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One of the catch-phrases in my coaching is Just Keep Going. This is such a multi-dimensional phrase for me, and it really is one of those things where it just has to hit you like an epiphany for it to become powerful for you.  And when it does, you can use it over and over again like a mantra, ad nauseam as time goes by, whenever you get off track or waiver.

I mean Just Keep Going, from the bottom of my heart. 

Even if you fall off the wagon and only eat pasta, butter and parmesan cheese for 6 months straight because your Dad just died (me in 2013), even if you have a little too much dairy for a week and feel like you will never get back on track, even if you never really were on track, the little steps in the right direction will all add up, even if you go on vacation and have a hard time getting back into it when you’re home again, even if you get off track for 3 months of the year because of the holidays…even if…even if…even if…  The only way to be successful on this lifestyle longterm is if you just keep coming back to it no matter what. 

Just keep going. 

No matter how hard it is for you at work, or with your unsupportive family, or with that craving brain of yours (read: mine). 

Just keep going. 

Just keep trying. 

Try new things to mix it up for you. 

Make a promise to yourself to try a new recipe each week. 

And even if you stop keeping good on that promise for a while, try to remember it again when you’re really off track and knowing you need to get back to it.   It’s a great, easy first step.

Try anything you can to stay on track.  

Check out local vegan restaurants to see how good healthy food can be (and have someone else make it for you!).  That’s better than Standard American Diet food any day.

Find a salad bar restaurant near you and make a promise to yourself to eat there at least twice per week for lunch until you’re in a groove.

Make a soup each week and learn new flavors and combinations AND freeze some for later meals.

Put yourself on a 7 Day Challenge: “For the next 7 days, I’m going to eat nothing but Nutritarian meals. After that, who knows, but for 7 days I’m going to do this.” 

And even if you only get through 2 of the 7 days, that’s better than 0.

And when you have motivation again a few months later, try another challenge. Maybe it’s only 5 days this time, but maybe you really do 5 days in a row. 

Progress not perfection. Just keep going.

Keep working things like this into your life, and a few years later, you’ll be surprised to realize that you’re fully Nutritarian and you don’t struggle anymore. 

This can be your reality.

Fight for this like your life depends on it. 

Because it does.