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These are 4 things that we must consider at all meals to satiate us, and keep us going until the next meal.

Dr Fuhrman talks about a few of these in the book Eat to Live, but I’ve realized they must all be present each time we eat, religiously.

I see so many clients of mine craving and binging before the next meal time, because they didn’t get enough in at the previous meal.

The 4 Key Hunger Busters

  1. Bulk
  2. Fiber
  3. Micronutrients
  4. Calories

Making sure our meals are large enough that we actually feel full (but not stuffed)…

That our meals are full of wonderful plant fibers to help slow the digestion of carbohydrates…

That we’re getting plenty of micronutrients to aide in the necessary processes like detox/waste removal, etc…

And that we are getting baseline enough calories to make sure we’re not dying of hunger all the time (or getting way too much).

If a meal doesn’t include all of these things, we can expect a rough time getting to the next meal without too much hunger, etc.

Of course we want to have some calorie deficit if we are trying to lose weight, but not eating enough is a fine balance to strike.

Otherwise it leads to overeating when our guard is down.

Consider these components to a meal when you create your own Protocols (eating plan).