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Today we have super simple sweet treats for you that won’t derail your Nutritarian Journey!

These recipes are from past videos compiled here for your ease.

Having guests over and want to show them how yummy eating plants actually is?

Well, pull these out and whip up a treat or 2!

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This is banana nice cream!

So this is one of my favorite desserts ever because it takes like a second and a half to make and it’s very easy. What’s also really awesome about it is that it’s non-dairy and actually vegan. So you’re not harming any animals, you’re saving the planet, and you’re doing something really good for your body! Super super healthy, that’s why we call it Nice Cream – because it doesn’t take any animals to produce.

It’s not like having some lightweight sorbet but I promise you it tastes just as good as the real stuff. It’s super creamy! If you hate the taste of bananas (like I do), you can actually add other things to it, like frozen cherries. You could just do like one banana and do some frozen cherries, put some peanut butter in there, you can add some cocoa powder, things like that to sort of mask the flavor.

In this video, I’m going to show you two different blenders and how you can make it with both. If you have a regular standard blender or if you have a high speed blender. So check it out. It cannot be easier.

So first requirement is completely frozen bananas. On the left, for the regular blender, I have pieces and on the right I just have halves. Then you’re going to put the pieces into your standard blender or your Vitamix.

Once you have those pieces, then you’re going to put some almond milk in to get it moving. But actually, technically for the Vitamix, if you use the plunger/tamper thing you don’t need any almond milk. It just makes a little easier.

Here’s the comparison. I’m going to actually show you in real time on the right the Vitamix and really sped up on the left for the regular blender. It takes a lot of shaking, it takes a lot of work to get that stuff to move on the left and I did have to use a little bit more almond milk to get it to move.

You can use any kind of milk that you like to get it to move but, as I said, if you’re using the tamper and the vitamix you can just mash it down and it will blend up without almond milk even. So I want to show you how you’ll put a little bit of extra almond milk into the one on the left but it’s still doable. You just want to be careful not to burn out the motor completely.

And here’s what it looks like at the end! So you get a little bit creamier and more ice creamy with the Vitamix but it still does the job in the regular blender. Here it is! Put it into a bowl, spoon it into a bowl, add some almonds or anything you like, or eat it just like that.

This is a huge bowl but you can eat the whole thing. I know you can do it. Easy, right?

Okay these are the Raw Chocolate Brownie Bites. So these little chocolate brownie bites are the best dessert. So easy to have on hand and just have one when you need it. They only take about five minutes to make and about 15 minutes to eat all of them if you’re like me.

Let me show you how to make them. To a food processor you’re going to add your walnut and pecan mix and process until coarsely ground like this. Add your dates, make sure they’re pitted, then blend those up a bit until they get into this type of a texture.

You’re going to add your cocoa powder or your carob powder and your coconut. Blend that one final time and you’re ready to make your brownie bites. It sticks together really well like this. So just make a meatball shape thing and you can make them whatever size you want.

Once you’re finished, just put them all on a plate or keep them in a ziploc bag in the freezer. Just cover them up and they’ll last for quite awhile (if they last at all). Easy or what? Now I bet you wish you didn’t know how to make them.

You can keep these in the freezer so you can just have one whenever you need it. This sort of keeps them out of sight out of mind as well, which is a good technique. Trust me. If you like this recipe, please let me know by liking, commenting, or subscribing to my YouTube channel.

We’re going to make Blueberry Date Paste today and it couldn’t be easier! It’s just two to three ingredientss. So let me show you.

Basically I have my high speed blender here. A high speed blender is super important for this particular recipe. If you don’t have a high speed blender, you’re going to want to actually soak the dates probably for about 24 hours beforehand, if you can.

So all I’m going to do is just take the dates, I’m going to get about 10 of them. Get rid of the pits here by cutting them on the side and just like that, throw them in the blender. So I’m going to do about 10 dates like this. You could do more or less, actually maybe I’ll just do five today and we’ll see what happens.

If you’ve soaked your dates beforehand, this can be real easy on any blender. Otherwise you’re going to want a high powered blender because dates don’t get very pulverized in a regular blender, unless you soak them a lot. Otherwise you’re just going to have chunks of dates and then it won’t be the sweetness that you’re looking for.

What we’re looking for is a substitute for honey or maple syrup or something like that. But a whole food substitute so you get all the fiber and nutrients as well. So now I’m using some pomegranate juice. All you need is a liquid. It could be water, it could be almond milk, it could be pomegranate juice, it could be any kind of juice that you’re interested in.

So probably at least a half a cup. Because you want it to actually blend up. Otherwise it won’t do very well.

So put the top on and start this up. Okay let’s see we got! Yeah that looks good. That’s pretty perfect. So I could leave it just like this and it would be super sweet and pomegranatey but I’m actually going to add just a little bit of fresh blueberries here.

Just put some in there. No measuring. You don’t measure around here. I’m going to blend that up.

Oh man that is so pretty you guys! All right, check this out, I’m going to put it in a white bowl and see how pretty it is? Yeah that’s amazing. Look at that date paste, it’s so pretty.

Now check this out, we’ll do a little taste test here. Wow um he’s like getting me here because it’s so sweet. I haven’t eaten anything yet today. So perfect date paste.

This is perfect for your oatmeal. Make some overnight oats like I do. These are pomegranate overnight oats. I just put pomegranate juice and rolled oats in a jar and left it overnight.

Softens it up. You can eat it just like that. You don’t have to cook it but it’s perfect if you want to put that in a bowl, put some of the date paste in it that gets it really really sweet. You’ll get tons of the fiber as well, which is what you miss when you use maple syrup or anything like that.

And you’re all set! Good luck with your date paste, bye!

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