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Gesztenyepüré – Chestnut Purée

image via thehungariangirl.com

I wanted to add this little Gesztenyepüré (Chestnut Purée) dessert recipe in while I was doing my Whipped Cream Recipe, because hubby loves it so much and he was bugging me to make it for him; he had just ordered his canned chestnut from Bende food supply in Chicago. Had I known he was going to correct my recipe so many times, I might not have attempted this, but I’m sure you’ll at least get a kick out of how stupid I look. I mean, I thought it would be the easiest thing ever to make, but boy, with all the corrections he forced me to make, you’d think I was making a freakin’ Dobos Torte or something. (Note: which I have actually successfully made before and might attempt again this year :))

So here it is, in all it’s (un)complicated splendor. It’s a traditional European dessert that they usually make around the holidays. Not really my cup of tea, since I’m not a bit chestnut fan, but if you like chestnut – then you will LOVE this little treat!

Gesztenyepüré – Chestnut Purée
Chestnut purée, canned or in blocks (I don’t think it’s very common in the US, we had to order it online from Bende food supply)
Whipped cream, homemade preferably

Use a potato ricer or cheese grater to create a pile of fine chestnut purée on a plate.
Cover with whipped cream.


Do you think this is something that you would want to try? Are you a chestnut fan?