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Have you been thinking about following the Eat to Live lifestyle that Dr Fuhrman promotes?

Do you want some advice from a seasoned Eat to Live follower?

Here it is!

Coach Nancy brings you her best 5 things she wished she knew when starting down the Nutritarian path.

These tips will help you realize how very SIMPLE and EASY ETL can actually be for you!



Hey there, Coach Nancy here! I am an Eat to Live, Nutritarian, weight loss, and life coach; how’s that for a mouthful? I’m an Eat to Live coach, so I follow the Eat to Live – Dr Fuhrman’s way of eating; his protocol – and I’m here with a list of five things I wish I knew before I started Eat to Live. Maybe these will help you as you start your Eat to Live journey.

It’s not popular to just eat plants – let’s face it. It may be trendy a little bit, but there’s so many conflicting voices out there. I want to share with you, from my heart, things that I wish I had known. So here we go!

Number one: Recipes are not required. And that’s pretty funny because I develop recipes for Nourish Your Lifestyle. I write the recipes for the challenges, for the videos that we put out; so recipes are important, yes, but they aren’t required. Once you get going, you may start with a recipe like training wheels on a bike, but you can quickly dispense with them and create your own recipes – it’s very, very simple.

Hey, I create recipes all the time, and I was not a recipe creator, previously. And what I’ve done is: I go into my kitchen, I experiment, and then I write down what I did – so I create a recipe. But they’re not necessary – you can start with just plants, with just the g-bombs: greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds, and nuts; and if you’re getting those in your body some way, you don’t have to have fancy complicated gourmet recipes. So, that’s number one.

Number two: Meals don’t have to be a party in my mouth. Food is for nourishment, it’s not for entertainment. It is fun to have party food, to have fun food every once in a while, but every meal doesn’t have to be a party in my mouth. That’s huge – food is for nourishment, not for entertainment.

Number three: Hummus is a food group all on its own. I tell you, hummus is my sauce, it’s my salad dressing, it’s my spread, it’s my what I used to use mayonnaise for, right? It’s amazing. Um, hummus is a food group all in itself.

Number four: Plants are very filling. Oh my gosh, meat doesn’t make a meal – that’s what I grew up thinking – so, you determine what the meat is, and then what your sides are. Well when you take meat out of the equation – which was not hard for me to do, by the way, because I’ve had enough meat in my lifetime and I’m not a fan of it, so I just don’t even like it, so it wasn’t a problem for me to move meat off of my plate, but you can have a little bit of meat if you want to and small shift your way into just eating plants. But my point is that plants are very filling, that eating Nutritarian salads – these honking big salads – are very nourishing, and very, very filling.

And number five, this is my top hint to you: that Greens have magical properties. It sounds ridiculous, but they do! The more greens you eat, the more raw greens you eat, leafy greens – I’m talking about kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, bok choy, arugula – all those really dense green vegetables. Leafies, or even broccoli, Brussels sprouts – all of those vegetables have properties in them – cabbage even, even the white cabbage, the purple cabbage; those beautiful, cruciferous vegetables – they have properties in them that help to stave your cravings.

You know, we could get all scientific with you, but I’m just telling you that that’s what I have found: the more greens I consume, the less other things I want – it is flipping amazing. “Get your greens in by any means” is my motto! So those are five things I wish I knew before starting: Recipes are not required – they’re not necessary; Meals don’t have to be a party in your mouth; Hummus is a food group; Plants are very filling – meat, a meal does not make; and Greens have magical properties – eat your greens by any means, folks!

Stay curious: “I wonder what this will taste like, I wonder if I put this combination together what that will be like, I wonder if it will keep me satisfied until dinner time?” Stay curious, and stay very self-compassionate: “I’m doing the best I can with the resources I have at this time. When I learn more I will do differently, but right now, I’m starting where I’m at.” So be kind to yourself as you start, or continue, your Eat to Live journey.

What do you wish you had known before you started your journey? Or what do you want to know? What’s niggling at you about Eat to Live that you are concerned about? Drop it in the comments below, I’d love to have a conversation with you there.

And, if you need some help transitioning, you need some help with the mindset, if none of this even makes sense to you – let’s get on a call together and we’ll chat through how I can help support you to make the transition to eating to live, and also using mindset to wrap your mind around these ideas. Links are somewhere around this video – nourishyourlifestyle.com/coachwithnancy – and I’m very happy to get on a free call with you so, fill out that application and we’ll talk soon. Take good care of you! Eat your greens by any means!


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