21-Day Fresh Start Challenge Mini-Workshop

“Why Challenges Help Us Lose Weight”

Official Challenge Begins January 21, 2019


  1. Gina shapiro

    I would like to join your challenge.

  2. Jackie

    Very interesting…I’m anxious to see the details. I hate fighting the cravings! If I could lose some weight, that would be great. I don’t want to focus on that though. My main goal is to string a bunch of time together and have super health! By doing that my body will naturally go to its happy place.😉

  3. Bob Cooney

    Thank you Cheri for offering this challenge. This is a great way to start the New Year. This will help me.

  4. Bob Cooney

    Thank you Cheri for offering this challenge. This is a great way to start the New Year.

  5. LISA


  6. Lareesa S

    What I want to accomplish with the 21 day challenge is to help me get a good foot into the nutritarian lifestyle. That will in turn help me live a more energetic life, and not be TIRED all the time.

  7. Joyce Nunes

    I can’t wait to be free (again) of the chains holding me down. For me, sugar has such a grip on me (again) and I can’t break free! I’m looking forward to this challenge SO much! I want to be free (again)

  8. Toni Hernandez

    Interested in 21 day challenge

  9. Elaine

    Very interested in 21 day challenge can’t wait

  10. Nina

    I cannot wait to try this challenge. I want to finally be able to be healthy and to feel more productive and alive. Thank you Cheri for this challenge!

  11. Linda Jansen

    Thanks Cheri! I’m ready to learn and grow!

  12. gloria cappetto

    Time to start again. Thanks

  13. Victoria

    My goal is to be healthy and feel great enough to exercise every day! Losing weight would be good too!!

  14. Susan DiGraitis

    Please add me to the challenge!

  15. Karenbytherideau

    Looking forward to the challenge and being a healthier me once again. Rereading Eat to Live, great reminders in there!

  16. Jen

    Can’t wait for the challenge, Cherie! I started the new year off with 100% compliance and I want to keep it rolling!

  17. Stephanie Bourne

    Thank you Cheri Steph here from New Zealand if I can do this challenge I know it would help with my pain due to MS. Been vegan for maybe 10 years but eating to many processed foods so need this to get me back on track!

  18. Dani

    I would want to go out, be social. I’ve become a bit of a hermit. My clothes don’t comfortable fit…

  19. Wanda

    Looking forward to this! Hoping to learn some good tips during the 21 days to help keep me on track. I’ll e traveling to a convention during this time so I’m going to have to be smart to make this work. Thank you.

  20. TtB

    I had this question on my mind since the new year. Thanks for your passion so motivating. I’m going to be going my 1st challenge. I’m to quiet the chatter.

  21. Susan D

    I’m excited. i have a very busy life so am concerned about the time investment to eat healthy. I was a vegan about 7-8 years ago and it was SO much work! However, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get healthier – lose the extra 15 lbs around my mid section and just feel better overall.

  22. lachi79

    I’m in! I dropped the nutritarian band wagon a few years ago in the middle of my life parenting very young kids. My energy went down since then and the scale up.

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