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Because everyone deserves a sweet HEALTHY treat, especially when it’s this easy and fun to make!

We’re baking up some delicious Yummy Carob Muffins!✨🤤😋

Maybe you’ve never tried carob powder before — give it a go!

I looooove carob powder (I never even use cacao or cocoa powder anymore because of the caffeine).

There’s no caffeine in carob powder, so I don’t have to worry about being up all night!

Check out the quick 5-minute YouTube video (and see some classic family chaos too)

Healthy Carob Muffins 💚 7-Day Healthy Eating Challenge / Nutritarian / WFPB / ETL / Plant Based

There’s a richness to these muffins because of the carob and the dates — they are a GREAT treat that aren’t super addictive!

In fact, you can just consider them like a grain/starch.

And drop the guilt! Just eat them enough so you feel satisfied, not overstuffed — they can really curb hunger if you’re out and about or in a hurry.

Check out the recipe card here and product links below!

Let’s bake together.


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Cheri 💚