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Hiiii friends, and happy Thursday!
That means another YouTube video just went LIVE!!!
This week, it’s a quick lesson on how to meal plan SUPER easily.
We chatted about this on the live video the other day, and I made another video to explain even more.
All in keeping with the theme of the 7-Day Challenge that we’re all going to go together starting Monday the 20th!
Sign up for the challenge with the link in my BIO! (on insta) or HERE everywhere else 👉https://sales.nourishyourlifestyle.com/7-day-challenge/
Or shoot me a DM and we can chat about it!
And then watch this week’s quick video detailing just how I planned this challenge myself, and the method I use at home at least once a week, to plan my meals.
You’ll learn how to use this method at home, and then get to practice it real-time during the Challenge!
Hope you like the video! And hope to see you in the Challenge!!
Meal Planning is EASY - don't overcomplicate it!!! 🤔 (AND 7-Day Healthy Eating Challenge is LIVE!!!)
P.S. 7-Day Healthy Eating Challenge + Texting Accountability Group on sale NOW!