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Last year, I started eating these fabulously humongous salads, like bigger than your head!

The kinds of salads where you get halfway through and you’re absolutely stuffed. And then you just. keep. chugging on cause, man…SALADS ARE A SYMPHONY OF NUTRIENTS! YAYY. #nutrientsforthewin

How to Segment an Orange for Salad Kitchen Hack

But when you eat salads that big, you have to be efficient with preparing them because they can be time-consuming. And adding ingredients that you love to eat is essential because otherwise eating just becomes drudgery.  (I didn’t know how to spell that and put druggery first. Which is quite unlike what I was trying to say…I swear it was.)

One thing I love in my salads is a hint of sweet. I generally add dried cranberries in because I love the play of sweet and salty with hearty ingredients like nuts. But when I’m looking for more fresh ingredients, I almost always resort to fresh fruit.

It’s kind of a game as the seasons go by — you can just add whatever is in season and it generally goes with the salad, creating all new flavors. Oranges are always available in most places, anytime, so they’re an awesome fallback. And I love how they compliment the flavor of walnuts, especially.

How to Segment an Orange for Salad Kitchen Hack

But in a salad I don’t like to have all the cell walls to contend with because then it seems like you’re chewing forever and it’s way less delicate. My friend Nicol showed me her way of segmenting them once and a few years back and now it’s my go-to method. (Plus you get to squeeze out the juice afterwards and use it for a quick fresh sip or you can add it to your salad dressing!)

Don’t worry, I will definitely post my salad recipes at a later time, but for now, here is how to segment an orange for a salad:

How to Segment an Orange for Salad

How to Segment an Orange for Salad
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: kitchen hack
  • 1 orange
  1. Cut off the ends of the orange. Lay it on a flat surface so it doesn't tip over. Cut all around the orange, removing the entire peel and white pith. Tip: Squeeze the juice out of these parts and reserve for something later (like juice or salad dressing) if you want.
  2. Make two slices into each section of the orange, excluding the segment dividers. Make sure your slices go inside each of the segments dividers so there won't be any remaining on your segments. Watch video for visual. Discard the segment parts. (Squeeze the juice out of this part if you'd like to keep it as well).