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I made a quick video for how to keep lettuce fresh for 7 days or more! It is something that I didn’t actually learn from anyone, it just sort of came to me naturally after having stored produce so many ways in my fridge (mostly unsuccessfully). I noticed by accident that this was working so I kept doing it. :)

Fresh lettuce isolated on white background. Salad in a dish on a white background. Lettuce on a white background


I’m not the greatest at using less plastic, but I do try. But I noticed I’d always end up getting those produce plastic bags and having so many of those stored away — so I started re-using them for storing produce after I washed it, and other tasks like throwing away produce scraps that were too big for my disposal, etc…

Check out the quick 42-second video for the tip, or read below! :D

Video for How to Keep Lettuce Fresh for 7 Days (or more!)

So here is the tip in a few easy steps if you’re not a video person:

  1. Romain Lettuce isolated on a white backgroundWhen you get home from the store, remove your produce from its stems and discard the stems.
  2. Wash your produce if necessary and drain really well. A salad spinner works best for this part, but  you can just use a colander too.
  3. Dry your lettuce very well using a kitchen towel, if it’s still wet.
  4. To a plastic produce bag or a reusable kitchen container with a lid, like tupperware or glassware, add a kitchen towel or paper towels. This will soak up any remaining or accumulating humidity or water, and keep the lettuce fresher.
  5. Add the lettuce and close the container or tie the bag well. Store in fridge.

I am the type of person who totally hates throwing away unused produce, so this tip works so well for me…I swear by it! …I have gone well beyond 7 days for hearty types of lettuce like kale or collard greens using this method. It works soooo good and if you do it right when you get home from the store, you are so much more likely to grab a salad when you open the fridge than something…less nutritious.

Do you have any awesome tips for produce storage?