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It’s the most wonderful time of the year- how do you maintain all the vibrant health and vibrancy that the Nutritarian lifestyle gives you?

By sticking to the plan and having tasty recipes to contribute to the Office Pot Luck or the Annual Christmas Party!

Here are 3 delicious recipes that fit the bill!

There’s no need to gain weight over the holidays when there is delicious food like this to enjoy!

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So here we have some Holiday Cooking Ideas. We want to make something a little different maybe for the holidays because you have company and you want to impress them with Eat to Live way of eating. We’re going to do a Lentil Loaf for the main dish, and you can jazz this up with a mushroom gravy or any sort of sauce that you want to, but I’m going to show you how to make it and we’re going to do individual servings in muffin cups.

I am serving this meal to some friends tonight and one of them is mushroom allergic, so I’m going to put the mushrooms in last. So this is a great way when you’re making individual ones to individualize for folks who may be allergic to something, or you know can’t eat carrots, or whatever the thing is – you can leave that out and do something separate. I’m actually going to – so I remember – put hers in here first and then I’ll add the mushrooms, but anyway just saying that these are –  it’s an easy way to do individual servings in these silicone muffin cups.

All right, I’ve already cooked lentils, so what I’ve got are – I did a cup of the green brownish lentils just common lentils, and a third of a cup of these black Beluga lentils sometimes they’re called. And I just cook them together in the instant pot – I just did 15 minutes at high power natural release – so I’m going to end up with three cups or more, looks like, of lentils. So this is a very forgiving recipe; you can add whatever veggies you want to in the recipe that I’ve written out for you in the cheat sheets: nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets – sign up for those and you can get all of the past cheat sheets as well as have access to all of the future ones – in the recipe I wrote celery, but then I put bok choy in the in parentheses because I’m out of celery.

The smaller the chopped the veggies in this, the better because if we have big chunks of things, it’s not going to stay together very well. So now I’m going to do the carrots the same way – you could add the kale or any other sort of green if you wanted to, that works fine. I’m just going to go like three-quarters of the way through. The secret is just to move them around and kind of have a medium temperature – not too hot.

All right, so now I’ve got my lentils, and overcooked is fine because they’ll get mushy. Okay, so now we’re gonna put the flavorings in: three tablespoons of tomato paste, a little bit of black pepper, vegan Worcestershire sauce – absolutely optional; if you don’t want to put it in that’s fine – maybe a tablespoon. And here’s some options: you can do some Smoky Barbecue coconut aminos – I get these at Trader Joe’s, and/or some teriyaki Hickory balsamic – it just depends on how much flavor you want in here. Do a little bit of each just for a hint of smoke and then to add to that I’m going to do a little bit of smoked paprika – that’s going to add kind of a hearty umami-ness to it, and then some nutritional yeast – that’ll help bind it together as well as give it some more flavor.

These are getting a little translucent so I’m going to add the rest of these. I’m going to steam these a little bit by putting a lid on it. All right, I’m gonna go ahead and stir this up and we’ll add the veggies. What’s great about this is you can taste test it – can’t do that when you’re making meatloaf.

Just flat side of the knife with a whack, and you can peel it very easily, and you can either chop it by hand or put it through a press – three cloves of garlic. A lot of loaf recipes call for oats or some other kind of dry ingredient – bread crumbs or something, but I’m going to do mine with just vegetables and we’ll see how it works. Alice Davey, who’s in our High Nutrient Lifestyle group on Facebook, posted her recipe so that was my inspiration for this recipe – Thanks, Alice! Shout out across the pond!

Okay, all right, I’m gonna go ahead and do this one and then I’m gonna add the mushrooms. So I’m just going to fill these pretty full – serving sizes on plant foods are variable because yields are different – looks like we’re gonna get 12 out of this. The first silicone pans that I had gotten did not have a structure to them – this has an interior structure all the way around. Then they’ll bake for…I’ll do 30 minutes – all we’re trying to do is get some structure to them – okay, in the oven they goes!

Okay, Festive Kale Salad. So this one has some cabbage, and I wanted to show you how to use the mandolin to cut cabbage in case you want to do it your own self. What I’ve got set up here is I’ve got a damp rag that I’m gonna put under which helps slippage, I’m gonna put everything on my pan here, this is my mandolin and it’s very very sharp so I want to keep my hands away.

I need about a cup or so of the cabbage. Take a quarter – this has some spiky things – here we go, it’s just going to be nice. Hold everything steady, keep my hands away, and I’m gonna do a nice thin slice; do you see that? All right, I think we got enough out of that one.

Dr. Fuhrman recommends a pound of raw greens every day – this, ladies and gentlemen, is a pound. Pretty difficult to chew through this in a day, so that’s why smoothies are a wonderful way to get your greens in. Remember, you don’t have to get a pound of raw Greens in; that’s a suggestion that’s what we aim for, that’s the perfection that Dr. Fuhrman recommends, doesn’t mean we’re always going to get it. Maybe we get it through juices, and smoothies, and other ways, so don’t worry about chomping through all of this salad, just showing you what a pound looks like.

All right so I’m going to go back to the mandolin for just a minute because I’m going to go ahead and do my red onion on that while I’ve got it set up. This is a nice, pretty salad. Lemons are here. Massaging kale is simply giving your fingers and hands a workout, but you’re gonna rub the greens – and this may seem like a extra step, and it is, but it’s so worth it to have softened kale.

Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and add some lemon juice now – I’ll do the juice of a lemon. So, let me give you a little tip: easy enough to pop, and out the other side. All right, now I’m just going to go in and work the avocado through. Got it about half the volume that it was.

All right so now I’m going to put cabbage and onions in here, ground black pepper – fresh ground pepper, and one more little thing that’s festive is a pomegranate – and if you do it underwater it’s going to keep from spraying the juice everywhere. I’m going to cut it into quarters, each half into quarters, so eights. You can just cut away what you want to help release those seeds, so just pull this back. Again, this is something you could easily do a day or two ahead of time – when you pull it off, try to do it underwater so that you don’t get the squirt.

We really don’t have a big yield, as you can tell. All right, so I’m just going to pull it out and pull out any more piff – it’s got a little bit of a hard crunch to it. Balsamic, just a little drizzle. So there’s our salad and Bon appetite!

All right, these are done! I turned the oven off just a few minutes ago but you can see they bubbled up. We’re going to want them to sit to firm up a little bit more.

All right, we’re on to dessert! So I’m making an Apple Cranberry Pumpkin Crisp – all the flavors of the holidays. So, we’re going to start with doing the cranberries just to get that out of the way. Three-quarters of a cup of fresh cranberries and distribute that flavor a little more.

And now I’m gonna do the apples, like this. I’ll put the link to the Mueller Chopper in the show notes so you have that. Apples, I’m gonna throw some lemon juice over – will add some nice tanginess as well as help keep them from getting too brown, which really won’t matter because they’re going to cook, but. If you don’t like cranberries, don’t add cranberries, it’s fine.

I’m gonna make some Date Paste – I took 12 dates, put some hot water over them, and let them soak for a little while. Date paste, unlike date syrup, is going to have fiber in it. All right, so we’re going to come over here and add some, maybe – I’m actually gonna do a half a cup, some cinnamon – about three-quarters of a teaspoon, and I’m gonna grate some fresh nutmeg – you don’t have to do fresh but I love fresh, you can do it that way – a third of a teaspoon probably, and then I’m gonna put just a little bit of almond flour – Trader Joe’s product, blanched almond flour, let’s see how much. And then we’ll make the topping now!

All right, we ended up with plenty of apples so I’ve got another dish of apples, put a couple cups of oats in the processor, another couple tablespoons of almond flour, add some cinnamon, and more nutmeg, date paste, this some almond butter – a couple tablespoons for a little bit of fat so we can kind of mimic that buttery feel, and then a little pumpkin, and this is vanilla powder – which I love – I do like a quarter of a teaspoon, and I’m just gonna pulse and make a nice topping. So here we go, pulse! All right, so now we’re just gonna crumble over the top, you can spread it out as much as you want, or do big globs. Put this in the oven, and then I’ll show you the lentil portions.

With the silicone cups you can push it up from the bottom – as they continue to cool they might set up a little better. I think probably two of these – there we go that worked better – might make a nice serving. There we go; we’ve got that, and our salad, and our beautiful apple crisp.

And happy holidays to you and yours from Nourish Your Lifestyle! Thanks for watching! Until next time, it’s coach Nancy. Bye!


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