Hi there, friend.

You mean the world to me. You really do. That’s why I’ve been creating videos for over 6 years for FREE for you. So you can live your healthiest life. So you can flourish and grow and learn to be one of the healthiest people on the planet. And to document how a regular ol’ person like me does it in real life. That’s why I do it!

I’ve created over 400 VIDEOS to date!

Most of them have super helpful tips on how to live the Eat to Live lifestyle and how to overcome challenges.

Each video takes me minimum of 1 hour to create, edit and post…but many average around 8 hours for all that work!

That’s a lot of effort!

Also: I really think I have THE best subscribers in the world. You guys are freakin’ amazing and have continually amazed me throughout the years with your warmth and appreciation.

That’s why I’ve kept doing it for so long.

But let’s be honest.

It actually takes a lot of real-world money to do what I do.

And I never wanted my website or YouTube videos to be one big commercial for some brand. I rarely do anything with brands (unless it benefits you or is a giveaway) and I don’t have any ads on my site.

All because I care about your experience on my site and with my content.

But I myself have to pay a lot of my own money to make this content available to you:

  • Website costs (hosting, email marketing, design software)
  • Equipment (editing software, top of the line computers and storage, cameras, tripods, lighting, backgrounds)
  • Grocery costs (recipe and what I ate videos, Instagram)
  • Conferences (HHH expo every year to meet Dr Fuhrman and keep up to date)
  • Books (I buy and listen to so many audio and physical books to keep up to date)

And I know there’s lots I’m forgetting, but this amounts to many thousands of dollars over the years!

All from my own pocket, in order to build something for you that you can use and inspire your healthiest life.

But now it’s time for me to make more out of this than just a hobby with all the good feelings. :)



I want to be able to expand this into a real business that not only pays for its costs, but pays me an actual living wage and helps me with childcare so I can do the work during the day instead of on my weekends and nights (my only “free” time).

That means more videos for you!

And after that, I’d like to be able to hire employees that can help me edit and post even more videos and create other resources.

And after THAT, I want to actually turn Nourish Your Lifestyle into a major business that expands and grows and brings you more and more amazing content and resources that I haven’t even thought of yet! Some ideas I have now are:

  • Meal Delivery
  • Digital Resources
  • Retreats
  • ETC! So many things! :)



But the BEST part is what you’ll get out of the deal!

Not only will I be able to create more and more videos for free on YouTube, for you!!

But I’m also offering some exclusives on Patreon that you won’t be able to get anywhere else! At certain levels, you’ll be able to get:

  • Exclusive photos from my personal iPhone
  • Exclusive video footage I’m not posting anywhere else including bloopers, cat stuff, hiking and exercise stuff, what I’m eating, weight check-ins, grocery store trips and hauls, and lots of other footage
  • PDFs with helpful info on the Eat to Live lifestyle
  • Discounts on Nourish Your Lifestyle shop
  • Wellness Coaching Sessions by phone or Skype
  • A trip to LAS VEGAS to have PERSONAL one-on-one coaching plus so much more!



So with all of this being said, you can see that I’ve got some great plans for the future, I have a track record of providing you with amazing content, and I am committed to this thing for the long haul to grow and keep supporting your journey.

But I need your help to keep going.

The way you can do this is by becoming a Patreon supporter of Nourish Your Lifestyle.

You can pledge as little or as much as you like!

Seriously, ANYTHING HELPS! I’ve got all of my goals set upon there, so you can take a look at where we’re going and how I’ll be allocating the donations.


And thank YOU my friend, if you actually read this far. You’re the real star. ;) <3 Sending you all my love.

Thanks for your consideration.