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Well hello there! I wanted to share with you a typical Hungarian breakfast. This is what Tamas and I had for breakfast today. Generally I don’t eat stuff like this because it’s full of saturated fat, but they really feel like a breakfast has to be a strong, heavy meal like this to get you through the first part of the day.

Tamas and I are always getting in fights actually about what breakfast is and I’m like, “Granola!” and he’s like, “Sausage!” But so here we have on the plate some sausage (salami), some cheese and some bread, along with a little pepper paste.

This pepper paste that they have, I’m gonna butcher the name, it’s something like Erős Pista, [eh-roosh peesh-taw] that means Strong Stevie. It’s just basically the brand name of the stuff, you can find it in every restaurant. It’s what they call a csípős paprika paste, which is like a spicy pepper paste. So whenever you hear the word paprika, now you know that that means “pepper” in Hungarian. That’s a very typical spice that they use in their cooking.

This is the way that Tamas eats these things for breakfast. He’ll make these little mini-bite sandwiches and he calls them “soldiers.” It’s so cute! Everybody calls them soldiers over there actually, they know what that means when you say that. And I learned that recently with him so he’s like, “Do you want me to make you a soldier?” and I’m like, “Of course!” So its a little bread, a little meat, and a little cheese and that is Tamas’ breakfast!

A typical Hungarian Breakfast sandwich soldier, or mini bite sized sandwicha bottle of eros pistaMeat, cheese, bread on a plate