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Some days are admittedly much harder than others.

But I know what the difficulty is today. I know exactly why I’m craving so much, like a friggin’ crazy person. A few things. I went rollerblading today, which is something I decided to cut back on during the challenge for exactly this reason. It burns a lot of calories which makes me need to eat more…and then I end up hungry all day because I don’t really want to have many carbs since I had oatmeal a few times during the week.

So then my weight loss stalls, and I know what’s doing it, so I do something like rollerblading to jump start it again, and then I get hungry!

Which then makes me crave all day. I ate a big salad and had more veggie patties (yes, totally getting sick of that meal I’ve been eating since Sunday!!) and being sick of it contributes to my cravings. THEN to top it all off, I didn’t want to do anything but watch movies today, so I did…but then I saw a lot of food on the TV and welp, there goes the will-power! I really felt like I was going to crack, but then I realized I just had to change activities.

I think tomorrow I’ll just lay out by the pool. :)

Usually if I can get to about this time of night (8:16 pm currently), I am fine the rest of the night. But between 3 and 8 pm is a dicey time for me every day. So I decided to blog it off! :D

And it’s working. I posted my Morning Fire Smoothie recipe, and now I’m posting this blowing off steam post, and I’m already to almost 8:30 pm. I’ll drink a big glass of water and be a-ok now for the night.

This is real life, people.

I just had to get through the thick of it. The positives are that I know I’m getting enough calories, from lots of dates and beans, and I know I’m getting TONS of nutrients because every single thing I eat has a super high nutrient-per-calorie ratio.

Usually I find that I’m most successful when my meals and daily activities are planned out, and I have a lot of things to keep me busy. It’s easy to stick to an eating plan when you’re distracted.

And I just really really miss salt!! LIKE SO MUCH!!!!

So much that I totally wish this were me:

I think I’m going to make a nutritarian vegetable lasagna dish this coming week, plus maybe some nutritarian no-meatballs. I want to have warm food dishes since I’ve had salads mostly for the last two weeks. That oughta do it. I really hope it keeps me interested…gotta keep fighting!

Live on Periscope

Check it out tomorrow, I’m going to make those dishes with my brother in the afternoon. It probably won’t be real succinct or planned out well, but you could get in a question or two if you like. Come and go as you please…I always say, I’ll be cooking at home anyway…might as well broadcast it for the entire world to see.

Haha, oh the world we live in these days…

Hope to see you tomorrow! Day 12 of the Challenge already!