“The Key to Consistency”

4 Video Mini-Course About Weight-Loss, Consistency and Mindset

Official 6-Week Workshop Begins August 28th


  1. Barb in MA

    Wonderful video, Cheri❣️ Thx!
    Michigan Barb in MA
    What would it mean to me? I’d be a very happy camper after decades of on and off craziness!

  2. Jacquie

    Freedom from worrying about food all the time. Feeling “lighter”

  3. Peggy Easton

    I totally agree with you. Mindset is key. My mindset is always about after I get through something then I’ll pay attention to my needs. For example, after the wedding, after our vacation, after we move….My whole life has been a mindset of after future events are over. I believe the amount of work it takes to do the program correctly is out of reach for me. How can I follow the eat to live program if I’m traveling for 3 weeks with no access to a kitchen? I have 60 pounds to lose and my self talk is at an all time low. I constantly change my negative thoughts but when I’m tired and emotionally drained, I just give up and eat whatever… How can I overcome the negative thoughts and actions? What are the best affirmations to get me on track? How can I do this way of eating while I’m traveling? I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Thank you

  4. Carrie Britten

    Hi Cheri!
    Great video! Learning these mindset techniques I hope will teach me to control this problem on my own. I’ve never liked accountability partners, I end up resenting the people who I feel are telling me what to do and not do (though really they are trying to help me). I feel that this would give me lifetime success over the never ending cycle of on again off again dieting.

  5. Connie

    Looking forward to learning how to stop this vicious cycle of losing/gaining the same pounds because of negative thoughts that result in giving into the cravings!

  6. Pamalia A Mcardle

    Peace of mind and less stress

  7. Jim

    I would have a sense of normalcy. I can eat healthy and enjoy it and therefore I’m happy because I like who I am.

  8. Cathy

    I think about what I’m going to eat a lot so consistency would give me some much needed peace in my life.

  9. Jilleen Macpherson

    Not worrying about maintaining and gaining back what I have released already. Doubting my abilities to lose weight and keep it off. Loving myself through this whole journey and being negative about my body. I have a lot frustrated feelings and self hatred. I would love to be free of these things!

  10. Monica

    I can hardly wait for August 28th. Everything you said tonight seems to be directed to me.

  11. Shari Jones

    It would mean I can finally wear shorts in Arizona where everyone wear shorts but me because I am so insecure about myself . I just want to feel good about myself!

  12. Rachel

    I would be so glad to not think about food all day, especially when I go into extra stress mode because of wanting to look good for a special event, etc. To just live and be in a peaceful way would be excellent!

  13. Alyson

    Sometimes I think losing the weight will be the easy part, it’s keeping it off that I’ve never been able to do. I’ll start to lose weight then think what’s the point? it’s just going to come back with a vengeance! To be able get rid of my plus size clothing for good, to not feel self conscious and embarrassed every day, to actually have healthy thoughts and not be depressed? Mind blowing!!! I’m even doubting I can do this before it starts. But!! I’m going to start!

  14. Deb Lundberg

    Thank you Cheri! This video really got me thinking about how I handle my thoughts and emotions about food! Food is my answer to just about every thought that pops in my mind. I want to get that under control. Looking forward to the next video and the workshop!🙂

  15. Sue Ann King

    I feel like I’m chasing my tail. I know what I’m supposed to do and how to get there but it’s now time to change my thoughts when I get to my “goal” weight. I feel like I need to throw that word “goal” out the window when it pertains to my weight. My thoughts sabatoge my way of eating. For example, “you lost 5 lbs you can ‘treat’ yourself” kinds of thoughts. And then I fall back on old habits and junk food.
    My goal is to eat healthy for life and being consistent with it. I need to focus on that and not on goal weight.

  16. Joanne

    Cheri – Mindset, consistency. Definitely areas I need to press in, be intentional and re-program too I’m certain areas. Loved the balloon analogy! Look forward to the 6 week journey and diving in! Yes, I can!!! 🚂 You truly are an inspiration to me!

  17. Joanne

    What it would mean to me? Losing my mom 6 months ago has sent me into a topsy turvy emotional eating frenzy. It would mean the world to me to take back ground in this area. Holding thoughts captive, and utilize tools that stop me from self-sabotage that foods can help my emotions when it’s a lie. Self-care in healthy ways is the wisest thing to do. I know it – just need tools on how to break free and just do it! Look forward to the 6 week class to help me do just that!

  18. Nancy Crady

    Cheri, I’m so excited to take your class! I believe it is my mind that is keeping me from achieving my weight loss goals, and to know how to do this would definitely be a piece of mind that would be very freeing! Thank you for all your help and the help to come!

  19. Jilleen Macpherson

    2nd video amazing information!!! I’m having positive thoughts right now. Thank you so much. I can’t see the PDF, where is it?

  20. Michelle

    Wonderful helpful information and your enthusiasm is contagious! It makes me really want to succeed in eating right and even losing a few pounds in the process but most importantly staying healthy and feeling great👍

  21. kris Reader

    I know that mindset is everything. This really spoke to me. I could really identify with all the chatter that goes on especially after work when my mind is racing. Can’t wait until the next video. How do I get the PDF from the video?

  22. Dawn

    2 great videos. The visual of the thought bully on video #2 is really helpful. At first I wasn’t all that offended by the idea of the bully trash talking to me. But then imagining that same bully verbally abusing a child that I love… that actually got a visceral reaction out of me. I would never allow that… so why do I allow the same abuse of the child within me. This inner child that is struggling to be free from unhealthy patterns. Thank you. This is one I’ll watch several more times.

  23. marianne baldetti

    Great ideas for following a healthier diet. Your videos always inspire me to do better and, hence, feel so much healthier. Although I cannot commit to a total Nutriative diet, I am following (or at least trying) to follow a more plant-based, healthy olive oil, and very little red meat Mediterranean diet. I believe this is the correct balance for my body and personal health. But I do still need your inspiration to continue down this path. Thank you!

  24. Judy Fike

    Cheri, I am a night eater. I have trouble sleeping and if I get a snack it seems easier to go to sleep. How do I get pass that’s?

  25. Kristen Park

    Thank you! I’m looking forward to the next few videos. I weigh 10 pounds more than I want. I lose a few pounds, and then eventually go back up again! If I lose a lot of weight, then I immediately go up – sometimes even further. It’s a constant 10 pound struggle!

  26. Susan McCulley

    Thank you for this, Cheri! It’s so true that we are not our thoughts and it’s huge to separate ourselves from them and be able to watch them! In my experience, my internal bully is an old part of me that isn’t trying to be a jerk, she’s trying to keep me safe. Those strategies of bullying and negativity are what worked when I was little to keep me safe but they don’t work anymore. What do you think about making friends with the bully? Asking her what she needs?

  27. Laura P Curtis

    My bully has left me battered and bruised recently. At this moment itshe is crying out for a steak. I have gained 3 lbs from the end of the challenge because of thoughts like “wow, this is becoming boring, I am not meant to be 103 pounds! I will never be able to lose 11 more pounds. This is so hard to maintain! ” Ecetera, Ecetera! Thanks so much Cheri for reminding me that these thoughts keep me from the prize…always!

  28. Trish

    Freedom. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  29. Dorothy Benoit

    I enjoyed these first two videos. I have never thought about all my thoughts but hearing yours, I now can “hear” mine. And I like the visual of the bully standing behind me saying those thoughts. And then my response would be anger at someone telling me I can’t stop eating or I will eat the whole thing anyway. But now I can see that is me. All those thoughts you shared is what I am saying to myself. I just have not thought of it that way. I need to stop that bully. Thanks again. I will continue to watch the next two and will share them also.

  30. Alexandra

    Thank you for reminding, that I am the master of my mind. Not the mind is my master. :)

  31. Deb Lundberg

    Thanks Cheri! I’ve had that thought bully seems like forever. Some days I can fight it off and other days it consumes me. I loved the idea if having someone I love behind me and the bully bothering them. I immediately wanted to turn around and tell it to back off my granddaughter!!!! That’s what I want to do for myself! I’m going to start working on that process today! You are the best Cheri!🙂

  32. jennifer montini

    I was doing really well into 8 months lose 40 pounds & I want to lose more . I have lost all my aliments which is great. than all of a Staeden. I stopped and something was telling me I couldn’t go on. that was in April 2019. now it’s is August. I have been off & on gain a few pounds and lose a few pounds. than i’m thinking about sweets & (brownies) . I know this is the best Eat to Live ” I have ever been on. I don’t want to quit. thanks for the mini video’s and You are the best <3 keep up the good work :-)

  33. Joanne

    Hey Cheri! I think for me journaling my thoughts will help at the end of the day. What I think would help even more is intentionally pausing more frequently so I can hold my thoughts captive and discern what I’m thinking and why. After all, it is “my choice” to think what I’m thinking right? Awesome tips & video! Thank you!

  34. Teresa

    Freedom and achieving the dreams in my life that feel like they are locked inside of me. Those negative thoughts affect a lot of the areas in my life. The extra body weight that I can’t seem to get control over just reinforces those negative thoughts! It is a catch 22! This upcoming series is giving me hope I can put this behind me once and for all!!

  35. Joanne

    Love this Cheri! I will feel “peace & rest” when I am at my Fuhrman goal weight for 5 years. Whoa! It’s sooooo true…when I was I. My rhythm doing this a couple years I was calm and it was a non-issue. Thank you for helping me pause and consider my ways! It helps so very much. Also, to have “joy on the journey” is a biggie for me in this microwave society we dwell in! Thank you!

  36. Bobbie H

    This is so exciting Cheri. I have been in a lovely quiet bubble of calm for a couple weeks, and yes, of course you contributed to it. I love my food, I love exercise, I discovered a couple really simple things, beyond mindset, that made all the difference. But, of course, would not have discovered them if I had not already had that calm, peaceful headspace for new awarenesses to enter! This is simply brilliant. I will see you again in the 6-week course. “To thine own self be true”, bebe!

  37. Maddy

    It would mean freedom. Meal planning, weight loss planning and going right back to square one occupies a lot of my time and energy. I want to move on and have my weight and eating become a nonissue so I have the capacity to do all the things I’ve always wanted but never prioritised. Thanks Cheri, can’t wait for the 6 week course!

  38. Naomi

    I am so touched by your generosity in sharing all this information for the goal of making us all successful, calm, healthy eaters. I’m very excited for this workshop and am planning to share these videos with many others at work…thank you so very much! I know I will learn so much from your workshop!

  39. jennifer montini

    when I think positive I can do this! All the other diets I had been on. I just up and didn’t even give a thought to stay on those diets. with Eat to Live it is different. I want to keep going, Stay in the mind set .. calm & peace..

  40. Dena

    Urgency vs. being calm is a key thing for me. If I can tell myself to slow down and remain calm when I’m having certain thoughts, I think it will help a lot. Like instead of thinking I HAVE to eat something NOW, I can realize that it will be ok if I have to wait until I have some healthy options for myself.

  41. Susan McCulley

    Relaxed and confident. Yep. Right there from your living room, you read my thoughts. Wow. :) And as Dena said above, getting clear of that URGENCY, that strong pull that I HAVE TO EAT THAT RIGHT NOW. I want to have the space and freedom to choose.

  42. Jen

    Like Peggy said, I’d love to get rid of the mindset that I will do this after my life is less stressful…or next week, or next month, or after this or that. No more putting off what I truly desire. I want to be happy NOW, I want to be in control of what and when I eat NOW, I want to be confident in the way I look NOW.

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