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So you may or may not know that I’m running a 21-Day Challenge right now, with a product I created. It’s been going so well, and I’ve been seeing some fantastic progress from the challengers who are posting.  It’s really exciting to see.

The posts that are getting to me the most are those that are writing to say that they cannot believe that they are actually full from these meals.

So many of them wrote to say that they were so worried that they wouldn’t have enough food. I mean, a smoothie, a salad and a very light dinner. How would they surVIVE?! :D

But now what’s coming in are messages that are even more disbelief…but on the opposite end of the spectrum, like:

“Day 7, Wow! Are we really supposed to eat all of this?” :P


“This way of eating has been amazing. When I first looked at the menus, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do this because of hunger. Welp, so far so good on that. I have even had a few days where I didn’t eat all of the food. This is amazing to me.”

These are just a couple of MANY comments like this. 

And these same folks are losing weight, too: we’ve got many reporting 5-6 pound weight loss in just this first week!

Another related thing I wanted to mention is that I had a woman write in to me the day before the challenge started to tell me she was disappointed with the plan and wouldn’t be doing it because she was sure it wouldn’t be enough food. She went on and on for 2 emails back and forth to me to tell me all about how it just wasn’t going to work for her. 

I asked her how she could possibly know it wouldn’t work for her if she hadn’t tried it yet? 

She never wrote back. :)

I give you this background info to make a very powerful and important point. There are MANY people who have tried Eat to Live and quit. 

Many people. 

They have sob stories of how it just wasn’t enough food or how they didn’t like the flavor or how it would never get any better. 

I just feel sad because I wish I could shake these people into the future to see the version of themselves that has adjusted to the lifestyle already…and loves it. 

The version of themselves who has already mastered it. The ones who know what and how much of it to eat to feel satiated and reach their goals at the same time. (It’s way more food than they think they are supposed to have right now.)

They are vibrant, happy, satisfied and feeling great. 

They have hope for the fact that it DOES work if they put the effort in.

Because Eat to Live does all the things it promises, and then some.

But it’s not easy in the beginning. 

And that’s the part that most people never get past. 

But that’s the hardest part.

And the more we try to learn and grow and incorporate new things we haven’t before, the more we improve.  (Of course it’s like this with everything. Ever try to learn a new language or play a musical instrument?)

The more we just buckle down and try the things that others who have come before us say work…the more we just suspend our disbelief and give it that good old college try, the faster we get to realization. 

Realization that it works. 

Realization that we don’t have to be hungry all day long to lose weight and feel great.

Realization that our tastebuds CAN change…and they will. 

Realization that we can love high-nutrient food the SAME as our food from before. Like, for real.

Realization that we can feel better than we ever even IMAGINED, just by changing what we eat.

And realization that the ignorant naysayer in our head just might be wrong, just this once.

And then we can finally be free.