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^^^ Currently devouring. I found this awesome Thai Protein Bowl at the local @cafezupas and yeah omg. It’s kale with edamame, tofu, broccolini, cucumbers 🥒, peppers, cashews and a yummy spicy dressing, but would be great with vinegar and avocado 🥑 too. Amazing that I didn’t have to make it myself. 😂🤣 I added carrots 🥕 and roasted mushrooms 🍄 for added yumz. 👅 I am trying to get back on track with eating in my last trimester here. Challenge accepted. 😍😍 #buddhabowl #salad #protein #veganprotein #vegan #healthy #happy #nutritarian #eattolive #wfpb #fuhrman via Instagram http://ift.tt/2wgaCCG