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The Eat To Live Healthy Eating & Weight-loss:

Private Coaching Program

Does this sound 📢 like you?

“I have moments of weakness where I give in to my cravings and fall off the wagon.”

“No matter what I do I’ve battled my weight my entire life. I can’t stop gaining weight”

“Over time my weight would yo-yo, I’ve struggled with binging and food addiction.”


We don’t have to suffer in our relationship
with food and our bodies 🫶🏻

It’s time to make peace with food!

Do you feel like you’re on
a never-ending roller coaster of
weight loss and weight gain? 🎢

Are you tired of feeling frustrated
and hopeless when it comes to
your weight loss goals? 😩

Do you hate how much mental energy
you put towards thinking
about your weight? 😶‍🌫️

PERMANENT weight loss and a healthy relationship
with food is achievable!

It starts with your mindset

 Have more energy ⭐️

 Live a fuller, longer life ⭐️

 Improve your digestion ⭐️

 Improve symptoms that your doctor has told you could be fixed with weight-loss and healthy eating? ⭐️

⭐️ Lose weight

⭐️ Feel better

⭐️ Stick to your healthy eating goals

⭐️ Be consistent

⭐️ Eat the highest-quality diet available

“Joining the Family has provided me with a community of like minded, caring, thoughtful, compassionate individuals who I can share my deepest thoughts and struggles with, without any fear of judgement!”

“Before I joined, I was 100% out of control…I was hopeless, and I had tried every method you could possibly try. I was an extreme binger. The Academy brought me to a place of freedom and control. I’ve lost 100 pounds and am feeling great! [This] was the best decision I’ve ever made and I believe it gave many, many extra years on my life.” – Jospeh C.

“Honestly, it was just like magic for me from day 1. The weight just started coming back off again. I ended up losing 12 pounds [in 21 days] and I’m super, super happy with that.” – Laura O.

“The mindset content provided in the Academy is Brilliant! It’s been a game changer for me, worth every penny just for that alone.”

“My seasonal allergies got a lot better. My depression seemed to improve within a month or two and then, I just kept losing weight. As of right now, I’m at about 118 pounds that I’ve lost [with the ETL lifestyle].” – Kierstan H

“So I’ve lost about 25 pounds in 3 months…this is the lowest I’ve been since literally 6th grade. I feel great. I feel good in my skin. I feel tons of energy. The recipes are easy and delicious. All of the food that I’ve had that you guys have done has been amazing.” – Debbie W.

The Eat To Live Healthy Eating & Weight-loss:

Private Coaching Program is designed to help you:

☑️  Lose excess weight & keep it off
☑️  End emotional eating for good!
☑️ Become 100% consistent with healthy eating
☑️ Rewire harmful thinking patterns
☑️ Find a community of like-minded people
☑️ Live in tune with your natural hunger levels
☑️ Become energetic and vibrant ✨
☑️ Feel amazing! 😍

“It was just so incredibly… life-changing. The struggle was, ‘I can’t be perfect at this. Why do I keep falling back? Why can’t I be consistent?’ I feel like I have the tools to continue on with the Nutritarian lifestyle…in ease without struggle.” – Diana A.

“The Eat to Live Family is life-changing. Absolutely, 100% has changed my life for the better. I’m well and truly on the way to my health and weight loss goals. And once on this journey, [I know I] never have to start again.” – Khan-Marie C.

“So far, I have lost an incredible amount of weight. And I have energy through the roof. My mindset has changed greatly, and that’s what’s most exciting. And that’s why I joined and why I’m sticking. I really enjoy it.” – Malita J

“Coaching with Cheri was a wonderful experience! During our first session, she said one thing to me that completely relaxed my obsessive thoughts about food and eating. I immediately changed my habits and lost 3 pounds.” – Joan J.

“I feel more in control with the choices I do make. That’s a big relief in my life. I actually feel more freedom. This is the key. This is the place you have to go.” – Michele V.

“I couldn’t get a handle on my emotional eating. I found that the combination of the Eat to Live principles and Cheri’s mindset work were the magic formula. Now I rarely eat when I’m not hungry and I’ve learned what type of meals work for me for weight loss.” – Debbie S.

“What I’ve found is…I can eat a whole bunch of food and be full, and be satisfied and still lose weight. Through one of the Eat to Live challenges, I finally got to a healthy BMI. That was…amazing for me. Since I joined the Eat to Live Family, I have maintained my weight. That’s never happened because I’ve always gone back up. It’s definitely worth it.” – Wendy


  1. I lost 15 pounds in 21 days and everyone just keeps asking me, ‘How’d you do it?’ I actually” – Rebecca.

How would you feel
if you knew you could attain
ALL of these goals
through your own strength? 💪🏽

We can teach you how.

With the simple, proven, practical mindset tools
we’ll teach you, staying consistent,
and eating well
becomes as natural as breathing. 🌱




Please feel free to book in a time with founder Cheri Alberts to discuss private coaching and see if our coaching program feels like a fit. We’d love to get to get to know you!

We’ll get on a Zoom call together (either with Cheri Alberts, the founder, or Coach Nancy or Coach Lydia) and we’ll discuss your goals, your interests and we’ll make a recommenation for how you can get there!



Hello Coach Nancy,

I just wanted to say thank you. I always feel better after I talk to you. I think it’s your calm, confident demeanor with helpful suggestions, that makes me feel better.” 

Beth D

“Every time I talk to Coach Nancy, a little bit of the brain fog goes away. This is the first time I opened up so much with someone about my emotional problems. 

I never thought talking to an unbiased third-party would benefit my life in such powerful ways.

I didn’t realize talking to Nancy would have such an impact on my life. One on one coaching with Nancy has been the best investment I have every made. It has greatly benefitted my in every area of my life. I want to feel better and keeping it inside me wouldn’t do me any good.

For so many years I didn’t talk to anyone. It was tearing me up inside. I needed to talk to someone who would help me! And then I found Nancy and everything got better!” 

Ana J

“I don’t know what you did yesterday, but it is like you turned on a light switch.  I felt really calm in the afternoon and all evening. I kept thinking about what am I feeling.  LOL.  Woke up this morning, same thing.  I had my thought about the {off plan item.} I  laughed and told my mind: ‘I have new habits now and that old habit doesn’t serve me anymore.’  Really haven’t thought about it anymore until now.  Thank you so much for all your help. You are awesome!”


“I have gained better acceptance of my weight where it is now.  More realistic body image. With the Thought Model, I feel I can take it and apply it to many areas of my life. I would recommend Coach Nancy to people who are struggling with the Nutritarian Plan or who have struggled with maintaining weight loss over time (yo-yoing). After our coaching sessions, I feel confident, more peaceful and less anxious.”

Carole H

Disclaimer: Please note that Cheri or any of the coaches of Nourish Your Lifestyle are not a doctor or medical professional and do not offer any guidance or advice based on medical issues. Information and statements made regarding health claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should always consult a doctor before making any changes to your diet and exercise routine.