All-Access Page, Freebie Week

Here you go! All the resources from this Freebie Week during the ETL Family Open Registration period! Get into them now, this page disappears when Freebie Week is over!

And make sure to sign up for the Eat to Live Family here! We’re only open for registration until Friday night!


Free 5-Day Challenge

5-Day Challenge Live Workshop replays:

Day 1: “Why We Overeat (and how to stop!)”


Day 2: “How to Get Over Stalls and Plateaus”


Day 3: “Your Journey — Map It Out”


Day 4: “Future You and How to Just Keep Going”

Live Workshop Video COMING SOON!


Coaching Replay of Alyson

(who had trouble feeling stressed about what to make for dinner every night…and got over that after (1) 20-minute session with me!!)

Recipe Freebies:

Inside-Out Vegetable Sushi Salad

Cheri’s Favorite Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Free 9-Day ETL Challenge