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healthy-eating-vegetable-fruit-heartWhat does healthy mean to you?

  • Does healthy mean losing weight?
  • Does healthy mean reversing effects of a disease you have?
  • Does healthy mean cutting back on an addiction you have?
  • Does healthy mean becoming a strict vegan/ gluten-free/ paleo/ vegetarian/ macrobiotic/ fruitarian/ low-carb…etc?

The thing about “healthy” is that it is defined in so many different ways to different people.

We all think of it differently.

This Is Your Healthy

I would like to assert that the only version of healthy you need to worry about is your best version of you. Whatever that may be, with slow…determined…patient…attention to getting better every day.

We can all get lost in the latest fads, or the latest health warnings.

But I’m sure you would agree with me…the definition of healthy that we all need to adopt is that we are at a healthy weight for our height and gender, we are eating nutritious foods and moving our bodies regularly. Healthy bodies come from actions like that.

How could anyone argue with that?

I know it’s a challenge for all of us. I can honestly tell you that I struggle with it every. single. day. (Especially when I’m PMSing!)

But if we can move towards finding that balance, then we are moving in the right direction. And anything towards progress is better than away from progress.

And you are important.

The Very Best Tip for Successfully Eating Healthy

healthy-eating-superfoods-bowlsAfter many years of dieting and trying out different ways of eating for myself (13 years of yo-yo-ing to be exact), I finally settled on one that hits all of my pain points:

My weight, my food cravings, my food satisfaction, my healthy “feeling”, my energy level, my ability to exercise, my ailments, etc. Everything was taken care of with this one simple way of thinking.

And that is this:

By focusing on my health rather than my weight, I was able to successfully lose the pounds I’d always wanted to (quickly!) and get feeling the way I thought I always deserved to.

I know it sounds too basic or trite, but I’m going to tell you the secret to doing it below.

When I focus on my health, I am not obsessing over a number. I am obsessing over getting enough nutrients in my body. Which is a more, well…healthy obsession. :D

What I have found in my experience, is that it takes a combination of three things to make me feel satisfied food-wise throughout the day. Which leads to easy, natural weight loss.

lots of natural plant fibers and bulk + lots of natural plant nutrients + just enough calories to sustain my body energy

I eat foods that have a high level of nutrients per calorie. This automatically gives me a lot of fiber and bulk as well, because the foods I try to eat are nutritionally better than the ones I’d eaten historically, and they are naturally low in calories…so the weight falls off.

Think broccoli versus steak. There is twice as much protein in 100 calories of broccoli as there is in 100 calories of steak. Plus it’s a TON more food. So I stay satisfied for longer with less calories.

And I can really make broccoli taste amazing. It’s EASY to do once you know the tricks.

So when I get enough fiber and nutrients and bulk, my tummy is full and has no desire to make me eat anything else.

And I no longer have cravings.

And the weight does just fall off.

22 pounds in 6 weeks kinda falling off (true story).

Okay, I’ll stop rambling your ear off, but I’m sure you’re interested to hear more about how to get eating healthy. Revisit the resource page for some more great tips to get started with this journey. There is a lot more to come on this site to help you.

And sign up by email below to get updates whenever they’re posted. You owe it to yourself to try something that works.

Something that finally works.