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Look what I found! It’s the cutest oven mitt ever – in the shape of a Facebook “Like” Button! I know so many people who would love this thing – heck, I would love this thing! If you love to cook, this gift has the right level of swag for you! The mitt was designed by Enrique Luis Sardi – the same awesome designer who created the Edible Cookie Cup that I posted about last week! This item is available for purchase using the link found at the bottom of this post. And if you like stuff like this, make sure to sign up for my email newsletter (to the right) to get updates on cool innovative products like this in the future! Without further ado, the Facebook Like Oven Mitt!


the Facebook Like Oven Mitt by Enrique Luis Sardi

the Facebook Like Oven Mitt by Enrique Luis Sardi

the Facebook Like Oven Mitt by Enrique Luis Sardi


Want to buy the Facebook Like Oven Mitt?

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NOTE: Made in Milan, Italy. Produced by the ethically-focused company Yeople. The Yeople.com page says it costs 16 euros but the PayPal site says it costs 22.50 euros, which is roughly equivalent to $28.50 USD. Still a great price for something this dang cute and innovative! And if you buy it from that site, the PayPal website is in Italian – so your first option, when choosing a country (if you’re in the US) should be “Stati Uniti”. Then everything will switch to English. Arrivederci!!


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