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After wife prepares a delicious, home-cooked meal, and dinner is finished, this conversation takes place:


Wife: I could really go for some ice cream right about now.

Husband, with a sneer: Oh, we have lots of ice cream!

Wife: But that’s your kind of ice cream. I want my vanilla and we don’t have any!

*Husband sits down on couch with his ice cream*

Wife: You wanna know what I don’t like?

Husband: Yeah, what?

Wife: How I was the one who said she wanted ice cream, and now you’re the one getting to eat some.

Husband: But my tummy hurts from earlier and I need this ice cream to make me feel better.

Wife: Oh, right, okay, I see.

Husband: Yeah, the truth is, I’m not eating this for pleasure. Really.

Wife: Oh, you poor thing!