted on food. I have such a chocolate problem I can’t even say it’s because of stress – it’s a bad habit I would love to break forever.

  9. Kim

    That’s for a wonderful video. I need to over come the mindset of “ it’s just one or two chocolate candies – how can it hurt”. Being 100% would allow me the freedom from that mindset and addiction.

  10. Kristin Barnhart

    I definitely need to GBOT. I have slid down the slope quite far. I did so well on the first challenge and I am looking forward to this next one.
    I truly feel that if I stay on track that I will finally reach the goal I have set for myself. This way of eating has been the first time I have felt this way.
    Thank you Cheri for your commitment to all of us.

  11. Connie

    I would love to one day live without the extra weight, manage my cravings and eat and be healthy.

  12. Vesta

    I would like to feel good, I hope I can keep up!


    Trying to get to the page my comment took me to yesterday. Can’t wait to start.

  14. Mlou Brown

    I want to stay healthy and happy. #8 grandchild due next week…need to play and run and live!

  15. Amy Princess

    Cheri, Your transformation is amazing! Congratulations!!!

  16. Kristen

    I’m totally off track!!
    Need to get back on the train.

  17. Bev

    Looking forward to the challenge! I don’t like challenges but I think it is the “kick in the butt” that I need right now.

  18. Sarah Tardino

    Im excited to do my first challenge and create a protocol for myself.

  19. Karen

    I long to have healthy digestion and a flat stomach

  20. Fluffysquirrel

    So happy I found you. I tried the Nutritarian diet and enjoyed it-modified it to my taste, as there are certain foods I just don’t fancy. I fell off to the wayside and ready to get back in the game. I am hypothyroid, and can gain easily. I fight fatigue to work out. So I’m ready for a good challenge. You answered all my questions in your video. Looking forward to June 10!!

  21. Jacquie

    I am going to live my life feeling lighter, sleeping better, having a sunny outlook everyday! Thanks for everything 💕

  22. Julia

    Thanks so much for sharing and looking forward to doing the challenge. It would be amazing to not constantly be thinking about what to eat or not to eat and when to eat or how much to eat. To have the freedom to make choices without guilt or shame and to lose the weight once and for all.

    Love what you do :) Australia

  23. Kammi

    Can’t wait to start your challenge. I have been vegan for 2 years and nutritarian for about 6 weeks. I love the tenents of the Nutritarian lifestyle and plan to eat this way the rest of my life. After losing almost 100 lbs., I entered menopause and find it more and more difficult to lose weight. Currently, I want to lose 20-25 lbs. to get to my lifetime goal weight. From years of being obese and yo-yo dieting, I know I feel best at a lower weight and more importantly I want to be as healthy as I possibly can be.

  24. margaret

    I have been struggling for so long to learn to eat well and lose weight. I am excited for this challenge!

  25. Grace

    Oh, I’m ready, Cheri. I’ve been up and down with the Nutritarian Life Style.
    and need to get back on track

  26. Gail

    I’m so excited for this next challenge! I love that you do all the thinking for me. I promise, you won’t go hungry on this challenge!

  27. Dorothy

    The Eat To Live program is great but can indeed be daunting to figure out how to pull it all together.

    I’ve followed Dr. Fuhrman’s program for almost 10 yrs and I’ve never, until meeting Cheri and doing a challenge, really had recipes of soups and salads. smoothies and overnight oatmeals etc that really are fantastic and yet let me lose weight and achieve an elusive personal weight goal.

    I was at a good weight the majority of the time but felt that I wished there were some really good soups and salad dressings etc that would make it all be fun as well as healthy. These challenges brought that home.

    If you are interested in pursuing this way of eating, I highly recommend Cheri’s challenges as a way to start.

  28. Laura Curtis

    Subscribed to your you tube. Love your style. I am 66 and in the beginning of this year had a heart ablation for AFIb and then due to a burning in my throat after exercising was referred to another doctor to perform a coronary angiogram. They found a 60% heart blockage with little blood flow and had to put a stent in. My other artery is also blocked same percentage but still ok. I am very aware of Dr Fuhrman and read ETL in 2011. Followed it and lost 30 pounds down to 130 but stopped it and gained 11 lbs back. When I went through all these heart problems I knew I had to go back to the Nutritarian lifestyle First I stopped eating anything with a face except I did have egg whites however, I used whole grains and kept the sugar. I am now 117.8 pounds but I knew I had to go further. I am liking what you had to say about taking out all the guess work. If I don’t do your challenge in June I will definitely do it at some point as it makes perfect sense. I have already set June 1st as my date to lose the added sugar and just use fruit I also know grains are my Achilles heel. You have a great attitude and fantastic ideas. Thank You!


    I guess I am impatient to start. Is there anything I can get or do to prepare besides watching videos? I’ve watched many videos.

  30. cheri

    Best advice while you wait is to follow along with some of my What I Eat in a Day videos on YouTube. They’re similar type recipes to what’s on the Challenge! :D

  31. Cory

    I want to ARRIVE!!! I have never ARRIVED…. I have been close but never ARRIVED! Turning 49. I want to be nice and settle by 50…. and I mean really settled to my arrival weight and enjoy the benefits of health all around.

  32. LaShana

    I would love to hit my goal weight and not be so bound by my food choices. I want to feel vibrant, healthy and light! Lol

  33. Joanne

    I was so encouraged Cheri when you flew off the rails when your dad passed away as far as emotional
    eating. My mom passed in February and I did same thing and working my way back to a faithful nutritarian lifestyle.

  34. Laura

    Hi Cheri. I am very interested in taking part in the challenge! I cannot eat nuts; let’s just say my gallbladder is happier without them. 😔 Do you think I could still benefit and participate? Thank you for all that you do!

  35. cheri

    Absolutely Laura! I’d probably sub grains fro the nuts and seeds! It’s an easy switch. You could just have more grains in each set, and not the nuts, or even add more starchy veggies. :)

  36. Amy Larsen

    I have been nutritarian for about a year and a half. . . . Well 75%. I have lost 51 lbs. I want to get closer to 100% and lose the next 50 lbs. I feel so much better and energetic when I am on plan. I have a hard time eating out and at special events and family occasions. I would love to get to my goal weight and be the example of optimal health for my family and friends

  37. Amy Larsen

    Hi Cheri, I am so excited for the challenge. I am a nutritarian and eat on plan about 75% of the time. I am so anxious to learn more and. . . .to have a meal plan all laid out for me. My lack of planning frequently is why I eat off plan and therefore have plateaued with my weight loose.
    I am excited to join the challenge.

  38. Deborah Cogan

    Just want to spend 3 weeks being supported to eat consistently! I don’t really have weight to lose. But I do need to get rid of some food addictions, like sugar, and chips.

  39. barbara quinn

    I am almost 71 in August & I have hated myself for the way I feel & that person in the mirror I see everyday. I want to be healthier & live longer. My husband is very healthy & active. I do need help but have a fear of failing.I am a retired nurse so I should know what to do? I get those sugar cravings about 4pm. Pleasehelp.

  40. DonnaC

    What it would mean to me to be successful at this program:
    – I’d have more energy and stamina; my blood sugar would be more consistent
    – I’d be able to quit some/most of my meds
    – I wouldn’t feel so creaky and stiff
    – I could simplify food shopping, planning and prep routines
    – I’d be able to lose 20-25 lbs that I put back on recently- after having lost it due to stress
    Just a few… ;)

  41. Janet

    I would love to Feel FREE of all the wicked crazy constant FOOD THOUGHTS! I’d love to Feel IN CONTROL! I would love to Feel STEADY ENERGY! I would love to have GREAT DIGESTION and be at my IDEAL WEIGHT! And especially get rid of the Brain Fog and have CLEAR THINKING!

  42. Rose Scarlet

    Hi Cheri,
    This challenge is starting THE DAY I go to spend a week at my son’s house with him and my granddaughter. Can this be purchased now and started a week later? Or is it a real-time challenge starting on the 10th?

    I would love to do this… I NEED to do this.

  43. Rose Scarlet

    Nevermind… I saw the answer to my question above in the 3rd video!

  44. Mary Bieber

    I want to balance my exercise regime with a healthy eating lifestyle!

  45. Debbie

    Just joined 21 day challenge

  46. Sarah Williams

    Hi Cheri, I want to do this but have a lot of fear… you know me from last year and my concern is that I won’t be able to live without the sugar! I keep wanting to try this lifestyle but have failed so often. Is it necessary to have Facebook to do this because I do not have an account. Can I receive everything by email? Support with others through email? I want to end food addiction!!

  47. cheri

    Hi my dear Sarah! Ending food addiction isn’t a one and done thing, keep in mind…it’s a “working at it” kind of thing. Sugar addiction is tough, you just keep going! Trying out the challenge will be a great intro, but it doesn’t have to be perfect, keep in mind. What if you planned on having a little sugar each day, so you don’t have to be afraid? Just a thought. Yes you can completely do this without FB, it doesn’t rely on FB at all. All the materials are PDFs and delivered by email. Other challenges won’t be available by email however, just on the FB group.

  48. Kaitlyn

    My stepmom roped me and my dad into this challenge today, and it looks amazing. We’ve been vegan for the last 6 or 7 years, but we’ve fallen off the wagon lately, eating less than optimally. I’m sure this will get us all back on track, thank you very much for everything you do :)

  49. cheri

    Hahah roped you in – thanks stepmom! :D Goooood luck Kaitlyn, hope you love it!!! <3 <3

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