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Ohhhhh, this salad, you guys. 🥗

I went to a local restaurant here in El Paso a couple weeks back, and they had the yummmmiest salad!!! I had to try to make it at home, and I think I did even better than the restaurant did…and it’s all the dressing’s fault!

The dressing’s got an ingredient you probably haven’t tried before…

Quick 5-min video from Yours Truly to show you how to make it and the recipe is in the description on YT and there’s a cute easter egg…can you find it?

Spoiler alert: in the video, I tell you that I’m a bit more “flexitarian” nowadays, and I give my explanation why, too!

Apricot Cranberry Salad Recipe


We’re going to run a 7 Day Healthy Eating Challenge starting May 20th!! So be on the lookout for that!

That’s all for now, have a GREAT day today!