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Before you just throw out your lemon peels, keep in mind the following uses:

  1. Zest the entire lemon first and use the zest immediately in recipes to add some instant, strong lemon flavor and essence, or start a container in your freezer where you can use or add to it whenever needed. You can also dry the zest to add to recipes later as well.
  2. Use some of the lemon peel for garnishes for meals and cocktails at home to add some instant Martha Stewart-ness, or prepare them and then freeze them for use at a moments notice when that unexpected guest pops over.
  3. Throw the used lemon peel down your disposal and turn it on with water running until it is ground up. It will instantly freshen up your sink!
I also hear that lemons make awesome microphones (watch the video!) and make great cups for vodka sorbet.

What other ways do you use lemon peels or lemons in general?