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Today I’m going to talk about 3 things in weight loss and consistency. So let’s start with number one. I’ve talked about this before and I’m going to be harping on this cause this is literally the number one thing you have to know about consistency. 

Did you know that your thoughts create all the results? 

This is a concept that when we first hear it…it feels a little slippery. 

BUT the good news is, the more you learn this stuff the more you repeat these beliefs and the more you study this information, the easier it gets.

If thoughts create results, if we want different results all we have to do is change our thoughts. 


Actually, that can be a little difficult because  a lot of people don’t believe thoughts are choices but they really are. 

Every.single.thought that comes into our mind is a choice. 

We believe that some of them are involuntary and not choices because we always think them but typically that’s the only reason that we keep thinking them and that’s the only reason that we keep believing that, because we have been thinking it for so long. 

So if we can start to realize that our thoughts are choices we can take the thoughts that aren’t serving us and we can change them and turn them into something better that is going to motivate us positively and initiate change in the right direction.

For example, one of my viewers once said “The weekend sucks for routine and discipline.” 

For sure, this was my story too at one time. What happens is during the week you’re like, “I can do this because I’m in my 9-5” or whatever it is. “I’m in my routine.” Maybe I’m alone but what happens is when the weekend comes around and we’re with boyfriends, or husbands, or family?

We get with other people and that starts to throw us off and we are having all these thoughts about it. 

The reality is, it’s not even the fact that we’re with other people… it’s not the fact that we aren’t at work anymore… the difference is that our thoughts change

During the week our thoughts are, “Nah, I’ve got this. I can do this by myself”, it’s all fine then our thoughts switch to, “oh Fridays coming up. I have this thing. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to resist. It’s scary. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this”, but what’s changed? 

During the week the thoughts were “I’ve got this”. 

During the weekend the thoughts were “I don’t know if I’ve got this”. That’s the only difference. When you think the thought “oh, I don’t think I’ve got this” or “weekends are hard”, it makes you feel disempowered.

It makes you feel worried. 

It makes you feel anxious. 

When you feel anxious…you snack more and stuff like that. Then you end up getting poor results.

As I said, our thoughts create our results so if you want different results you have to think different things

So if during the week your thoughts are “I’ve got this. This is not difficult. This is easy”. If you had the same thoughts about the weekend, “I’ve got this. This is easy. Just because I’m going out with friends doesn’t mean I have to overeat. Just because this is happening nothing is different in a weekend”. If those were your thoughts you would get through the weekend like a breeze, like no problem. But your thoughts are about worry and overwhelm and concern and being anxious, when our thoughts are coming from thoughts that create those feelings we are absolutely not going to do so well on our lifestyle plan, whatever that is. Same with exercise, same with not drinking, same with anything that we want to cut back on; same with watching Netflix whatever it is. 

If we think can’t, we definitely won’t because it makes us feel disempowered. 

We need to have thoughts that are going to make us feel like we’ve got this.


So that’s number one, our thoughts are our results. In the Eat to Live Academy  we go into mega detail on this and how to actually do this; how to actually change these thoughts. 

Ok so the number 2 thing that I wanted to talk about.

I want you to take a moment and imagine that you are in your kitchen craving something and you’re kind of looking around your kitchen rummaging. I used to do this all the time… you’re kinda rummaging around trying to find the thing that is going to get rid of that craving right? 

So, I would get really creative, I would open up my fridge and I would see stuff, like one of the big things is my daughter’s pancakes. I would make these whole foods pancakes. They’re healthy, but I would eat all of them at once

Definitely you don’t need that many calories at a time. They are just made of fruits and bananas and stuff like that but I did not need all those calories. I was just bingeing. It wasn’t an actual caloric need. I was just like craving something so I would eat all these pancakes. 

What I noticed, and this is what I want you to do; I want you to notice the thoughts in your mind when you’re standing in front of the fridge craving this thing, or in front of your pantry and you’re doing that craving dance. 

You’re trying to get rid of that craving. When you’re having that craving I want you to think about the thoughts that are going through your mind. These are the thoughts that I would have, always like “I’m going to eat this, I’m going to eat that it’s going to be so great”. I would have these other thoughts and these are the ones that I think are really important, “You’re not going to be able to stop eating this once you start, you’re powerless over this food, you’re going to eat all of it. You’re going to eat that. Then you’re going to eat that whole thing… You’re not going to be able to stop.” 

These are the kinds of thoughts that I think are worth paying attention to. 

I think all of our thoughts are worth paying attention to but these are the ones specifically because what I want you to do is to take those kinds of thoughts and personify them as an actual person standing behind you saying that to you. 

Okay what are you going to think about that person standing behind you saying that to you? 

Maybe, “I should not listen to them. They are a bully. That’s my thought bully”. 

First of all you don’t have to believe those thoughts. Now what I want you to do is instead of you having these thoughts, I want you to imagine, like pick a female in your life that you love to death. Hold her in your mind for a sec. Now I want you to imagine that same exact bully that you have standing behind her; telling her those things. “You’ll never be able to do this. You’re terrible at this. You’re going to eat all of it. I know you; you’re not good at this”. 

So if that person that you love had that bully standing behind her how would you feel about that bully? 

Now notice that your thoughts create your results. 

So if your thoughts are, “You can’t do this. You’re not going to be able to do this. It’s going to make you feel crappy”. When we feel crappy we snack more right? So we have to be coming from a place of better thoughts. We have to be coming from a place of more positivity

So how do we create thoughts that are more positive? 

We are barely scratching the surface of this stuff. There’s so much to say on this topic! So much to be said about how to actually put it into place in your life. THIS is the stuff we cover in Eat to Live Academy.

Now I’m just going to go and give you the last bit I have here for you about weight loss and consistency, and about plateaus. I seem to be hearing from quite a few people these days who’re asking questions about why they keep getting stuck on plateaus. 

And how do they get out of them?

We talk about this in depth in Eat to Live Academy but I wanted to give you a little tidbit about plateaus which I noticed in my private practice all the time with clients, in myself with my past journey and all over YouTube people are asking me questions. 

They always ask about plateaus. 

Did you ever notice in getting more of a round number… getting to another round number, like going from 200 to 190 or the 5’s are difficult too; like getting below 195. Sometimes we can have trouble getting over those too. 

Have you ever noticed that you kind of have an issue getting over those round numbers? 

The difference between 200 and 199 is purely mental. 

Because what happens is we start to create a story around those numbers. Anything closer to 200 from say 208 or 206 or whatever, as we are getting closer to 200 we start to have a little bit of anxiety around going from 200 to 199 the reason is because we have created identity around the numbers. 

We create a story around those numbers. 

I’m a person in the 200’s. I’ve never been a person in the 100’s before now I’m about to get into the 100’s”. Then we have anxiety about it. 

“What if I can’t do it?”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“What if I’m not this person?”

“What if I’m not supposed to?”

“What if I’m not worthy?”

Blah, blah blah. 

You have all these thoughts around these round numbers but metabolically there’s not a difference between 203 or 202, or 200 and 199. No difference whatsoever….the only difference is mental you guys. 

So I wanted to just give you this little idea about plateaus, which is so important to understand. 

There is literally no difference in any of these numbers

All these numbers are exactly the same. 

The only thing that changes is your thoughts

So when we start to have some identities around what these numbers mean that’s when we get thrown off. That’s when we start to have trouble losing weight at different numbers.

But there is no difference. Keep that in mind!

Getting over a plateau is a very, very simple technique but all of it has to do with our thoughts. So I really hope you catch  the theme of this post and how it’s all about our thoughts. 

As I said earlier, we go into this in depth in Eat to Live Academy in addition to learning how to make changes for the rest of your life. There’s a lot more we go into and of course I encourage you to check it out, or check out some of the 21-Day Challenges we do – that’s always a good start to getting healthy and kicking past plateaus, being a part of a strong network of others doing the same thing, going though the same struggles and breaking bad habits etc. 

Anyway, I hope this post helps someone, I’m always here for ya if you need help, just comment below or join the High Nutrient Lifestyle Facebook Group…we have a ton of action in there all the time and you’re more than welcome to post your questions and check it out.

See you soon!




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