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We revisit 2 fast Eat to Live recipes for you. One cold and creamy: one warm and cozy! WARM smoothie?? Try it: you might like it!! It’s actually one of our most loved smoothies!

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Hey there,

It’s coach Nancy.

Have we got a video for you! Today we’re bringing you two fast Eat to Live smoothie recipes. This one is a blast from the past and we hope you’ll enjoy. Peach pineapple carrot smoothie, it’s going to be totally delicious. So I always start with about one heart of romaine, something mild like green leafy lettuce or romaine something like that. And I always add one or two cups of something cruciferous.

Stop looking at me like that, look at the camera. That’s why I am laughing. Okay I’ll look down. It doesn’t matter. All right. Then I’ll just laugh at you anyway, okay, um…

Plus one or two cups of something cruciferous like kale or cabbage or collard greens. I like to use a little bit of that because it won’t give you too much of the flavor but it will still give you some good anti-cancer cruciferous phytonutrients. Okay so I start off with this heart like this. Now I have been criticized before for not washing some of my produce sometimes and I am okay with that criticism. All I usually do is wash the outside leaves of this. So I’m just gonna take this over to the sink just give these a rinse just the outside ones and not even do a very good job that’s just all I do. Criticize me if you want but this is real life people real life. So start by putting that in there and I just kind of break up the rest of the heart of romaine put that in there. Then I have a head of regular cabbage here. So all I’m going to do is just take my mandolin slicer here and just slice up about one or two cups of it. Just kind of spinning it around and this is a really fast way to get some for a salad too. That’s about one or two cups. I’m not even going to measure. I have my cup here but you can see that’s about one cup plus the rest. Good enough.

Typically what I’ll do when I’m making a smoothie is I’ll start off with just like a full blender full of greens. Whatever greens you’re using and that’s kind of how I measure. It really loosely packed nothing special. You don’t have to be precise but just so you’re getting enough greens and I think that, personally I think (and I’ve seen this with a lot of my 21 day challengers who are doing the 21 day challenges that I put together) that when we have enough greens and we’re starting off with smoothies and then we have greens in the smoothies, lots of them, plus tons of greens in the salad, that really helps to keep our calories low keep our nutrients super high and keep our bellies full with fiber and all the, you know, wonderful nutrients and everything. So we just feel very, a lot more satiated than we would if we were having just a little bit of this stuff. So this is really the quantity of stuff that I think is important for us to eat so that we can get all those wonderful benefits okay.

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Okay so I always start by putting the greens in and then I put my milk in. I always do like about a cup of non-dairy milk-ish and then I blend first. So we’ve got our greens there so we’re going to put the rest of our stuff in. So I have a container here of ground flaxseed that I always keep in the fridge and that way I can just put one tablespoon in every time I have a smoothie. Or I can like sprinkle it on my salad or sprinkle it over some fruit or whatever to make sure I have that ready to go ground up from whole flax seeds myself. If you’re curious I have a video about flax seeds that tells you everything you need to know about flax, how to use it, how to store it, how to grind it, all that kind of stuff.

So we’re just going to put a half a cup of carrots in this one to get some extra phytonutrients. This is all I have is baby carrots so that’s what we’re using today. Just put that in there. Then I’m going to put in one frozen ripe banana. Now I always have frozen ripe bananas in my freezer ready to go for smoothies, or banana ice cream or anything like that. On a typical day you’ll see like 10 or 15 that are just kind of going brown getting ready for smoothies, to be frozen. I’m going to do one cup of frozen pineapple. Then i’m going to do a cup of frozen peaches, something like that, and then we blend. So because there’s so much frozen fruit in here I’m gonna have to add some more water to get it to blend. You can always add as much or as little water as you want to get whatever consistency you like. I always like to start off with one cup of non-dairy milk just to give it a creamier feel no matter which smoothie I make and then I make it, for the rest of the liquid with water. So I usually end up pouring like up to almost the level of fruit that’s in there and then I blend.

So important to have a Vtamix you guys. If you can get one this is the best purchase that you’ll make on your nutritarian journey. No like for reals. No matter what. This is the first thing that I bought even before I bought a fancy knife or anything like that, I bought a blender. There they can be a little bit expensive, three four hundred dollars, but they are so worth it because you won’t buy another one. They will handle anything and they really make smoothies and salad dressings and soups and things like that so creamy. It just really really makes a big difference. Okay I’m not even a spokesperson for them. I just 100% believe that you need a high speed blender like this at some point soon so you can enjoy your meals as much as possible.

So you can see that this has actually made a 50 ounce smoothie guys that’s because of the amount of water I put in it. So if you put less water and you’re gonna have a smaller smoothie of course but this is like a lot of smoothie here to start out with. So you can start with a really huge smoothie, 20, 30 ounces for breakfast. Feel super full. Feel really happy and still have a bunch left over for dinner no problem. Okay so I’m notorious for not using up my lemons and limes quick enough. This is actually a lime and it looks terrible but I’m still going to put it into my smoothie because it’s good enough on the inside. I’m going to cut off the peel and I’m just going to put the whole lime into the blender. I’m not going to worry too much about seeds but you can easily just…if you’re using a lemon you can use a lemon too, but you could easily just cut it in half and start to pick the seeds out a little bit and then put it in. But it doesn’t look like this one has any anyways. I’m going to throw that in there. I like to just take the peels and squeeze that juice that’s left over over here right into the smoothie. Okay now I’m going to blend this back up. Okay so we have our final product here. Bon appetit! Happy breakfast! Bottoms up! This is really refreshing. I really likeit. Look at how much this is you guys. This is like 32 ounces, 30 – 32 ounces here. You’re not gonna get hungry for a while after you have this one. You can sip this throughout the morning if you want but I tend to just chug this and then wait three four hours to have lunch around noonish and then everybody’s happy.

Okay I usually have smoothies in the morning because I can get tons of greens in and lots of really good vegetables first thing. So the thing is it’s October November right now and it’s really starting to get cold and I don’t usually want a cold smoothie at this time. So I’ve started to make these warm smoothies and this one today is called my Warm Apple Cobbler Smoothie. So I’m going to show you how I make this one. It’s kind of necessary that you have a super high speed blender like the Vitamix. This is my blender here and it can go so fast and has such a strong motor like two horsepower or something that if you leave the smoothie mixture in there for like three four five minutes at a time it starts to actually warm it up. That’s how you can make soup and stuff from scratch as well. It’ll actually warm it up itself. So I use that to make the smoothie warm and then it’s really nice and cozy and I love the flavors.

So I’ll show you how I make it okay. So I always like to start out with dates because they’re super sweet. I’m gonna just use two dates for this recipe. If you’re not so much into sweetness you don’t have to use dates at all but I use two medjool dates. So I just throw those in the blender then I always add my greens. So today I’m using baby romaine. I’m gonna put a bunch of this in here because the whole point of this smoothie is so that you can get greens in, in the morning. Then I’ve got kale so you can just slide your hand down the stem and it will get that kale off the stem. I don’t like to use stems just because they’re pretty bitter. So I slide, like that, slide like this, put the kale in. I usually use almond milk in my smoothies so I’m going to add about a cup.

So this is basically the base I use for every smoothie I ever make. It’s usually dates plus greens plus almond milk. I start there and then I build other flavors on top of that. You can switch up the types of greens you can you use. You can not use dates and more different fruit or whatever you like but just make sure you get a lot of those greens in there. That’s where all those nutrients come from and having a blender like the Vitamix ensures that you’re going to be getting a lot more of those nutrients breaking down all those cell walls in the greens. Ground flaxseed in my smoothies. That’s an ingredient you want to be eating every single day. Ground flaxseed is great for anti-cancer purposes. Now this one is a Warm Apple Cobbler Smoothie so here’s what I put in for that. An apple, a whole banana, and then the secret couple ingredients here that really give it that flavor is oatmeal, and this is just raw rolled oats, cinnamon oops I forgot one ingredient and that is two tablespoons of raw unsalted walnuts which gives it a really nice nutty flavor and some good fat. Some people might have a little bit of trouble digesting raw oatmeal so feel free to put cooked oatmeal in. Then you can use like a third of a cup or a half a cup cooked. And this is the part where I turn it on high and let it run for about three or four minutes so it will warm it up a bit. And you can’t see it but it is steaming a little bit so it’s not hot it’s just warm. Oh that’s so good. Nice and warm and it’s got a really nice flavor from that oatmeal. It makes it taste like the cobbler.

So how was that? You think you’ll like those recipes? Be sure to go to nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets and get your PDFs today. Also are you finding it hard to Eat to Live? Would you like some support for this lifestyle? Well I can help! Apply now for a mini session and we can talk about how I can help you reach your goals. Go now to thewatteringmouth.com/coachwithnancy and fill out an application. I look forward to helping you.

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