21-Day Fresh Start Challenge Mini-Workshop

“3 Secrets to Your Happy Weight”

Official Challenge Begins March 25, 2019


  1. Marcia

    I love your energy! I would like to participate in this challenge. Thanks.

  2. Minu

    I missed out on the last challenge as I was in India. I am so excited to sign up for this next one! You are awesome Cheri!

  3. Karin

    Good sharing! Great idea!

  4. Shannon Christiansen

    Great reminders! Let’s do this! I’m ready 👍🏻

  5. Melissa C

    I have a similar situation to you. I love watching your videos. I get so much hope from them. Thank you.

  6. Amy C

    Thank you for this motivating mini workshop! Can’t wait for the next video :)

  7. Wendy

    I need to lose!!

  8. Lori Mullinax

    Eeeee!!! Loved your input. Slimfast diet…I totally forgot that I did that years and years ago. And I love how you read the book in the Jacuzzi! ~ FOOD ADDICTIONS…blah!!! Can’t wait for the challenge.. Cheri, there are so many facets to the addictions, too. As you and I have spoke, it is toxic hunger, it is boredom, it is stress, it is convenience, etc. And these ALL affect me! And no, it food does not love me back – good one!! ~ Question: are dates bad? If I only have one or two a couple times a week (I’ve heard how many good things, like iron, magnesium, potassium…) ~ You look amazing!! Yes, cannot wait to start the next challenge!

  9. kathleen kelly

    Why do you call it Eat To Live and not Nutritarian?

  10. Lisa Flick

    Wow! I am excited! I have been struggling for a year with binge eating just like you described. My youngest daughter who was born with special needs, went into intensive care a year ago. In Feb 2018, she was put on hospice. I cared for her at home for 6 months and she passed away on Aug. 6, 2018. Since then I have been eating and binging on total junk. This morning when I saw your email and watched this video- I feel hope for the first time. I am very excited to learn how you achieved the freedom from cravings and bingeing. I can’t wait for video #2 and the challenge! Thank you so much!!

  11. jldd48

    Thank you so much for the video! Fantastic! It’s so comforting to me to know that I am not the only person who cannot seem to keep going. I am quite excited to work with you and finally find my “happy” weight. Take Care!

  12. Connie

    Thanks for sharing! I am hopeful that this challenge may get me to my happy weight. I have been on the ETL program for 6 weeks and have stalled after losing 8 pounds. Love this WOE as I am free from counting points and/or calories! I have lost 60 pounds using MFP and WW over the course of 6 years…definitely a turtle! I am 66, 5’3”, 180 pounds, and need to lose another 30-40.

  13. Kristin

    I can not wait to get to the point of not being obsessed with food. The first challenge was amazing and I can’t wait to do the next one.
    Thank you for your commitment to this way of life and for helping us achieve our goals.

  14. Bernadette Broderick

    Hi Cheri! The most interesting thing you spoke about was the idea of challenges. I can get on board with challenges because I think deep down, we’re all a little competitive even if it’s with ourselves! Looking forward to your next video(s). BTW, your transformation photos are remarkable! Wow.

  15. Alissa

    I don’t need to watch these videos to be convinced to do this challenge, but I’m going to watch them all anyway! Every once in a while it’s nice to be reminded why we do this. See you in the next challenge!!!

  16. Bes

    Thank you for sharing this video and your journey! I have always had a bad relationship with food since I was little, always binging when no one is around. I started this ETL journey a couple months ago, but I’m on and off. My cravings have definitely decreased though, which is amazing! And I can’t wait to do this 21-day challenge with you!

  17. JG

    Great info and thank you for sharing. I could relate on all levels.

  18. Crystal Clark

    Back in November of last year, I was put on blood pressure medication. I was very overweight, tired all the time and really depressed. I’ve always had a love of cooking, but nothing was inpiring me any more. I knew I needed to make a change, but I did not know where to start, so began adding a salad a day back into my daily routine. Then I started cutting out animal products, white flour and processed foods, sugar, oil and salt. I began watching videos and reading lots of books and joined a facebook group (which is where I found you) and every day got easier. In 2 months I have lost about 25 lbs, lowered my overall cholesterol 60 points, LDL down 20 points and lowered triglycerides 165 points (not a typo). I have a long way to go to find my natural body weight…I don’t know what that would even feel like, since I’ve been up and down my entire life, but I’m excited to find out! I am in 100%…I even joined the Nutritarian Women’s Health Study. I’m that excited and about this journey…and even more excited to be on this journey together. I’m looking forward to the challenge as a way to reboot, continue to learn and to challenge myself in different ways than when I am doing this alone. I’m looking forward to the community support, the amazingly simple yet delicious recipes and to leading by example.

    I think the reasons WHY (stated in your video) are very important to state from the beginning…a learning tool for those who are new to a plant based lifestyle and a reminder to those who have committed fully. The thought of having to lose close to 80 lbs to get to my goal weight is daunting, so instead I am focusing on the wins, the growth and the subtle (and not so subtle) changes I am going through (physically, emotionally, mentally), knowing that I will get there eventually!

  19. Valerie Kosick

    I can definitely relate to hiding food or sneaking it in the other room! Looking forward to the challenge!


    I totally identify with your journey. I am much older than you, and I’m so glad that you have changed this situation while still a young woman. Getting older with this kind of an addiction is scary because the added years of abuse start to show up as a health crisis. I have acted in the exact manner you’ve described (hiding, happily bingeing when a loved one wasn’t around to catch you, etc.) but knowing that you’ve been able to rise above this demon of an addiction gives me hope at age 61. You are very inspirational, and I love how warm and caring you are. Thanks again Cheri.

  21. Theresa Cavuoto

    Love this video !!!Thank you for being so transparent!
    I am going to Denver for 8 days during the Challenge, but I don’t care I’m going to do it to the best of my ability while there !!!
    I’m pumped ! Looking forward to the day when I am free of food addictions !
    I have experienced significant decreases in my sugar addiction so far and can not wait until the day I am totally delivered .
    Thank you Cheri !

  22. LAURA

    I can’t wait!! I’m in!

  23. Wina

    Sounds like challenges are very important to stay motivated to lose weight!! I know it really helps me cause I need easy

  24. Michelle

    Great video and I’m really excited about doing this challenge! Due to my unhealthy eating lifestyle, I ended up needing to have emergency gallbladder surgery last fall. It made me realize I want to change and model a healthier lifestyle for my children. I also can’t wait to have that glow in my eyes and face from eating fresh, nutritious foods! So glad I found you!

  25. Sybil Shelton-Ford

    I am IN. Registration link, please

  26. cheri

    Excellent Sybil! Stay tuned. <3

  27. cheri

    Sooo glad you’re here Michelle!!

  28. cheri

    They’ve been everything to me, Wina!

  29. cheri

    Yay Laura! Let’s do this! Stay tuned.

  30. cheri

    YESSS Theresa, you’ve got the right idea!! <3 Stick with me!

  31. cheri

    I can certainly empathize Tracey! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. <3

  32. cheri

    Yupppp. So looking forward to having you in again my dear! <3

  33. cheri

    Wowww what a story Crystal, I’m so glad you’re here, woman! Thank you for sharing. <3

  34. cheri

    So glad, you’re more than welcome my friend. <3

  35. cheri

    SOOO glad to hear you’re making progress Bes! Yeah!

  36. cheri

    Yayyyy Alissa!! I agree. See you in there my friend!

  37. cheri

    Abbbbsolutely Bernadette! Excited to have you in there with us. And thank you so much!

  38. cheri

    YES Kristin, thank you so much my dear, I’m so beyond glad.

  39. cheri

    Yesss Connie, it is so freeing, isn’t it?? Any progress is great. ;)

  40. cheri

    You are so welcome my friend! Thank you!

  41. cheri

    Lisa. Friend. Your story made me so emotional, I thank you deeply for sharing this. I am so beyond sorry for your loss, words can’t even describe what love I’m sending you. I am also so glad to hear that I gave you a little glimmer of hope. My friend, if you want to join the challenge, just let me show you what to eat for the 21 days. You won’t even have to think about it and you will get so much love and support from the Facebook group that’s included if you’d like it. We’re ALL here for you. You are so important to take care of, never forget that. And never forget that you don’t have to be perfect. Just keep going, lovely mama. <3 Sending you every ounce of love I have.

  42. cheri

    I use them both interchangeably in my videos, Kathleen, but in this one I guess I just swayed more towards ETL. I think I feel like more people know what “Eat to Live” is, rather than “Nutritarian” so I think that’s why I sway more there.

  43. cheri

    Eeeeee my dear Lori!!!! Haaha Slim Fast. :P Slim Fast buddies! :D Yes the addiction thing goes SOOO deep as we know. As far as dates go, they’re not bad very occasionally, except that just for me I know using htem keeps me addicted. I have found that having the natural sugar level of fresh fruits is enough to satisfy, and when I have dates, I’m always thinking fresh fruit isn’t sweet enough for things, like smoothies etc. So I found that completely giving them up changed a LOT for me. (We can get all the vitamins and minerals you describe from higher-nutrient foods, sidenote.) It really just comes down to where you’re at and how much you can handle that sweetness! :) <3 <3 So excited to see you in there my dear, thank you!!!!!!

  44. cheri

    I shall help!!! So glad you’re here.

  45. cheri

    You’re sooooo welcome Amy!

  46. joan moloughney

    Cheri you are so strong and I really want to do this program with you Thank you

  47. Dawn

    Coming off the second leg of Challenge 1 and super super excited to join the next Challenge.Thank you for all the prep and hard work. This challenge will help get you on the nutritarian plan, help you get to the healthy you that you want to be, and help you to see where you are missing nutrients. Love your enthusiasm!!!💖💖💖

  48. cheri

    I’d be honored to have you Joan!! <3

  49. Jilleen Macpherson

    Everything you said was true. I tried slim-fast but was unsuccessful. I had 5 children and didn’t exercise. I have always been interested in healthy eating but not really understanding what that was. I loved my family and shared that love through my food. I still struggle today having to make two different yummy meals. Even though I only cook vegan it is a temptation and it makes me angry!! Why does it have to be so hard. I’m 53 and seems harder to lose the weight. I’m wondering if I’m making excuses or is there some truth in that. I binge too on nuts and dried fruit. I really want to do your challenge but I will be travelling with my grandchildren. I am going to keep the smoothie, salad and soup going. I hope you will be doing another challenge in the summer? You have really helped me in this journey!!!

  50. Christy

    Just watched video #2. Your 3 secrets make so much sense! For me, it is my mindset. I overrule myself each & everytime. I like the idea of small challenges. They feel more manageable. I think my first challenge is going to be giving up coffee creamer. It is my weakness. The creaminess and sugar are such an addiction for me. Black coffee doesn’t sound very appealing so it might make me turn to tea (I can drink with nothing added) and completely walk away from coffee. Thank you for your ideas as my brain would never have even thought of this without your video!

  51. Connie

    Hi again, Cheri! Thanks for the PDF! You brought up great points, especially the need for a tribe. I think that has been a big problem for me during my short stint with ETL. I have no one who cares about it much less wants to hear about it. I am alone with my thoughts, and when the cravings hit, there is no one to talk me off the ledge or to commiserate with.

    What will it mean to get to my happy weight? That’s a really tough question for someone who has always been obese. When I weighed 240, I thought 180 would be my happy weight. Now at 180, I am still classified as obese, and at 5’3” 180 is nowhere near my happy weight. Suffice it to say, it will mean the world to me to be at a happy, healthy weight!

    Looking forward to leaning more (I crave food and never seem to be satisfied despite being full) and tweaking what I have already started in the last 6-7 weeks.

  52. Nancy

    Wow! What a beautiful example of vitality, you are, dear one!💜
    Freedom is SO amazing! You have helped me immensely! I am in for the next Challenge! Hoping some friends join in, too!!

  53. Liz

    These videos get me so amped up for a challenge! I’ve been working on the nutritarian lifestyle for about a year now- trying and succeeding for a while, then failing and starting over again. I’d love to join the challenge, but will be going on spring break with my family 3/28-4/2, and won’t have access to a kitchen. Could it work for me to join this challenge? Or do you think maybe you’ll do a round 3 in another month that I could join when I’m back home for the whole thing? Thanks for all your content either way! Your before and after pictures are huge motivation!

  54. Maria

    Hi and thanks for your great videos. I’m so excited to be in with this challenge.

  55. Korrie Dempsey

    I really enjoy your videos. I am so ready to do this – thanks to your inspirational words. I only hope that I can be as strong as you! ☺️ I am on board with ETL.

  56. Laura

    Ok catching up on the videos – work is crazy right now. I feel a connection here – I have the same issues with food addiction, hiding food from the family and always trying to fill the void inside. I am off to the video #2 right now!

  57. Jackie

    Great way to start my day!! Cheerleading by Cheri..🥰🥰🥰 Yes, Yes, we can all do this!

  58. gloria cappetto

    This was a great video for me. I learned I am not alone in my addictions, and feelings. I am much older than you, but the mentality of the addictions is the same. Thanks!

  59. Brenda R

    Hello Cheri
    Thank you for your videos. I can relate to your history of food addiction.
    I am 68 years old and still struggle with binge eating. I have been off and on Dr. Fuhrman’s program for 4 years or so.
    I know in my heart this is the best way to eat and live.
    My weight has been up and down so many times and it is easy to “give up.”
    I am wanting to challenge my self to participate in your Fresh Start Program to try again and accomplish the goals.
    Congratulations on your health and life style.

  60. cheri

    Yes Jilleen I so get this!! If you ask Dr Fuhrman about this, he’d say it gets easier with age because you know more… :) And he’s 65! So glad you’re going to stick to the basics, that will help a lot. I’m not sure but I hope so!!

  61. cheri

    Agreed Ms Christy, the smaller challenges are really helpful. Good idea with the creamer! <3

  62. cheri

    You’re so welcome Connie! Amazing how we can feel the same at such a drastically different weight. It really is all about the mindset. Sending encouragement.

  63. cheri

    Oh you sweet thing! Thanks Nancy! Looking forward to seeing you in there!

  64. cheri

    SOO glad Liz! I think everyone should still join the challenge no matter the circumstances, or no matter how long you can stick with it. The booklets alone are worth the price. You’ll learn so much even from a short period of doing it, not to mention the momentum of seeing everyone else doing it. I definitely won’t be doing another round in just a month. Sending encouragement!

  65. cheri

    So glad you’re here Maria.

  66. cheri

    So glad Korrie! You can be. <3

  67. cheri

    So glad Laura, sending encouragement!

  68. cheri

    YEAAAAAHHH Jackie!! We’re all in this together!!! <3 <3

  69. cheri

    Sooooo glad Ms Gloria. Sending you all the encouragement.

  70. cheri

    Excellent Brenda and I thank you so much. Excited to have you here.

  71. Amber

    I am really looking forward to this challenge! I just got back from a vacation where I ate a lot of sugar, flour and meat. I was fortunate that I didn’t gain any weight, but I still have 5-10 pounds I’d like to lose. I’m confident this will get me going in the right direction. In the meantime, I bought the last challenge and am doing that while I wait for this one!

  72. cheri

    Yeah Amber!! Sounds like you’re making all the right moves. Excited to have you on board Friend. :D

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