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Here is my favorite SOS free salad dressing recipe EVER! So quick and easy.


Check it out! The types of tahini that I LOVE: 365 Organic from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Artisana raw organic I also 💚  Dr Fuhrmans wild blueberry vinegar

My favorite 2 quart Corelle salad serving bowl 🥗 (here is the amazon link but it’s cheaper at Walmart I think).


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This is my current favorite SOS free (that’s salt oil and sugar-free) salad dressing recipe and it is the EASIEST and best in the whole world – trust me!

Let me tell you how I make it. During the week lately, I’ve been prepping three to four days’ worth of salad at a time so I can grab it from the fridge, throw the dressing on toss it and eat it. Within one minute! Talk about fast food. So I store my huge pre-chopped salad in a covered container just grab and go daily. Doing this has dramatically decreased the amount of time it takes to prep my salads and it only takes about 30 minutes to prep anyways, if I have already pre-washed my lettuce. So I take an even huger bowl, put all of my salad in drizzle on the tahini and if you get the good kind it will be pourable. I like to get the 365 brand, the Organic one from Whole Foods or there’s one called Artisana that’s a raw, organic brand. The Whole Foods one is roasted and then there’s the Trader Joe’s brand too which I really like. Those ones are all pourable so I love those three the most. Then I drizzle a delicious vinegar on. I’m using Dr Fuhrman’s Wild Blueberry but I always add another kind too if I’m using his because I like a more sweet syrupy kind. The sugar content is high but I rarely eat dates or tons of sweet fruit anymore so I’m not concerned with the sugar content of my salad vinegar. Another one is a delicious limoncello vinegar that I got from our local oil and vinegar shop but I also love to order from California Balsamics. I love lemon-flavored things myself and so I keep a large variety at home so I never get bored. I have lots of different ones so I can mix things up. I pour the tahini and vinegar mix and pour into a large two-quart serving bowl (I use my favorite Corelle bowl) and then I’m done. That’s it!

Please note that I don’t measure anything. I put in enough until I love the taste of the salad and if I don’t overdo it on other high-calorie foods during the day I never worry about the quantity that I use on my salad dressing. Seriously – if everything is prepped ahead of time it takes me one minute to make a daily salad you can’t get any faster or healthier than that. This dressing is so easy to take on the go too. You have no excuse to not have a healthy salad at a restaurant either. Just get two leak-proof containers and store them in your purse. You can then order tons of salad on the menu minus all the standard American diet stuff like croutons or cheese and you’re in business! You can even add a pile of steamed veggie sides etc to really up the nutrition of a salad that you might get at a restaurant. You can get more bulk too so you don’t feel super hungry when you dine out with friends. I promise if you try this dressing -you’ll love it – it’s just so easy and quick.

You can also really up the flavor with some nutritional yeast but that’s totally optional. It gives it a little bit more salty/kind of cheesy/savory flavor. Usually, I just use the nut or seed sauce and the vinegar. If you’re thinking you want more variety, what I do every couple of weeks is to blend up some walnuts or pistachios (or whatever kind of nut or seed that I want) with water and use that in place of tahini.

Now you’ve really got the easiest healthiest dressings – no more excuses!


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