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🤔🍷Ever wonder how much alcohol is acceptable on the Eat to Live diet? Find out the answer here!

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Okay, what if I created a pill and this pill – take it, chew it up, swallow it, or just swallow it with water; whatever – what if this pill caused you to feel really good, it started to feel good, started to feel relaxed, less inhibitions, you were feeling good, you were more brave, you weren’t worried about stuff so much, you felt stressed, you felt like that dopamine was going off, right? So you’ve got this pill, right, but the side effects of getting that happy feeling is things like your brain responds slower, your memory is impaired, you’re not coordinated so you kind of fall all over the place, you have to pee a lot and then you get dehydrated, if you have a lot of this pill you wake up and you feel like crap, you make decisions when you take a lot of this pill that aren’t in your best interest, it’s also addictive so once you start taking this pill you just keep taking it. So those are the short-term things. There are some other short-term stuff too like risk of getting in a car accident or killing someone else, risky sexual behaviors, miscarriage, violence; these are the kinds of things that can also happen when you take this pill, but not just this. 

Let’s say you take this pill – even a little bit of this pill – every day or every few days or something like that. Then we talk about the long-term stuff – you can expect the, you know, very real possibility of the development of cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, liver disease, digestive problems, cancer of the breast/mouth/throat/esophagus/etc., weakening of the immune system increasing the chances of getting sick, learning and memory problems, mental health problems like depression/anxiety, social problems/family problems/job-related problems/etc., and then dependence, right? So this pill – the benefits to this pill are that it’s going to make you feel uninhibited for a little while, and you will be you will feel a little bit less stressed. So you have one side is a few Pros, right, but the Cons list is pretty massive. 

Would you pay to buy this pill and take it? Would you pay somebody to give you a bottle of this pill and then you would just take them every once in a while? Heck no, you would not – that is not what you would do, but this is exactly obviously what alcohol does, right? 

So the question today is: how much alcohol can I drink when I’m on the Eat to Live diet? The answer is zero, zilch, none, none whatsoever. No alcohol, right? 

Hey guys, I’m Cheri from Nourish Your Lifestyle here just giving you some information about Eat to Live – take it or leave it, right? So today we’re talking about alcohol use – this comes up a lot and my clients, my audience, “can I drink some alcohol?” “How much can I drink?” “Is alcohol healthy for me?”

Answer is – wah wah – no, not healthy at all; not even a little bit. So we’ve heard these things in the media about Resveratrol, that’s heart healthy, a little bit is actually good for you, oh it relaxes the brain so then it’s better for Alzheimer’s; these kinds of things. No, no, no, no, no, no. This has all been debunked, these are myths, it’s not true; and even moderate like a small amount of alcohol use can create cancer and all these other effects as well – it’s not the amount, it’s not dose dependent, right, it’s not the amount that you drink that causes these things even moderate or light consumption can cause these things, yeah. 

Let’s talk about me personally, do I drink? Well, if you guys know, if you know, if you’ve been following me for the last 10 years – I’ve been on YouTube I think for 10, 11 years – that’s how I got my start was doing cocktail recipes actually, right? I loved alcohol – it was it was fun, I used it on a regular basis a few times maybe once a week, twice a week perhaps. I would drink two or three drinks at a time and get a little tipsy, I liked the feeling – so much so that I actually became pretty famous for some cocktail recipes that I had some little funny shot glasses that I used to do you can still see them on my YouTube channel

And then I started to get into the idea of healthy eating, right, and so I pulled back from doing cocktail recipes on my site, pulled back in my own life, but I still continued to use alcohol. Fast forward to after my first pregnancy, for some reason which I still don’t understand – if you have any information about this let me know down in the comments – for some reason, I started to be like allergic to alcohol. I would go out with my husband, we would have some drinks, and all of a sudden the bottoms of my feet would start to itch like crazy. Like, have to take off shoes and scratch feet kind of itching, right, and so I thought that maybe this was something I could live with, but pretty quickly within a few months I was like “okay, this, this is terrible, I do not like this, I have to stop.” 

And so I gave it up for a while, right, because I had an actual allergy to it – which I’m kind of grateful for because it had me give up the alcohol – and I kept trying over the years. I’ve tried most recently this past year – bad idea, bad, bad, bad! Now I get like restless arms, restless legs, like I can’t sleep all night, it’s crazy; it really shows me something about alcohol itself. Oh I’m having a hot flash, let me turn my fan on – my little, oh my little fan. 

It kind of made me think a little bit about what’s really happening in our bodies when we drink alcohol if I’m getting these weird side effects, right, because I never really had that before, but it started to really make me think when I’m like, “oh, this is strange, I don’t,” you know. So I quit drinking; several years back I threw out all my alcohol, gave it to a friend, like “done, don’t need it anymore.” Now, the problem is is if you think like you really like it, it’s slightly addictive to you, and you feel like you can’t give it up – that’s the issue, right, it’s like if you don’t have something like I did like uh some type of an intolerance, right, it can be tough to give it up. But maybe just think about this idea of this pill I was talking about, right, like would you pay for something that gave you all of those risk factors, that gave you all of that hassle, just for an hour or two of some kind of relaxation? 

Now, I’m gonna leave you with this, okay, because this might be a tough video for you to watch, especially if you really like to drink alcohol, right? Listen, it’s your body, you get to do whatever you want – there are no nutritarian police, there are no health police, nobody’s going to tell you what to do – you get to do whatever you want with your body. But, if you want to give up alcohol, right, maybe you think it’s too hard, but you still want to, the answer to this and “how do I actually give up alcohol” – now this is going to sound maybe like a surprise, but learning to manage your emotions without a substance, right. 

So my specialty is helping folks end emotional eating – it’s the same exact situation as giving up alcohol, right? I would say that ending emotional eatings is a little tougher than giving up alcohol because you have to continue to eat, right, but it’s the same principle. The reason that we feel scared – correct me if I’m wrong – the reason that we feel scared and like we don’t want to give up alcohol is because it feels like a friend to us, it feels like something that makes us feel better, when we feel stressed we can use it to relax and come down, we fit in socially; that kind of stuff, right, that’s the reason we don’t want to give it up. All of that has to do with our feelings, our emotions, right? 

So the reason we don’t want to give it up is because we don’t want to be uncomfortable, and I’m going to tell you that the answer to anything you want, the solution to achieving any outcome that you want that is something that you don’t currently have, is on the other side of discomfort. You have to be uncomfortable to get a new result, okay? So if you want to reduce your cancer risk, your risk of all these other things, you want to not be dependent on alcohol anymore; what you need to learn is actually how to manage your emotions, how to process your emotions, because you do not have an issue with alcohol, you have an issue with being able to manage your emotions. 

And when I tell you, giving up alcohol is a great idea; it’s the same thing if I wanted to give up sugar – I’m not very good at that one, right, I’m still practicing that one – but, if I wanted to give up sugar, or came across someone who wanted to give up sugar, it’d be the same answer: what we really need to do is learn how to manage our emotions without sugar and not cover them up. So when we’re stressed, or tired, or frustrated, or depressed, or angry, or anything like that, or happy, or excited; we need to not use food, and alcohol, and drugs, and cigarettes to cover that up – we need to just feel those emotions, okay? So, if you ask me how much alcohol can I drink while on Eat to Live, I will tell you that the answer is however much you want. But if you ask me the question how much alcohol should I drink to be totally healthy while following the Eat to Live diet, it’s zero, it’s none, zero alcohol, right, so keep this in mind. 

I know that some of you are going to go away and it’s gonna really rub you the wrong way after this video, right; just consider it. Start to think it over, start to think like, “hmm, maybe my actual issue is about my emotions, maybe I really do need some practice managing my emotions,” and when you’re ready for that, come join me and I’ll show you exactly how to do it. That is my specialty – ending emotional eating, ending our response to our emotions with food and alcohol and things like that; let’s get over that, let’s learn how to get better at that. Now maybe we’re never going to be perfect, but we can certainly get better at it as time goes on, okay?

So I hope that was helpful for you – wah wah, right? I know some of you will be disappointed, but maybe it gives you some motivation. Let me know what you think down in the comments about this concept, this little blue pill, right – it’s just a Post-It note, but imagine it as like a, a piece of bread, right, or something. Like what if we sold this bread that gave you really relaxed feelings and things like that, it was cheap, totally affordable, everyone was doing it; what if we gave you this piece of bread but it had all of those other side effects, would you eat it? Probably not, right; but because it’s so historically known, socially known, everyone does it, right, it seems normal; but, let’s just question it.

Let me know what you think down below about this questioning, let’s have a discussion about this. I wish you – since this video is coming out during the holidays – the happiest holidays, ever! Or if you’re watching this at a non-holiday time, I just wish you awesome days! So I hope you’re doing really well, let me know what you think down below, and I’ll see you in the next video! Bye!


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