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Okay, this is just silly.

Last night, I went for an innocent bike ride and halfway through when I was about to turn around to come home, a bug flew directly in my eye. The piercing pain that followed can only be attributed to his either biting or stinging my eyeball while trying to escape.

Panicked and paralyzed with pain, I pulled the brakes on my bike as hard as I could and came to a screeching halt on the sidewalk. I grabbed my iPhone and turned on the camera because I didn’t have any other mirror, and saw him resting dead on my lash line. A tiny little hell-raiser, I removed him and realized it wasn’t his presence in my eye that hurt, it was the fact that he had to have bit me while he was there.

I made a hysterical call to husband to come pick me up, crying like a baby the whole time. He came to my rescue immediately, and when we got home, I tried to drown my pain in a bowl of ice cream before I went to bed. It didn’t help. But it did taste good.

I just hoped that my eyeball would heal as fast as they say eyeballs do, as I tried to sleep it off. I was worried that this might affect my final open water scuba dives this weekend because it’s the last step between me and certification.

I woke up this morning with pain just as bad as yesterday, except today I can barely open my eye due to light sensitivity. It waters constantly and I can barely look at anything without blinking uncontrollably. I have a feeling I won’t be diving today or tomorrow. In fact, I’m using dictation to write this blog post because staring at a computer screen is excruciating.

All this to say that I won’t be posting anything else today besides this pathetic picture of my poor eyeball. Please wish me a quick recovery time; I hope to be back in the game tomorrow.