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Coaching:  http://www.nourishyourlifestyle.com/nutritarian-coaching


Cheri is going through BIG changes in life and the business!!  She is very pregnant with twins and hopes to have a maternity leave but does not want the life coaching side of Nourish Your Lifestyle to suffer or discontinue so….. she has hired the best of the best, most qualified substitute she knows for her temporary leave, her own life coach, Karen Kjaerulff (Car’-off ).

Karen is an expert on the Eat to Live, Nutritarian life style. She has been a registered dietitian/nutritionist for the last 18 years. She has been a plant based eater for the last 10 year.  Cheri describes her as super qualified and a fabulous human being.

Karen’s comments:  All of the results we have will be based on “thought work” (or as Cheri calls it “mind-set”). These thoughts create your feelings.  Your feelings drive all your actions or inactions.  From there you get your results or lack thereof.  She has gotten her thought to the basic thought that “Food is Fuel”.  This gives her a feeling of empowerment that keeps her centered on her goal.

Nourish Your Lifestyle is offering a FREE, 30 minute Life Coach Mini Session with Karen.  Also, she will send you 3 super simple recipes for a full day of food.  Link above.