9-Day Oatmeal Breakfast Bootcamp

Learn to eat a new, healthy oatmeal breakfast every day for 9 days – plus 2 bonus recipes!

The Easiest Way to Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Eat a delicious healthy breakfast for 9 straight days (plus 2 bonus days!) without having to think about a thing. The Oatmeal Bootcamp collection contains everything you need, from the grocery store to the savoring. You’ll get:

  • a complete grocery list for the full 11 days, organized by sections of the store
  • information about oatmeal and why it makes sense as the breakfast part of a healthy diet
  • recipes that only require one shopping trip for the full 11 days (nothing will go bad in the fridge!)
  • 9 recipes (plus 2 bonus recipes) that are healthy, nutritious, and incredibly delicious
  • video demonstration of the preparation process for each recipe to be absolutely sure your experience is foolproof

Just $27 for 11 days of breakfast.

That’s less than three dollars a day!

Here’s What One User Said:

“This collection literally couldn’t be easier. The grocery list was key to making this bootcamp so easy. Just one trip to the store and I had everything I needed for my husband and I to get a hot breakfast for 11 straight days. The recipes were easy, but inventive, and I was so surprised by all the things I learned about how you can eat oatmeal — I wasn’t expecting that! It was easy to make everything and our taste buds were always super happy. I highly recommend this bootcamp.”

— DeAnna

Did You Know That Oatmeal Is One Of The Most Heart-Healthy Foods Around?

Not only is it versatile, delicious, and easy, it’s also really good for you. Doctors and nutritionists recommend it for everything from cholesterol management to increasing fiber in your diet. If you are trying to decrease the amount of salt or sugar in your diet, trying to increase healthy sources of nutrients, or just craving some stick-to-your-ribs breakfasts – oatmeal is the way to go.

Just $27 for 11 days of breakfast.

That’s less than three dollars a day!