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OVERWHELM is such a common feeling these days. Do you have that feeling most days? Like most of my clients, are the thoughts and feelings of “I have too much to do- when do I get time to focus on losing weight?” bringing on stress?

Are you ready to be done feeling at the mercy of feelings that seem to end up driving you to eat??

The simple truth is that thinking you are overwhelmed brings on that feeling!

How can that change?

Coach Nancy offers some perspective on this in this short video.

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Hey there have you ever felt like your life is messy? Like you feel overwhelmed and you just can’t get it together? You’re not the only one! You’re not alone.

We’re all human and we all feel that way at some point or the other, whether we admit it or not. Life is messy. Somewhere along the line, from the movies or social media or wherever, we get this idea that life is just this straight line towards our goals and all we need to do is create our goal and it’ll happen.

Well that could happen for some people. It’s possible, but what I find with my private weightloss and life coaching clients is that somewhere between the ideal, the goal that they’ve got in mind and getting to it, there’s a lot of junk. There’s a lot of messiness. There’s a lot of things to pull apart that we get to in there and we can look at and discover what you are thinking.

You think you’re overwhelmed and when you think ‘I’m overwhelmed’ you feel helpless, hopeless and you certainly feel overwhelmed. If you’re thinking ‘I feel overwhelmed’ then your results are going to be chaotic. They’re not going to be the kind of results that you’re looking for.

This is important because the coaching we do at Nourish Your Lifestyle is called Causal Coaching and we look for the cause behind what’s going on. So you may be working to Eat to Live. You may want to eat more plants, whatever your goal may be, and you start towards that goal and you do these actions-you do these things to get you to that goal. You find the recipes, you do the things, you buy the knives, you do all the stuff but you still come out with the feeling of overwhelmed.

Well from the feeling of overwhelmed you’re not going to get the result that you’re looking for. You’re just not. Feelings are why we do or don’t do anything in life and so in order to get the results we’re looking for, overwhelm is not going to get us there. What is going to get us there?

What’s a different feeling that comes from your thoughts that you can practice? Did you know you can practice your feelings and you can practice thoughts too? Spoiler alert you don’t have to believe every thought that floats across your mind!

You may have the idea I always have, to eat meals with my husband. We have to eat at the same time. I have to sit down and eat with my family every meal or I have to eat at certain times. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

We have a lot of thoughts, a lot of beliefs. Thoughts that we’ve practiced over and over again that we just have on autopilot. We’ve thought them so many times they’re just subconscious. We’re not even aware of what’s driving our lives.

That’s the fun thing that we do in coaching. We get in there and we start to unravel the thoughts. Why do you think that? What is it about that that’s important to you?

We really start to look at and tear apart the thoughts and look at the feelings that are driving your actions. One of my clients who shall remain nameless, she is a physician. A busy physician who has small children at home and in four months time she has dropped 32 pounds!

She started off not knowing she could do it, being overwhelmed with the thought of it, but now she’s gotten to the place of calm and peace. She knows she can continue to lose the last few pounds to meet her goal. A new Fuhrman low weight (Dr. Fuhrman’s weight chart is a little bit lower than what you might expect) and she’s there. She’s getting there and she knows she can go all the way with it because she’s proven to herself, she’s proven to her brain, that she knows how to direct her thoughts and create the feelings on purpose.

If this sounds intriguing to you, hop on over to nourishyourlifestyle.com/coachwithnancy/ and sign up for a strategy call. We can get on the phone and talk about what private coaching can do for you, where we get you to the end of the food drama, you lose the weight, you love the healthiest diet on the planet for life long consistency!

I look forward to speaking with you. Until next time, it’s Coach Nancy from Nourish Your Lifestyle.

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