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New Year, New You, right? :)

That’s what they’re telling us we should be focusing on.

But what if we put that aside?

Hear me out for a sec.

What if we instead started to think on a long-term scale rather than this temporary/regular/yearly resolution-type scale?

What if we resolve to never make a resolution again?

What if we resolve instead that we are finally going to work to figure out how to do this thing forever, once and for all? Long-term, sustained. 

Whatever it takes to get there.

Never needing to say, “I’m going to start again on Monday.”

Or, “I’ll start again when I’m back.”

What if instead, say we screw up on our vacation or over the weekend, and we hear that voice that says, “messed that up, might as well keep going?” and we actually LISTEN to it and call it out for what it is. 

Yes, we pause for that moment long enough to hear the voice, to actually listen to the voice, instead of ignoring it.

“That’s really silly, and it doesn’t make any sense. No, I’m just gonna have another good meal after this. That last meal does not affect the next ones…even a little bit.”

What if we just thought to ourselves, “Hmm, seems like this temporary thinking of mine is always making me think this Eat to Live thing has an end date…

“What if this time I just work to change my thoughts, every time they come up with deadlines, start dates or expirations…I just re-frame them and tell myself that I’m no longer going to think on a short term scale?”

“I’m just going to think about how to Just Keep Going and figure out how that works. Until I get it…”

“Even if it takes me 3 years to figure out how to do that, truly and whole-heartedly…

“That’s better than never getting this thing figured out at all.”

And before you know it, New Years Resolutions become completely obsolete because we’re officially on the long-term plan.