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In celebration of National Chocolate Chip Day, I thought I would post the charming history of the chocolate chip cookie:

Chocolate chips are a required ingredient in chocolate chip cookies, which were invented in 1937 when Ruth Graves Wakefield of the Toll House Inn, a popular home-cooking restaurant and lodge in the town of Whitman, Massachusetts added cut-up chunks of a semi-sweet Nestlé chocolate bar to a cookie recipe. The cookies were a huge success, and Wakefield reached an agreement in 1939 with Nestlé to add her recipe to the chocolate bar’s packaging in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate. Initially, Nestlé included a small chopping tool with the chocolate bars. In 1941 Nestlé started selling the chocolate in chip (or “morsel”) form. The Nestlé brand Toll House cookies is named for the inn.

Chocolate ChipsI will post my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe soon – they’re called Monster Cookies because of all the amazing deliciousness that finds their way into them. They are definitely the kind of recipe that Cookie Monster would approve of. Do you have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe that you’d like to share?