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Coach Nancy shares how a Private Coaching Client needed to regain traction on her goal. The three steps that Nancy walked her through are shared in this video for you to use to help you get back on track!

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I’m wondering do you ever get off track? What I mean is do you get off track with your goals, with your plans? You plan on losing and then you find yourself in a bag of chips or you want to eat the most nutritionally dense food in the world – plants and you find yourself compromising so you get off plan. Well, this happened with a client of mine recently. it was not about her eating plan, it was about another goal that she had but I want to share this with you as I give you three steps to commit to your healthy eating plan to whatever goal you have so let’s talk about commitment today.

So all of the steps deal with awareness – being able to see what you’re doing to be able to observe yourself.

So the first step is priorities awareness. And let me tell you how this unfolded with my gal so we’re in the session and she says “I was studying for the exam” (she’s got this big exam that she needs to take) “and um I was sitting there and 20 minutes into it I thought I could go do something else” and I said what did you feel when you thought that and she said “I felt compelled, so I got up and I went and I did something else.  I did the laundry”.

So we started looking at what her priorities are. I wanted her to become aware of why is she doing the exam in the first place. We sat down and we wrote through all her priorities – why she wanted to do this exam, why she wanted to take it, why she wanted to pass it and then the second step was that we looked at her feelings. Right? I already told you that she felt compelled, so we got awareness to her feelings so she felt compelled when she thought that thought. So I  just kind of filed this away and because when we have a thought, a feeling comes right behind it and that’s important to note.

We become aware of our priorities and we become aware of our feelings and then we become aware of our thoughts. So on that note of having a feeling that comes from a thought, I wanted to compile a thought that would take her priorities – the priorities that we had come up with and would make that very succinct – so she could think this one thought she could practice this thought and it would bring about a feeling that would help her to meet her goal.

We looked at the priorities and we came up with the thought ‘i could do something else but this exam is priority for me’ and as soon as we said that sentence she was like “I feel empowered”. So that was it – that was the rocket fuel she needed. By becoming aware of her priorities –  what her why is.  Why was she doing this in the first place. By becoming aware of her feelings and becoming aware of her thoughts.

So this is the work that I do with private clients. Do you want help with staying on track with your goals? Check me out at nourishyourlifestyle.com/coachwithnancy and we can get on a call and see how I can support you towards your goals


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