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What we’re trying to do here is meant to be a forever thing.


So that means we want to approach our thoughts and feelings about this with the understanding that it’s a “Just Keep Going” kind of plan.

It’s called Eat to Live for a reason, ya know? We must do it over and over again, consistently for….ever….to reap the rewards. 

And those coveted rewards!

Longer life. 

Better quality of life.

Freedom from cravings and food addictions.

The ease of maintaining your happy weight without struggle.

No drama about food anymore.

Just good, high-nutrient foods. Without struggle. 

You see, our goal isn’t to just finish out say, 21 days. It’s to learn new things about ourselves and keep growing into that next version, that next step of ourselves. Of our healthy identities. 

It’s a long-term thing, of course. 

And if we think of it like that, and we accept it as such, it can make the difficulty of whatever this means to you get easier.

We think, “Agghh, this is so different. I want other food. At least it’s only a short time.”

But then comes the work of shifting our regular thoughts to actually support us rather than hold us back…

“Yes brain, this is different, but different actions are required to get different results, so this is actually a great thing. Yes we want other food, because we’re used to it more. But that doesn’t mean it’s better. Yes it’s only 21 days, but also we want to keep going after, and we totally can.”

See how different that can be if we just work with and tweak our thoughts a bit? 

We can do that by first being aware of our thoughts. 

So keep an eye on your thoughts and work to readjust them throughout the day to support your LONG-TERM goal. 

Of Eating to Live.

It’s a practice. It’s a journey. Like a yoga or meditation practice. Or like getting a degree.

We wouldn’t say during sophomore year, “MAN!! WHY DON’T I HAVE MY DEGREE YET??” 

We know it takes 4 years and we’ve already accepted that. 

Just know this is going to take what it takes…and then let the path unfold. 

Highs and lows. 

I promise, the longer you Just Keep Going, the easier it gets