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  • Learn to escape plateaus and jumpstart your own weight-loss
  • Learn to follow the Eat to Live lifestyle consistently and joyfully…for good
  • Learn what cravings are and how to get over them
  • Learn my 2-part Strategy for Weight-Loss Mastery and how you can implement it whenever you need to create weight-loss or consistency
  • Learn to use the power of your own mind to create any result you want
  • So much more!

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joan headshot“Cheri has a unique ability help you identify and root out the negative thoughts that are creating negative results in all areas of life but especially with food addictions and weight loss.

During our first session she said one thing to me that completely relaxed my obsessive thoughts about food and eating and I immediately changed my habits and began losing weight!”

— Joan J.

“I’ve been following Eat to Live for more than 6 years. When it comes to being successful on this lifestyle, I have made every mistake in the book — which means that you don’t have to! ;-)

As the most well-known ETL coach in the world, I am an expert at helping others create the results they want.

My goal is to demystify Eat to Live for you, so that you can use this powerful eating style to reach your wildest wellness and weight-loss goals, and feel super-confident doing it.

— Cheri Alberts, Eat to Live coach and YouTube personality