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Dr. Fuhrman’s Famous Anti-Cancer Soup Recipe Coach Nancy brings tips for this popular recipe. At first glance, the recipe can seem complex, watch as Coach Nancy breaks it down into doable steps. Get the Cheat Sheet pdf of this recipe here http://www.nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets Want some help with the Eat to Live Lifestyle? Coach Nancy offers private coaching to get the food AND the mindset in line to Eat to Live. Apply for a Mini Session to find out more https://nourishyourlifestyle.com/coachwithnancy/

Today we’re making our version of Dr. Fuhrman’s famous anti-cancer soup. This soup makes a bunch, like two gallons worth. It’s a lot of work but oh my goodness, you’re gonna have some yummy soup that is fabulous for your body. Directions for making this soup on the stove top are found in a PDF of this recipe. You can sign up for that PDF at nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets where you’ll get all the directions and tips and all the information about how to make the soup.

We’re going to start by rinsing a half a cup of dried split peas. We’re using green ones. You can use yellow. You can use whatever variety of peas that you’d like and a half a cup of red beans. Again use whatever kind of bean you would like. They’re all going to get pureed so you’re not even going to see them We’re putting these into the electric pressure cooker with four cups of water. Dr. Fuhrman’s recipe calls for celery and carrot juice. Now don’t be tempted to just take water and throw carrots or celery in your vitamix and blend them up. It’s not going to be the same thing. The juice is a powerhouse of nutrients. So you’re going to have a bunch of nutrients compared to say veggie broth. So that’s why he uses carrot juice and celery juice as a base for a lot of his soups. We’re gonna make carrot juice from five pounds of carrots. This yields about seven or eight cups of carrot juice and we’ll do celery juice from two medium bunches of celery. So we’re gonna make these juices but if you don’t have access to a juicer, you may be able to borrow one from someone who might have it, or you may be able to purchase juice from a local health food store or a juice bar. It is well worth doing so for this recipe. juicing is a bit of an arm workout so bonus you get a little physical exercise.

Next we’ll take the juice and in the vitamix we’ll blend three leeks that we’ve cleaned well. Remember sand gets in these leeks so we pull the pieces apart to make sure there’s no dirt inside and we also take three onions that we have coarsely chopped and we’ll put these in the vitamix. This step is important because Dr. Fuhrman says this cutting action of the blades helps to release the isothiocyanate and organosulfur compounds which have powerful immunity boosting effects and anti-cancer activity. So it’s worth doing this step. We’re also going to do that same process with the greens and the juice. We have two big bunches of greens, one of collards and one of kale. You can use whatever greens you would like. This method does make a totally creamy soup (what we’re doing today) but if you want some texture you can leave half of the greens out and cut them into slivers or chop them and add them towards the end after everything is blended so you have some texture to your soup. That’s totally up to you.

The split peas and beans are finished now so we add a cup of dried mushrooms that we’ve rehydrated in water. You could use eight ounces of fresh sliced mushrooms instead of the dried ones if you prefer. We’re also going to just cut four medium zucchini into pieces and put this in the pot. Now the froth from cooking the beans made a mess of the pressure cooker lid, so I took it apart and cleaned it well. Did you know that you can do this with your instant pot? It’s a cool little trick to make sure everything is nice and clean. When the zucchini are cooked, these also get blended with the already pureed mixture. To this mixture, in one of the batches (because we’ve got to batch this because it makes a lot), one of the batches we’re going to add a half a cup of raw cashews and a half a cup of hemp hearts. This adds creaminess to the recipe. We’ll also add three tablespoons of Vegizest. Dr. Fuhrman sells this on his site or you can use an another salt free seasoning if you prefer. A teaspoon of Trader Joe’s 21 salute seasoning (a no salt seasoning) goes in here or you could use a Mrs. Dash or something else. Three tablespoons of non-fortified nutritional yeast going here also.

No salt seasonings, Vegizest. Dr. Fuhrman sells this on his website. You’ll find the link below and in the cheatsheets. This is basically ground vegetables and a few spices. It has a little bit of soy flour in it to help it not stick together. Kirkland’s organic no salt seasoning- this is available at Costco, same thing, vegetables, spices put together no sodium. Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning salute-same thing, onion being first ingredient in this, spices, veggies ground up, dried. Mrs. Dash original- this one has a little heat so be careful not to overdo this one. Mrs. Dash has tons of varieties. Find a no sodium flavoring that you enjoy and use it liberally and Eat to Live. Now we’re just going to blend all this up and make it nice and creamy. As I said, this makes two big batches of soup. After you blend it all you can put it back on the stove to finish cooking so that the greens are cooked a little more or you can just freeze everything at this point because you’re going to heat it up anyway in the future. So here is our beautiful soup. We put a little bit of sriracha on top. It’s a beautiful green soup. Remember this freezes beautifully. Again be sure you get your PDF of the recipe with all the tips and tricks and information that I said in this video by going to nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets and getting access to the cheatsheet. You can also get any of the past cheatsheets there too.

Until next time, I’m Coach Nancy, be well.

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