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This is my absolute favorite, no-nonsense oatmeal recipe. It’s so easy to make, and the best part is, I always make 4 at a time, so it saves me on so many occasions. Even great to use as just an on-the-go meal anytime. When I was going through radiation, this recipe kept me feeling great, so I have a soft spot for it. 🙂 Recipe PDF here http://www.nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets

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All right, I am making my favorite oatmeal recipe for you today. It’s actually one that I make every four days because I can make four at a time. So it makes it super simple and I can eat it a lot of different ways too. I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

So let’s go in my kitchen. I’ll show you how I make it and here’s what we got going on in the kitchen at the moment, we got cats eating, we got babies eating vegan pasta, carrots, cheerios happening, organic cheerios, we can do some more carrots.

Start by grabbing four large jars. I get large ones so that I have more room to stir. Then get out your oats and here’s what we’re gonna do: take the four large mason jars or whatever other containers you have…

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…and then add in the oats. Throw in the currants. You can use raisins or any other kind of dried fruit that you like. Now I’m going to put in goji berries. Goji berries tend to be kind of expensive so I don’t use them all the time. You can put in any other dried berry that you like.

I just ran out of ground flaxseed so I’m going to grind some more. I just take out my little coffee grinder here grind it up and I keep it in a container in the fridge for whenever I need it and I have a kid who loves ground flaxseed so I’m going to give her some as well. And then I chop up an apple and add that to each jar.

I’m chopping up an orange and I’m gonna add that too and then I have a kid who really likes orange juice. Because I do a lot of juicing, I happen to have a bunch of juice pulp from carrots in my freezer to use for whatever. So I like to add some into this oatmeal recipe because you can’t taste it and you just get a little extra nutrients that way.

Feel free to just use regular shredded carrots if you like. It makes a nice little sweet crunch. Add some walnuts to each jar and some cinnamon to each jar and that’s it. That’s my basic recipe. I cover those and since I’m hungry now I’m gonna have some of this.

So take some unsweetened plant-based milk. Pour that in there and just mix it up. You can microwave it to get it warmer or eat it cold. Or you can put it over the stove and warm it this way. This is always the actual breakfast that I would take for me when I went to all my radiation appointments and so I just like it to be cold as my preference but you can serve it however you like.

I’m actually making this video at the perfect timing. It’s about noon here. This oatmeal breakfast is usually about the third thing I have during the day. So I start off with some matcha tea then I have my juice and then I move on to the solid food where I have my oatmeal as my first kind of actual meal of the day. Usually around 10, 11, 12. Sometime during that time, and so this is all part of my rolling prep and my sets. I kind of just do the same thing every day but I mix up the ingredients of everything.

So now I’m on my oatmeal. Let’s give it a try. We gotta get a really good bite here. Let’s see, I’m gonna get that goji berry, the apples, some orange, some oats, current, oat, and some walnuts. Oh yeah!


If you’ve had it in the fridge for any time, and it’s cold, a minute will do it and it will just kind of take that chill off. Or you can do it even more and cook it you can even cook that oatmeal a little bit. You can add endless varieties of fruit combinations, of nuts and seeds, anything you want. Such an easy breakfast and then I often will just take this with me on the road whenever I have to go somewhere. It’s so easy so I hope you love this recipe.

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