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My favorite anti-cancer Red Veggie Juice Recipe!

Get alllll the gorgeous redness in this quick, tasty juice. Recipe in easy download PDF format in the cheatsheets: http://www.nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets Here’s my favorite juicer because it’s so dang easy to clean (affiliate link): Omega NC800 https://amzn.to/3gOI09K

Hi! Cheri from Nourish Your Lifestyle here, giving you Eat to Live recipes. Today I’m doing my juice recipe. Now this is something that I have every day almost. It’s part of what I call my Fab Five, which are the five things that I try to eat on a very regular basis; juice, oatmeal, salad, smoothies and soups and so i’m making again one of my favorite recipes which is a red juice. So I’ll show you what I put in it.

I’m also here eating my oatmeal which is part of my fab five and I had just pulled it out of the fridge. I have a few of them made already. I pulled it out of the fridge and threw some milk in it and I’m having this while I’m making my juice. I typically will have my juice first but because I didn’t have any juice made today, I just had my oatmeal first and now I’m gonna move on to make my juice.

So let me get the ingredients. I’m gonna throw in this apple peel and apple core, minus the seeds, from my daughter’s breakfast this morning because I have that. The other day I made some sweet potato for the girls and so I’m just going to throw the peels in there too. I washed those really well so I’ve been saving those until I made this juice and then I’m going to add; celery, carrots, beets, bok choy, and I set up my juicer, put my cutting board down [Music].

Don’t touch [Music] Okay juice is done. It’s so delicious. I always add lemon to this one, to my red juice, because it gives it just the right flavor. Otherwise it can taste really beet-y. So look at this deliciousness. It’s super super red, it’s super dark red. Let’s give it a taste. Perfect! So good. Earthy but not too earthy and it’s got that little citrus kick so it’s delicious.

I always drink this juice with some type of fat. So I just finished my oatmeal and there was enough fat in there from the nuts and seeds and stuff but usually, if I’m having this as my first sort of thing I’m drinking during the day, I’ll just have about half an ounce of walnuts with it. Which is just maybe two or three walnut halves and I’ll drink it with it so I have that fat to help me absorb the fat soluble vitaminsin this juice.

If you want the exact recipe for this one, which I mean you don’t really need it technically, but if you want to hand out like a free cheat sheet PDF you just go to nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets. Sign up for the cheat sheets and you’ll have the recipe for this one in a PDF format. Easy to print out. Cheers!

I hope you love this one. Here’s to our health. Here’s to anti-cancer. See you in the next video. Bye!

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