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It’s not every day that I’m a freaking genius. But sometimes I certainly have my moments. 

MacGyvering a piece of tissue paper to serve as a bathing suit anyone?!! Okay, yeah, I never did that. But boy, I bet Boyfriend wouldn’t mind me trying…

 how to prevent guacamole from turning brown pinterest

Alright, topic at hand! My beloved guacamole…

I definitely have a thing for guacamole (unless it has cilantro, then it serves a better purpose in the trash can, IMHCO*…and I hate how when you make it, it lasts literally 24 hours until it’s virtually inedible….the top layer gets all browned from oxidation and even though it’s not really that terrible to eat, it just looks bad. And you can mix it back in, but it still tastes a bit different….amirite?!

…and not to mention that there’s NO WAY you’ll get past day 2. After all that browning, it’s best to just throw away.


how to prevent guacamole from turning brown

I’m sure that my brain once saw the whole How to Prevent Pudding Skin thing one time (which, side note, absolutely disgusting, gives me the creeps just to think about “pudding skin” GROSSSSSS) using this same method, so I put two and two together the next time I had guacamole…

…and the best part of all this is, is that when you use this method, it can stay fresh in the fridge for up to a full week. Trust me, I’ve done this a lot before! Just keep being diligent about the covering method and you’re home free!

Check out the super quick :32 second video for the kitchen hack!

How to Prevent Guacamole from Turning Brown Video

Amazon Affiliate Guacamole Store :P

oxo avocado tool

Love this tool from OXO. It’s an avocado tool, 3-in-1. I actually have two of them, I got them at the last Food Blog Forum conference I went to and I fell in love with it right away. I’m not one for having those one trick tools, but for avocados this is really nice. It cuts it open, removes the pit and creates perfect slices that come right out without having to use a knife and a spoon, or worry about slicing your hand when you remove the pit! A little hard to clean by hand, but dishwasher safe! Click here to check it out on Amazon.

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*in my humble CORRECT opinion