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Did you ever hear that  thing people say: “Diets don’t work”?

Every marketing infomercial for any weight-loss related product will tell you that.

And you think that’s why you’re not making progress.

But the truth is, diets DO work. 

If you can stick to them. Right? 

I mean, think about it: if you just get your calorie/intake level to that magic point of weight loss and never deviate from that, eventually you will lose weight permanently and forever. 

If you stop overeating, and only eat what your body truly needs, then weight loss comes automatically after that.

But then what happens when Saturday night rolls around and that social gathering comes up?

People telling you that diets don’t work is a clever way of putting the blame on the actual diet industry so the audience feels like they can have some common enemy.

But the real reason we don’t stick to our diets is because 1) they don’t give us proper nutrition and 2) we don’t have the mental part worked out.

Dr. Fuhrman is always saying you can lose weight on any diet.

“You can even lose weight on an all-Twinkie diet,” he says. 

And you think to yourself logically, “But how could that be possible?”

It’s because after the thrill wears off of giving yourself permission to eat junk, you actually DO get sick of Twinkies after a while. 

For some it might take longer than others. :)

But, once you get to that point, you truly just start eating less and less automatically and then the weight loss part is easy. 

So the weight loss in that “diet” could potentially work. 

Problem is, one could never sustain that forever because of the lack of nutrients. 

And just because you get sick of Twinkies after a while and they start to be gross to you.

And eventually, your metabolism and body signals would get so messed up that your body would be crying out for nutrients in the form of cravings, and you’d fall off the diet. 

This is what happens with any “diet” that we fail to follow. 

That’s why the Eat to Live diet is so lovely — because it actually has the power to heal the body and it’s metabolism to the point where you no longer have those insatiable desires all the time. 

You actually get what you need, to heal over time. 

But, as I know from experience, sometimes it’s still not 100% enough.

Sometimes the body is just so WIRED to crave, wired to keep overeating, that you end up with feeling like you’ve failed. 

That’s where mindset comes in.

You see, diets never address the mindset part, too. 

It’s always just about WHAT to eat, and not about what to DO when the cravings set in. 

Eat to Live can take you most of the way there, and then you’ve gotta do the rest. 

And the beautiful part is we all have that capability. 

We all have the power to create success for ourselves, long-term, forever. 

Success just takes a few extra steps than we’re usually told are necessary. 

Here they are:

  • Eat the right foods
  • Get you environment set up to support the lifestyle
  • Learn to love yourself wholly, at any point in this process
  • Drop the guilt or self-hatred over mistakes or slow progress
  • Deal with your negative emotions as they arise
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Just keep going

You got this. Let’s do it together.