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Who doesn’t want to have a celebratory beverage on St Pat’s day? Here is a fun Nutritarian Irish Coffee (actually tea: but coffee-like) latte to top off your meal! Coach Nancy uses the Date-Sweetened Hemp Milk from a previous video and uplevels it to a lovely minty latte!

Check out the cheat sheets for the past recipe and tips, as well as this week’s!

May the luck of the Irish be with you!☘️

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Milk Frother: https://amzn.to/3HRd1FK

Teechino: https://amzn.to/3uNkqT5

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Sometimes you want a little extra special something for a holiday. Let’s say St. Patrick’s Day coming up. You know, we may have had an irish coffee in the past but maybe we want to make that a little more healthy – a little more nutritarian these days.

So, that’s what i’ve got for you today – an irish coffee! So, we’re going to use Teechino which is a tea product. It’s a roasted herbal tea – dandelion. This one is dandelion mocha mint variety. It says made with organic herbs, prebiotic, acid free, caffeine free, gluten free. So this is what we’re going to use for our irish coffee, and there’s a couple ways this comes. There’s some that you can brew and then there’s some that you can just use hot water over and that’s what I got. Just the tea bags. So i’m going to use two bags because i want it a little richer.

The directions say to give it a little tap to kind of stir up the ingredients and then going to open these up. So this isn’t coffee but it’s a roasted beverage, that dandelion beverage, that will give us a nice warm hug in a mug as I call it.

So I’m just going to put my water over and I’m going to fill it about half full because we’re going to make this a latte. So while that is steeping I’m going to froth my milk. I have a milk frother device. You can also use a little handheld frother, or you can use an immersion blender. You can use different things to froth milk, if you want to froth it. If you don’t you can just heat it up and use it straight. This is going to froth a little bit. This is hemp milk, so the thing about plant milks is they’re usually not as rich as like cream that’s used or half and half that’s used in coffees, so I made hemp milk and you can refer to a previous video for how I made the hemp milk.

I made it with a third of a cup of hemp seeds – hemp hearts – and three cups of water and two dates and I got about four cups of hemp milk. I could have made it a little richer to froth it because then it would have a little more fat in it so like maybe a half a cup of hemp hearts to that much water or i could have adjusted the water to make it richer but we’re gonna go with this and see how it froths.

So i’m gonna put it in and just let it do its thing. I’ll put a link to this frother in the show notes. You can heat or you can also do a cold froth. They have different varieties but we thought this irish cream would work well for Saint Patty’s day. I also have a little bit of a raw cacao powder that I’m going to sprinkle on top to make it a really fun little beverage.

It’s frothing right up for us!

Okay, we’re almost there. So this has organic carob as the first ingredient, so it’s not really chocolate. It’s carob, chicory, dandelion root, dates, almonds, mocha flavor, cocoa powder (so it does have cocoa in it as well), organic peppermint leaf, organic figs, organic peppermint oil, almonds if I didn’t say that. It’s one tea bag makes eight fluid ounces it says and it’s 10 calories. Doesn’t have a whole lot of anything – 10 milligrams of sodium, two milligrams of carbohydrates. So we’re using two bags for this to make it a little richer

And she’s done! Let’s see. Come on in tight here. So we didn’t get really fluffy, but we got a little bit of volume in this so it should be pretty. Pour it out into my cup, and sometimes you’ll find that the tea kind of breaks the milk so it may kind of separate a little bit. Just stir it in, it’ll be fine. It depends, it has to do with the heat of the beverage and just the interaction of the milk and the fats and whatever.

So there we go! Now we have our beautiful irish cream. I hope you enjoy and happy St. Patty’s Day!


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