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Get recipes:  https://nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets

Eat to Live 8-week Academy Information and Registration:  http://thewateringmouth.clickfunnels.com


Learn Eat to Live Nutritarian through this Academy that teaches you the way to succeed from Cheri’s own life experiences and how she arrived where she is now, an Expert Certified Life Coach.

You will be given stap-by-step exercises, models, worksheet AND a private Facebook group included for all attendees.  Learn to remove the drama of eating the way we were taught all our lives with the standard American diet.

You will feel the “lightbulb go off” as you learn not to struggle with food.  You will learn to adapt a new mindset that will help with all aspects of your life.  You will learn more self-confidence, self love and a feeling of worthiness.  You will learn how to overcome being an emotional eater and cravings.

Also, you will receive, for free, her 21-day challenge to help you keep up your new lifestyle. This is all included in this 8-week Academy.

Many comments on this post were surprised at the amount of value that was offered through this Academy!!  One thought in the chat was “Oh man, that alone is worth a million””