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It’s this idea of the scary, “But I’ll have to give that up!” thing when we choose a new diet lifestyle.

We all have this moment (or many multiple moments) of Uh Oh — but I won’t be able to eat ________ anymore. FOREVER!!!


The thing is, we start to take this all or nothing approach even in our own THOUGHTS. 

Even before we’ve given anything up, we make it into a story that it’s going to be such a hardship to let this one thing go that we love so much. 

But the weird part is that once we’ve gotten to where we want to be (read: light, calm, confident, at goal weight, ETL-ninja-level), we don’t even have a strong need or desire to that that thing anymore. 

So what we were worried about is actually us thinking that we were going to be super suffering in the future because we will miss ___________ so much. 

When we’re really worrying about something that’s not even going to happen once we’re where we want to be. 

But of course it’s that in-between time of the Giving Up River of Misery. 

Ah yes, that old friend. 

But you know, any time we want something that is different, we have to go through a bit of pain to get to the light-airy other side of things.

So if discomfort is the currency to our dreams — then our only task is to get good at being comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

Takes practice for sure, but the more we do it, the better we get.


Until ____________ doesn’t even all out to us anymore. 

Answer me this down below: is there anything you are terrified of giving up? What is it? For me it was always ice cream…now I actually couldn’t care less. Weirdest thing, but totally possible over time… with any _________.