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Shopping spree haul

Shopping spree haul

Today was one of those days. Ya know, when you’re on a new lifestyle plan like I am and it’s hard to get through. The end of the day was simple, but the beginning was a challenge.

See, it all started yesterday when I was out and about and didn’t have food with me. I wanted to go to some Asian markets to find some interesting produce (successful by the way, found some cute yams, rambutans and dragon fruit) and then realized I needed apples.

Since my last trip to Publix yielded some terribly overripe Fuji apples, I decided to run to Whole Paycheck…ahem, I mean Whole Foods…to find some.

A hungry stomach and shopping do not mix.

I was pleased to find some of my dear persimmons, and some new raw vegan nutritarian foods that I hadn’t seen before. All this got me excited to try new things, and $75 freaking bucks later, I walked out there with a bunch of stuff I didn’t really need.

I did remember get the apples though. Plus I found some yummy beets in the hot bar section.

Then I found myself in the car munching on everything I could. Lol. It could have been worse: I could have been binging on bad food. But still, it was quite unplanned. Way too many dates with almond butter, but…whatevs.

Dates dipped in almond butter. Tried w cocoa powder, was not successful. Went back to plain almond butter. Was happy.

Dates dipped in almond butter. Tried w cocoa powder, was not successful. Went back to plain almond butter. Was happy.

Then this morning I got up and had similar cravings. I think, and I’m actually serious about this, that it’s due to period hormones staring to act up again. It’s about a month from when the crazy cravings were going on last month. Though I don’t like to use this as an excuse, I really think there’s validity.

I was saved today.

I got suuuuuper busy in the afternoon and had no time to eat other than the leftover smoothie I made from the morning. I decided I’ll just have a “smoothie cleanse” day today because I can’t be bothered and by the time I got a bit hungry it was after 7. So I just had more smoothie.

Real foods again tomorrow.

Unrelated picture that is worth posting. Great Egret loitering.

Unrelated picture but worth it. Great Egret loitering around Sarasota.

Being on a strict Nutritarian plan has allowed me to fare pretty well when I binge this month. If it was back to regular eating, my binging would bring me worse results. Lethargy, too much salt, and more cravings. But today got me back to normal by the evening.


I also did an Insanity workout this morning because I was craving it as my friend who runs the weekly outdoor cardio workout is out of town for 2 weeks. I only did half of it though because…that shit is insane!

I realize this is more of a diary entry than a post with real value, but hopefully you get something out of the struggle. It is real!