21-Day Eat to Live Challenge January 2020

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Be a part of the 21-Day Eat to Live Fresh Start Challenge and learn how to change your healthy eating journey completely in just 21 days.


Find out what my Protocol for eating is, try it on for yourself and learn how to make healthy eating a habit that you can sustain long-term.

In this product you will get*:

  • 16-Page Welcome Booklet
  • Sets and Recipes (ALL NEW RECIPES!)
  • Prep Instructions (NEW INSTRUCTIONS!)
  • Grocery Lists (NEW LISTS!)
  • BONUS Produce Storage Guide
  • BONUS FAQ Document
  • BONUS Mini-Lesson Environment (NEW!)
  • BONUS Mini-Lesson Mindset (NEW!)
  • Facebook Group Access
  • NEW!! Live Q&A Coaching Call for All Challengers
  • Banana Smoothie
  • White Vegetable Soup
  • Mushroom Stir Fry & Greens
  • Chai Quinoa & Steel-cut Oats
  • Spinach Salad with Almond Butter/Ginger Dressing
  • Mushroom Lentils over Polenta 
  • Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
  • “Cheesy” Kale Salad
  • Orange and Blue Overnight Oats
  • Broccoli-Cheez Soup Over Greens
  • Black-eyed Pea Salad
  • Pecan Sandie Smoothie
  • Mexi-Salsa Salad 
  • Curried Vegetable Stew
  • Lentil “Sausage” Patties
  • Upgraded Salsa
  • Spiced Apples
  • Easy Peezy Salad
  • Marinara over Spaghetti Squash & Shredded Kale
  • Banana Berry Cream
  • Blueberry Smoothie Bowl
  • Citrus Salad
  • *Bonus Recipe* Fresh Salsa

*All of the above materials are digital products, delivered to your email inbox as digital downloads.

Join in with SO MANY other fellow healthy eaters in the Facebook group, get the support you need, AND last but not least: learn to lose weight in the process…and for good!

Reviews from Previous Challengers:


13 reviews for 21-Day Eat to Live Challenge January 2020

  1. Sandra Janssen

    I came from “clean eating” not many processed foods but still uses salt and animal products. I went I to the challenge hoping to lose weight and fluid retention in hands. I knew I would not love every recipe but wanted to try and see if new spices etc would give me new ways to get more veggies in a day. The challenge checked off each of the boxes. Hands less swollen, down 12 pounds and marked a few favorite recipes and a few marked never again. I did have to remind myself ” not every meal is a birthday party”. Space in the refrigerator is a challenge to share with other family members. If a person is going from the standard American diet this might be brutal. I didn’t not really have any detox signs like headache etc…..but the increase in plant fiber is still a little shock to the system. I definitely recommend the challenge but only to those who are ready for the work and change.

  2. Dawne

    Lost 6 pounds, but I knew that because of my hypothyroidism I was not going to have big numbers. I was already following Nourish Your Lifestyle and ate 3 Nutritarian meals at 11am, 3pm and 7pm. This gave me more recipes to put in my arsenal. I have always loved smoothies and huge salads but I loved trying the recipe for breakfast sausage. I also loved the email support and encouragement.

  3. Anna Stirling

    Today is the last day of the January 2020 challenge. This challenge gave me a great grasp of Nutritarian eating. I have read Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live book. I don’t think I would have committed to this life style the way I have without this challenge. The challenge laid out the grocery shopping lists, recipes and daily eating schedule in a pragmatic way to make eating this way easily doable for anyone wanting to better their eating habits and health. The support from Cheri and the facebook page, High Nutrient Lifestyle Group, provided the additional information and encouragement I needed to complete the challenge. I have lost 6 pounds. I am 57 years old and live in the cold and humid Northeast, my joints hurt even on a good day. The best part of the challenge is my joints stopped aching, I have better energy and just feel better overall. I am planning on continuing eating this way, using all the incredible amount of information that has been provided, and staying involved with Cheri and this group. It is a great place to be! Thank you to all involved for putting all the work into making this such a cool and life changing experience.

  4. Diana (verified owner)

    The recipes were fantastic…soooo yummy! During this challenge I lost the pounds that I’d put on during the holidays…almost at my ideal weight now. Even better…I’ve discovered that maintaining this eating lifestyle improves my health and lowers my chronic pain. Win! Win! Win!

  5. Susan

    Cheri’s plan for 21 days of ETL eating was WONDERFUL! The food was delicious and filling. Prepping in three day sets is so smart, it’s never overwhelming, and it keeps you excited and motivated for the next set of yummy meals. Thank you so much Cheri and Nancy! Y’all are my ETL heroes.

  6. Helenver (verified owner)

    The best challenge ever. I have done 2 challenges back yo back with The Mouth Watering and was the best investment and learning I’ve in years. It has helped me to learn my food triggers and discover the true love of simple food. I have achieved my goals into getting over the sweet and salty food as well as loosing some weight that would not moved. With this challenge Cheri has made easy for you to learn how to eat like a nutritarian and remove all the guess work. The Fb group is fantastic at sharing and supporting each other with respect. I would highly recommend this challenge if you’re in learning the nutritarian way of eating. Fantastic course and great investment in your health!

  7. Valerie

    I had already purchased a few of Dr Fuhrman’s publications a few years ago. Including an Electronic PDF version of Eat To Live and Super Immunity on Audible. I even listened to Super Immunity twice and also browsed through various sections of the Eat To Live Book.

    However, despite knowing about the benefits of Nutritarian eating, I had never followed the plan.

    Well at least not until purchasing Nourish Your Lifestyle Jan 2020 Challenge. Cheri’s 21 day challenge finally put everything into place for me. It was great to have it all set out & organised in advance. The Recipes, The Shopping etc. The advance prepping was a challenge, however, I thankfully found a way to make it work with my schedule.

    I enjoyed most of the meals and will definitely be adding the favourites to my weekly or monthly meal plan rotations.

    Despite not being 100% compliant, I can happily report that I lost 10 lbs during the challenge. Which leads me to believe that 100% could and would have reaped even greater benefits. I almost forgot to mention that I have had Bilateral Hip Replacements. The first In 2015 and the second in 2017. I am currently 55 years young. Yet after just 48 hours of eating High Nutrient Dense Foods my Hip pains miraculously subsided without the need for analgesics or anti-inflammatory medication.

    I intend to continue Eating To Live, as a lifestyle choice, whilst also increasing my compliance over time. As I know that this is how I will eventually achieve optimum health and increased longevity.

    Thanks Cheri for everything you and your Team put into creating these amazing challenges.
    I also love watching your informative you tube videos, as they give me hope and inspiration 🥰

  8. Rebekah Harmon

    I felt totally supported during this challenge. Pep talks from Cheri every few days, live q and a calls, as well as feedback in the support group helped me overcome my biggest hurtle. The recipes rocked too!

  9. Ann Neuendorf

    I had dabbled with the Eat to Live Lifestyle for the past 10 years. At times it felt very overwhelming. Sometimes I was really on point and focused and determined and other times, I was totally off track. I came across Cheri’s Youtube videos a while back and really loved her way of explaining the ETL lifestyle while also showing us her journey. I told myself I would take the plunge and do the challenge in January. I absolutely love the way challenge is set up. So many times in the past, my motivation to succeed would dwindle once I sat down to make a grocery list and set up the meal planning. These challenges do the hard work for you. Never would I have ever thought to put romaine and cabbage in a morning smoothie. The recipes are amazing! I was able to do this while making different meals for my family. My 3 year old has started asking me if it’s a smoothie day:)! She loves my smoothies! This challenge has gotten me really excited to make this my lifestyle so much so that I purchased all the other challenges. Thank you SO much Cheri and everyone at Nourish Your Lifestyle. You are all awesome!

  10. Wendy Knight

    I just found the ETL diet from Cheri’s YouTube videos the week before the challenge. What a great way to just jump right in. I love the grocery lists and the meal plans. Her prepping method makes it so easy to keep on track with a busy lifestyle. I loved the recipes so much that I bought the past challenge recipes to keep me moving towards my goal of healthy eating and weight loss. I also found wonderful support on her Facebook Page that she comments on. Now, I have my virtual friends that keep motivated and accountable. Thank you so much!

  11. Lindsey

    I have practiced ETL on and off for three years. Whenever I’m on I feel great, my confidence is high, and my body heals. Then I fall off and I’m miserable. The constant make a new recipe everyday is tiresome and I’m either too busy or too lazy to keep up with ETL full-time.
    Cheri’s challenge broke it down into three day sets which makes prep easy and the food comes out amazing. It was easy to follow along with the plan and if I came across something I didn’t like I would just substitute different ingredients or meals and stay on track.
    For those that are coming from a toxic diet, there is a detox and it is brutal. I went through flu like symptoms at the beginning of this coronavirus pandemic. That was scary but I found others in the Facebook group that experienced similar detox symptoms and that put my anxiety and mind at ease. Day 22 I feel great and I now have an idea of what to do to continue this lifestyle change.
    Thank you. Truly.

  12. Autumn Wake

    This is a great way to get started into eating right! This last 21 days has been a game/life changer for my family and I. I never thought of or really understood what “nutritarian” was, but I haven’t eaten meat or any processed foods for 21 days and I feel better than ever. I loved learning how to implement all these veggies into our day. It was an amazing experience and we are going to continue on this healthy eating lifestyle!

  13. Kendra Thomas

    Cheri and Nancy come up with fabulous recipes! So delicious! It’s awesome to have everything planned out for you and that helps you succeed! They are awesome motivators and cheer you on whether you are going 100% or 50%. They encourage you to just keep going! They have given me tools to build on through my journey. Thank you! ❤️

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