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Interview with a Nutritarian Master, Terry McWilliams

Today I interview a dear friend of mine, Terry McWilliams, who has healed her stenosis, “aging” aches and pains, TMJ, and other “hopeless issues”, including a more than 30 pound weight loss, using the Eat to Live Nutritarian diet. (Terri’s Favorite Recipes PDF: ) Hear her inspiring story and hopefully learn some new tips and tricks for your own journey! ALSO: get her go-to recipes in PDF format!

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2:07 What do you do in real life? :)
3:37 How were you originally introduced to the Eat to Live lifestyle?
11:44 What was your weight loss journey like?
12:54 Are you a brown belt or a black belt Nutritarian?
19:10 Tell me about your experiences with your husband who is not a Nutritarian?
24:18 Tell me about your struggles as a Nutritarian over the years?
27:03 This is how I do Buddha Bowls and prep in my kitchen usually.
27:57 What do you usually do for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
30:47 Terri’s Favorite Recipes PDF
32:30 How did you come upon those dishes you love over the years?
35:07 What are your strategies for going out to eat?
39:03 What advice do you have for someone if they are worried about peer pressure to eat poorly?
42:55 Tell us about your experiences at Dr. Fuhrman’s Health Getaways.
46:59 What’s your advice for people just starting out on Eat to Live?

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hello everybody Cheri from Nourish Your Lifestyle here thank you so much for tuning in I have a really really special guest today I’m doing an interview like I used to do interviews a while back I’m gonna try to be doing some more interviews so I have brought on one of my dear friends and YouTube subscribers snapchat followers Terry Nick Williams Terry thank you for being here thanks so much for having me sherry I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time but the way that Terry and I met actually was through YouTube and Nourish Your Lifestyle kind of audience stuff but then I started using snapchat pretty heavily for a while there and I’m Terry and I had some good little back-and-forth about various subjects and it was always nice to get to talk to her and and I’m glad that we have this opportunity now to do this again so thanks again Terry so we are interviewing Terry today because she is a black belt neat Arian will qualify may be brown brown black belt right like she is in the lifestyle she’s been doing it for a while we’re gonna talk more about this and I when I did this video you guys watch one of my most recent videos I’m gonna link it above or below depending on where you’re seeing this video it was a video that I did called the karate belt levels of me to live so the karate about levels are basically when you’re following dr. Fuhrman’s eat to live nutria Tyrion journey after you’ve read the book and you’ve really gotten into it there’s different levels that you sort of go through where you’re just starting out or more intermediate or you’re a black belt so black belt is where we’re all aspiring to check out that video if you haven’t seen it we’re gonna talk to Terry about her journey because I think it’s really important for us to get to know other people and their specifics like I’m always blabbing about my journey and I think that is helpful sometimes but I really want to have something okay I really want to have some other voices on my channel as well so I’ve brought Terry in as my first black belt to interview here and here we go okay so Terry you live in st. Louis Missouri and sort of the middle of the country Midwest gal so tell me about who you are in real life what do you do I am a mother of two I have two wonderful children maggie is 24 and matt is 27 and they’re awesome and I have to attribute a lot of what I know to them because they were the first ones kind of to show me how important nutrition was you know I had some health issues and and they’re like you know Matt especially you know mom start eating anti inflammatory foods that kind of thing anyway they’re they’re an inspiration to me they exercise regularly and have you know made me realize how important that really is and how to eat well wonderful husband who supports me in everything that I do no matter how crazy it is or what he’s a talented woodworker and an award-winning micro brewer so his name is Dave okay okay Dave oh I’m a music director at my parish church I’ve been doing that for 31 years I’m a pastoral musician so that means I travel too so I do funerals and weddings and I direct choirs that’s my very favorite part is directing choirs I have great people to work with and it’s just so much fun to make that beautiful sound you know when they work so hard so yeah that’s me that’s lovely thank you for sharing that Terry so now we have a little bit more depth on who you are so let’s get into your new to Tyrion journey can you share with us how you were originally introduced to the eat to live lifestyle oh yeah so I’m sometimes I have lunch breaks at home and I had the TV on and I was flipping by PBS and this has happened I don’t know I saw this guy joel fuhrman dr. joel Fuhrman and every time I’d see him and he would you know like he had this radical message about food being a healer and I I was a total believer in medicine and surgery and all of that and I’d be like oh man I just turned him off but the time I saw him he PS I couldn’t like I was eating my whatever and I couldn’t get to the clicker fast enough and said you don’t have to get heart disease you don’t have to get dementia you don’t have to get cancer and I put it down and I said I’m listening and so I watched his whole hour-and-a-half show whatever it was I can’t remember which one it was I think it was eat for health okay when they’re ate for health and I was I was hooked so I bought the entire PBS package you know and couldn’t wait to I read the book in like a day and you know watched all the videos and I just made a lot of sense and like I said my son was encouraging me at the same time I had some health issues one at that particular time I have severe stenosis in my spine okay have some you know discs that are bulging in different things it’s very painful mm-hmm for many months I could not turn my head past here I could look that way Wow it’s getting worse and worse I went through physical therapy did not help I went through well I went to doctors and a couple of them said you need surgery the chiropractor is the final one who said I can’t do any more with you if you were my sister I would say go get surgery so I went to the surgeon and he said we’re you know we could put a metal cage on your spine and I thought you know doesn’t sound good to me no and I had already had good results with lower back issues just doing physical therapy and keeping that up and he’s stressing that area so I thought well you know what I’m just I’m not gonna do that that sounds terrible so I found some stretches online that worked for me and I started doing what Matt encouraged me to do which is start eating anti-inflammatory foods got a nutri Terry and lifestyle as much as I could at the time at the beginning yeah it’s hard in the beginning at okay what is that you know oh but little by little my kitchen started to transform and my pantry started to transform and the refrigerator and my lifestyle pretty much and the G bumps you know always looking for G bombs and I’m gonna say about maybe six to seven months in I noise at the front door and I went like this and I could turn my head and and I was like oh and so I thought something is working you know I’m gonna keep this up yeah to this day all these you know this is maybe four years ago and I still am doing the stretches most days he said you know whenever I exercise I finish off of those stretches and I am pain-free I I can’t tell you how wonderful that feels just to have that constant pain right you know mmm love and it’s gone you know how its carried this whole thing wow that’s really really incredible what it what a massive change and actually such a short period of time is it may may seem like a long time for some people oh six seven months like that’s forever to eat kale you know but we’ll talk more about how the the body sort of changes to actually like those foods and to be interested in them as we go but what a huge change and so for anyone with chronic pain or arthritis or these inflammatory issues this type of food is so powerful it’s so so important and I’m really glad to hear about that change for you because often we hear people talking about oh I you know my heart disease got better you know I didn’t have another heart attack or I reverse my diabetes or whatever that was but actually pain is such a difficult thing to reverse yeah yeah I looked you know I searched online Google is there any help you know for this and I didn’t see a lot of really good results there was one testimonial and dr. Fuhrman’s on his website page and she said you know it’s not gone but I can live better I’m living better day to day and that’s exactly what started to happen it took a long time but but that gave me a little hope and now I’m just like you know and so many other things have gotten better too you know they tell me about the other things tell me about the other things I’m gonna say a decade ago I used to wake up in the morning and I’d have an ache here or pain there you know pretty consistently in my shoulder you know that would go on for and then in my hip and I always had jaw issues like TMJ and Gann things and all of them you know I think oh this is the one that I can’t fix with food you know or you know whatever but scratch that because I didn’t know about food at the time and I always thought you know these are kind of hopeless issues you know that medical the medical field is the only way to fix these but I watched my mom go through that and I lost her in 1989 she went did everything the doctors told her she took all those medicines her arthritis was horrible she went through all the surgeries she ended up getting cancer and that’s how he lost her and you know I thought that’s not a good path yeah it’s not a good path and I think if she had known better things might have been different but we do know better what’s so wonderful yeah isn’t it amazing Terry because I actually just heard something about this I was reading something and it was this idea that our parents generation this generation that’s you know 70 years old 80 years old 90 years old right now they’re the ones that kind of got the raw end and the people that are in their 50s and 60s are kind of starting to get there now they got the raw end of the deal because they didn’t have the information all they did was receive the foods that were given to them by the processed food industry thinking that they were great because they were faster TV dinners you know they were faster they were they were s’more shelf-stable they last longer in your fridge etc so they’re thinking oh this is really great not realizing that over these years they’re creating such major problems from this house they have no idea and I don’t know if you and I have talked about this before but I have a similar story with my dad it was the same thing by the time he passed he was like oh I want to live I R was that um the day he said that was the most heart wrenching day in my life because it was about a week before he died and he said oh I just want to live and I’m like dad like I wish we could have talked about this 15 years ago I wish you know I could have given him that information and at the time I i was only into my journey for a year or so so i didn’t know too much about it and what it maybe could have done for him 10 or 15 years ago but that’s the sad card is that we can see what it can do it’s it can be so powerful but many people just don’t get the message in time yeah I host feel so fortunate to be alive right now and to have dr. joel Fuhrman putting up his message you know so adamantly and just he keeps in and keeps at it and more and more people are getting the knowledge yeah absolutely yes it is wonderful so those other those other effects that happen as well that’s really fun to talk about too like I’m you know when I started my journey sure there’s some weight loss right of course you’re gonna have some great weight loss if you do the new to terian thing but it’s also that you know you don’t have to ever say again oh I’m just getting old right like I’m having those pains so I’m just getting old oh yes yeah I’m here so often you know I’m involved in church and there are some older people there and they’re arcing oh it’s terrible getting old don’t get old and I’m like you know it’s not hey yeah I know yourself no lifestyle is everything absolutely absolutely so tell me did you have a weight loss journey did you at lose weight on the diet I did um I was 30-something pounds heavier in high school okay and then you know I found some things that I could do you know I the Susan Powter thing fat makes you fat you know and then I was down you know like 10 pounds from there but I always had this like you know fifteen pounds where you know I was always going back and forth never really comfortable in my clothes you know and all of that but that is not an issue anymore in fact if I get too strict with the Nutri Terry and lifestyle I get too thin my BMI goes hunter you know and I’m like yeah yeah but all my clothes fit all the time except for the ones I didn’t get rid of you know that are kind of thing from before yeah but yeah the weight loss thing it never enters my mind anymore it’s just not an issue nice and nice is that to not have to think about anymore over yes and and you and I were just talking in the comment section of that I think it was the karate about video about this idea of that freedom that peace that occurs when you get towards that level so let’s talk a little bit about where you think you are are you a brown belt are you a black belt tell me about your how would you characterize yourself I guess I’m gonna say I’m a brown belt and it depends on what day it is sometimes I myself but there are there are times in my life as I told you my husband is an award-winning home brewer so so he makes these beers that are just incredible and then there are the holidays of course you know we have Thanksgiving that’s our big holiday so what I’m choosing to do year by year is I add a nutri terian dish every year you know the the Brussels sprouts are now a part of the table where they weren’t before you know it I’m sweet potatoes that are roasted with just a little spritz of oil instead of the big you know marshmallows and everything yeah I’m so we’re adding new to terian things to those and then I’m having into ancestry and we my ancestors were austrian-hungarian so we have Google Amish and poppy seed roll and all of those wonderful dishes and I’m the st. Louis research person for that here so when I are gathering of course I’m gonna make those dishes yeah rest of the day I’m new to Tyrion and for you know before and after I am so there I heard once somebody say have a splurge list so you have a splurge this and you intentionally write down all these things that you think you can’t do with that well guess what one by one they start going away I used to love Jimmy John’s you know I couldn’t Drive I eat Jimmy John’s with that one that sandwich you and yeah it’s off my list now and lots of other fast food is completely off my list but there are some of other things I don’t need anymore it’s just from doing it over and over and over you know repeating the behaviors it leaves so these very special times and on Christmas Eve when when it’s just the four of us hmm we have our cabbage rolls and our paprika gravy and all of that but those are very special times and and getting more rare I would say yeah so yeah that’s such a okay I want to revisit that concept a little bit because that’s largest idea is so cool the way you put that I really like that because every time I talk to somebody who’s not a nutrit Aryan or someone sees what I’m eating or you know whatever some social event someone says they always say and I’m sure you have this experience oh I could never do that I could never give up this thing or it’s it’s usually either meat or cheese I could never give up this or I could I could never do this and that’s like when you were listening you know you listen to older people in your church saying things like oh I’m just getting older you’re everything in your brain just explodes and you’re like if I could only explain to you you know and that’s the thing too is it’s so hard to get someone else to listen first of all because they won’t unless they sort of experience it and they have that aha moment themselves like when you were watching PBS for the tenth time finally right like if I had come up to you five years ago and said oh you have to do this you would have been like ah no you know what I mean or however many years it was before you did this but that idea of it just falls off the list after a while so it’s not this gut-wrenching heart-wrenching oh I give up this thing I can’t live without this thing it’s not that and the way that you describe this with the holiday things and some of the little things that you have here and there I mean still 10% like you can have 10% of you know things that are not on the a tulip plan so finding that balance it’s not all or nothing yeah it’s not nothing and even if you are brown black belt in this it’s still not all or nothing it doesn’t have to be a lot of thing you can still have you know a thing or two from time to time like you know we’re talking 10% so that’s one out of ten meals could be off like no big deal and it doesn’t affect the health maybe it’s this person I think he talks more about 5% nowadays but even even still that’s still you know once your roll that’s still a good amount of food to be able to kind of you know splurge so to speak or whatever it is but that idea of it falling off the list is important because we have to know that over time and as I was saying in the beginning the taste buds changed the appreciation comes and you think oh you know I have some people that comment on my channel that say oh well all you eat is gerbil food or all you eat is rabbit food you know and I just want to be like oh if you only knew if you owned a new pieces of information I got I got to see dr. Furman in California in 2015 and last year so I incredible experiences but one in one of the conversations he was talking about igf-1 levels yeah and he saying that oh well if you if you eat nutria terian you know like 90% of the time 94 95 percent of the time your AG f1 levels don’t change when you decide to eat some meat it doesn’t happen the way it happens with someone who’s consistently eating the meat and cheese and you know the dairy and all of that sounds like Christmas is okay yeah no it was by me no means permission I think course if it works it was just thing it just wouldn’t injure you interesting there’s a difference between permission of oh I’m gonna have it once a day versus I’m gonna have it once a month those are two very different animals you know once a year a few times a year those are two different animals so you know someone having a struggle with that but on the other side of you’re starting out or you’re trying to get to black belt or wherever you are in your journey anything you do is better than nothing so these are if you are still having meat everyday or cheese every day or whatever you’re struggling through that that’s where you are that’s your journey and that’s okay but it’s better to it’s better to have one new to terian meal per day than zero meals so one new to Tyrian food one bean whatever yes my husband is you know he’s the hardest nut to crack on this I mean tell me about that started put that new to Terry and meal on the table it’s a could you just put some bacon on top just you know this really could use some salt or whatever mm-hmm even though he’s been very supportive but he’s come a long way and I always say whenever he eats something you know better think better it’s better you know and that’s kind of our theme around here you know ya know if you have to have that pizza with whatever group or whatever you know eat that salad for the next meal better it is better it’s better to do something than nothing you’re sure absolutely totally agreed so tell me a little bit more about Dave Oh is he it’s so tell me more about your journey with him because this is what really interests me and what I really try to get into in these interviews this struggle and how you get through this struggle on how that happened so first I want to talk about your husband and your children it sounds like your children were the ones that influenced to you so maybe that’s not an issue for you with them yet with your husband tell me more about how over the years this journey has changed with him okay so he really was not on board you know he was like you know you’re not a doctor that kind of thing never you would say you know online or whatever yeah but now we know you know taking your health in your own hands you do doctors don’t have as much information as you do sometimes so it took a long time to just kind of you know keep at it and keep at it and then then he would start to think well maybe I don’t want this let’s say me surgery or you know maybe I that’s not the best route to go you know so I’m gonna say just by association of me you know doing this and that he you know eating what we eat on a regular basis he dropped like 10 or 12 pounds pretty quickly guys I mean just I know don’t men don’t then men make me so mad I just want to say that you guys make me so mad okay but yeah that’s that’s really wonderful just by choosing to eat Nugent area and that’s just you know whatever was there and whatever else is there outside of our kitchen you know right so but then he started to feel better you know and losing weight his pants were getting looser and his knees were feeling better and so then it was kind of well maybe I will make better choices and so fast forward like two years we just went out on Sunday okay to a restaurant and he ordered the hummus and vegetables not even the pita he did get the the flatbread but it’s vegetarian the vegetarian flatbread which like is such a big transformation for him yeah and and then a salad that we cleaned up we share everything all the time so I had some of the flatbread soup but um so the salad then you just like it restaurants you clean it up there was gonna be croutons and cheese like feta so I said can I have the shredded carrots instead of the feta and can I have some avocado instead of the croutons and they’re like yes so anyway so I told him I said I’m so proud of you you know he used to order his food and I would order mine and we would kinda share them just just so I could get some nutrients in him and take some things off you know what I mean totally sometimes he’ll say to me you’re you’ve accomplished your mission you know whatever if I don’t tell him I’m doing these things he knows he knows and he’s realizing it now so that he’s making choices last night he was at a club meeting the beer club actually and he chose his beer to go into this contest for anheuser-busch to brew it so Wow big deal yeah Tony but they had ramps there last night and he goes get so many I had I said how many none hey so what is a huge transformation for you know the red blooded all american guy who’s got to have meat yeah yeah it was the poster child before yeah but when he saw how good it was making him feel you know that’s that’s what you got serious that is huge go Devo I mean I have heard this from so many people and my ex-husband was like this – he’s Hungarian actually so I know all about the Hungarian diet and pork and bacon and you know these heavy things and then all these other men I hear about from women and my audience the same kind of a struggle the husband just won’t get on board he just won’t get on board but it’s so wonderful to hear that you know you have this years span of doing this with him but it’s starting to get there that’s wow congratulations that must feel so good for you oh it really does just to see him happier and healthier you know yeah so tell me then about your journey and how because it sounds like no matter what you stuck with it maybe you had some hard times over the years but you still kept sticking with it no matter what you’d hear from him or maybe what you’d hear from other people so tell me about your challenges what has been challenging for you over the years inside your own mind what has been difficult for you and how have you overcome those challenges yeah the hardest part is probably the planning and you know doing all that shopping and doing all that prep and because you’re in the kitchen a lot yeah when when when dr. Fuhrman says it’s a lifestyle change it is a lifestyle change and you have to be prepared for that he’d like you to go in you know with both feet right away yeah but if you eat to go little by little that’s how it happens I think for most of us mm-hmm so then I got to the point where I collected so many resources and and like it was time to decide what to have for the week and I would get all the cookbooks out you know live and eat to live quick you know quick and easy and yeah the resources and then you know get up the menus online and and have it all and it’s like I need to simplify because I’m driving myself crazy yes need to make you know just the perfect thing and I’ll tell you a lot of Newt Rotarians that I see online they’re very good at that sundae prep while I work Sunday and I have I have that all day thing and if there’s any time left I like to spend it with a family share of doing other things but so the prep work for me doesn’t work as well the 10 and 20 which I love is you know yeah half the 10 and 20 version too which I love yeah but buying five days worth of groceries yeah it’s a massive thing yeah you truly have only done it like two or three times because I end up with so much like like where are you gonna store it all in yeah and it goes bad or something comes up and you don’t eat a meal now it’s yeah yeah so that didn’t work for me so three days out is the very most and usually it’s six meals out I plan for okay this is how I come in so if I have six meals in the house breakfast lunch dinner breakfast lunch dinner I am good my store is six minutes away okay you know it’s further to go it’s a half hour away to get to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s okay which you know are gonna have more availability of service assurance yeah but my shop and save which is what we have here this is fine you know I can get avocados in my kale and all of those things there so it’s not a big I’d much rather go to the store and get seven or eight items then to get fifty items you know yeah yeah so what are you typically okay so you do about six meals out I think that’s a great technique I personally do something very similar and I I don’t like the prep either I did that a while back in 2016 you can see on my vlogs I did a lot of Buddha Bowl type stuff and so the prep for me wasn’t that big of a deal because it was I would take an hour on whatever day I had and just roast some of this make some of this you know make some quinoa get some lettuce chopped up or whatever it was and I would just have some raw carrots whatever all chopped up and ready to go to throw on top of a salad that was my version of prep it’s all I would do right but I wasn’t making dressings I wasn’t you know doing all these other things and then another day I might make a soup and that would be it I just couldn’t do much more than that and I didn’t have any desire to do anything more than that and also many of you probably have absolutely no interest in all that prep either so I love this technique of six meals out what do you do for those because breakfast I think breakfast is usually pretty easy what do you usually do for breakfast tell me about that first okay so breakfast is the simplest thing I where we vacation they have the same thing to eat like we go to the same spot every year okay and you know what you’re gonna have for breakfast lunch and dinner at every meal every year I mean this is for 30 40 years Wow cool and I thought you know they don’t have to think about what they’re gonna eat that’s half the battle Wow so I love the 10 and 20 so much day one is the blueberry Apple Oatmeal Monday okay I’m gonna say Monday is that oatmeal Tuesday is variable Wednesday is smoothie and almond butter is Nikhil toast is chia seed pudding I don’t have to think about one Friday and I send it to work with a day before I fix his breakfast so he always has something good neat Rotarian to eat at the office women donuts um so I do that and he knows what’s coming up to Saturday I’ll make a big fruit salad you know in the biggest bowl that I have someday we have like avocado toast and I’ll put cucumbers and tomato and Newt and lemon juice you know and just spread that on that makes life so easy and I’ll get there with the dinners but that would give a little boring if you just had the same thing you know every day so what I have like you know up to 30 meals I would think for dinner okay you know you know between 15 and 30 because growing up we always have the same 15 meals or rotated through yeah same thing take the ones you love the most if dave says oh this is tastier Hey and then I’ll incorporate that into the evening meal thing oh come on just like if we if we have leftovers you know or I have Amy’s soups I read and eat to live I think it was that doctor Carmen said Amy soups have the lowest sodium you know go there yeah that’s a great G bond the lentil soup and yeah I slice in a mushroom in there I’m handfuls of greens you know so it’s just like a sauce for my greens yeah that’s turmeric and black pepper you know and make it really healthful and then dinners are just like here’s the standard if you don’t know what to have it’s a big salad a big steamed veg and something else does something else could be a recipe that I that he you know dr. Fuhrman sends a recipe if you’re a member mm-hmm every day I’ll try that or it could be an ice cream or you know yeah just something else and if you don’t have something else you’re so it was this big anyway so you’re not really hungry for something else but just to keep it interesting I try to do that oh I love that but wonderful tips thank you so much I would really love Terry if you don’t mind I want to do a PDF based on this particular video if I’ll talk with you at the end of this and we can figure out some of your favorite recipes I’ll put some recipes in a PDF if that’s okay with you want to share some of yours and everyone great so just as I always do I try to create PDFs with each video I’m doing now I don’t always succeed but I’m gonna do one with this one of some of Terry’s favorite recipes her go twos so you can check those out make sure you check the links above and below for the cheat sheets and when you sign up for that list specifically you can actually get all the old cheat sheets as well that I’ve put out so that’s gonna be really good and helpful for you guys I think Thank You Terry sure so um so you I love this idea of doing the same exact thing every day for breakfast I mean we I think most of us I know some of us don’t but most of us have the easiest time in the morning right like it’s it’s it’s your willpower is really good you’re all you know set again for the day and so that’s nice to just kind of have to not think about that and then another thing I like to do always is make sure that I’m not wondering what I’m gonna eat for lunch that’s a huge part for me because the the tough time for me in the day is the afternoon after lunch so at any time from before lunch to after lunch but usually after lunch so if I haven’t if I don’t have a plan for what I’m gonna eat it’s always I’m sitting there in front of the fridge like I I mean my fridge can be wall-to-wall stocked with everything and I’m like I have nothing to eat I don’t any of this stuff right so it’s always deciding in the morning what I’m gonna eat first for lunch and then maybe for dinner too but dinner is usually not an issue for me so I kind of get through the day that way and then that way you know tell myself all right once I’m done with lunch dinner is gonna be at such-and-such time and I’m gonna have this thing so it’s nice that you kind of have those you know 30 dishes that you love so much and how did you get those dishes was it just kind of it was trial and error for you and for Dave over the years kind of seeing what you liked yeah absolutely yeah yeah yeah and yet our attenion 20s are the most help I would say yes you know they’re new to Tyrion to start you don’t have to fix them you know or adjust anything yeah chilies are amazing you know standard would be the way to us know taste black bean soup or you know the tailgate yeah there’s a real good chili with the kidney beans in the version too but um yeah and if you if you go through the G bums in your head you know something usually things will come to you if you have mushrooms in there all the time yeah oh and some kind of being lentil chickpeas whatever yeah just think G bombs and then whatever’s in your kitchen you know it starts to come together yeah but recipes really I’m gonna say that the tendon twenties have been the most help yeah I actually have to agree with that I think if you guys watch my journey you see when I did that 10 and 20 that was the start of my series of vlogs where I was doing what I eat every single day for 200 days so you can check out those and see all the things I was eating but it started with the 10 and 20 and that really did change in my life just like I think it did yours chip Terry where you know you’re you’d know exactly what’s going in it you know it’s gonna be fine so you have to worry about anything and you learn all these new recipes and I think that’s where people get kind of like hung up on the 10 and 20 because there is so much prep there’s so much work to do it but I actually am going through the second one right now but I’m doing it in a very like lacs way I’m just kind of like today taking day one and going alright all I need to know today is what salad I’m gonna have cuz I already know what I’m gonna have for breakfast I always have the same thing myself and then for dinner is always just kind of alright have a soup in the freezer or whatever so it’s just what salad am I gonna happen I’m kind of using the 10 and 20 in that way to just find some new meals and not have to decide what to make really so that can be really helpful too I’m gonna put a link for the 10 and 20 both versions in this down below or above so you can check those out if you’re interested they’re not that expensive and I’m telling you they changed my life so it’s money well-spent yeah cool so I’m gonna put weight loss you know then you might want to follow it day-by-day and do you really strict but that’s the time it’s just a great resource yeah and also I think them one of the biggest things okay so it’s 20 days 3 recipes a day about 60 recipes it’s like boot camp once you get through 20 days man you know some recipes alright so next question um Terry when you go out to eat what do you guys do what are what’s your strategies or you know challenges or whatever okay going out to eat when you sit down and you open up that menu you’re thinking gee box right so look look for the greens okay everybody has salad on their menu so you got salad you think how can I clean that up you know that’s got ordered the chicken salad but take the chicken off add some avocado there’s not one in I would do real quick cuz you wrote in your email and I really liked this you call it clean up salads you call it clean up meals right I think that’s really smart um think of that that term that Terry uses clean up when you go out to a restaurant go ahead sorry yeah yeah so get those salads and then find like some places will have beans somewhere else in the menu or on a different salad that you’re not ordering and just do swaps I used to be so afraid to do that I’d be like oh I’m such a pain you know they don’t want to deal with me I never have problems if you’re confident you know and you’re not whiny like do you think yes just be confident with it and say I’d really like can you do that you know and they’ll be like sure no problem nice I have no problem so yeah look for the G buns and if there’s mushrooms anywhere in the menu that means they’re in the kitchen they can they can saute those and if they come like they misunderstood and brought them raw say could you just saute these a little bit they need to be cooked yeah you know you don’t want those wrong yeah and look there’s raw onion over here on this salad could you put the red onion you know on this so first you’re looking for those G bombs you know then you know if there’s hummus anywhere a lot a lot of times on the appetizer zero B hummus yeah Mexican restaurants now there’s one that we we’ve gone to consistently and I have to clean up whatever I order for there because you know of course there’s gonna be salt and stuff in there too but you’re out and there’s only so much you can do but how order is salad and say can you take the chicken off and give me the fajita vegetables on top you know so there’s broccoli and cauliflower and mushrooms and zucchini and so they’ll do that and I’ll say can I have a side of beans with no cheese cuz I always put that cheese on something yeah no cheese and then they bring it to the table and I’ll put the beans on that salad with those roasted vegetables or vegetables uh what more could you want and now here’s your dressing take the avocado and this also smash that together and you are totally new to terian you know so that’s something that I’ll do frequently and then there’s better is better if there’s absolutely nothing on the menu which is hardly ever I mean most people have sides like they’ll do asparagus on this you know whatever the stuff is next yep after the salads go to the sides they’ll have broccoli everybody’s got steamed broccoli it seems like or asparagus or Brussels sprouts sometimes at a restaurant the only thing I can get is the the sides so I’ll get all three I’ll get I do good anything yet now I might be starving when I leave but I’ll do something at home I’ll make an ice cream okay yeah but um but I know I’ve made the best choice and every time you make the best choice you get the best result yeah okay so that is what you want to focus on yeah Wow I love it yay that’s so good those tips are so wonderful um you know and this is a thing too is I think a lot of people end up getting stuck in the peer pressure feeling of it like oh I’m at a restaurant with these people I didn’t choose this Geron so and I don’t want to look like an outcast so I’m just going to you know order whatever and just try to get back on track when I get home but I love those ideas of you know first of all looking at the G bombs and you know looking at the salads and trying to clean up something else really good techniques there what do you what advice would you have for someone if they were worried about that peer pressure aspect of your say you’re at a table with three or four co-workers and they’re all ordering whatever and they’re kind of looking at you funny or you’re worried that they might look at you funny what would you say in a situation like that or how would you order what would you do you know I I kind of used to feel that way and then I would just go ahead and order what I thought was the best thing anyway and somebody somebody right then would say oh I should have done that it’s it’s not the way you think yeah just like when I go to two people’s homes and I need to bring some I used to be afraid to bring new to terian food with me because I would think oh well you’re at a party you want tasty stuff right yeah yeah well I started doing it I started bringing I’ll give you this eat your vegetables kind of salad with green beans and stuff but I started bringing that people are like oh this is really good or I bring the Buffalo cauliflower you know it’s yeah the nigger Buffalo cauliflower or something like that and people will say oh that’s really good only one time said you know one guy said you had me at Buffalo but lost me at cauliflower yeah the only time anybody’s ever made sure you know where they didn’t want to try it but yeah yeah yeah don’t sell people short when you’re doing a good positive thing yeah that can be contagious and people will start to see wow and they were brave enough are they I dunno how could have made a better choice yeah usually what happens I love that I love that that’s so true and I’ve noticed that as well that often times like I have so many friends that don’t do nutri terian and over the years so many times I’ve gone out with them and I’ll ask and they know how I eat and that’s it like you know that’s just what it is my whole websites about that come on I’m not gonna that we’re gonna go and just have some meat or something right but they always say um no that’s fine I love to eat healthy when I can right or no that’s great I’d love to go there or I’d love to make this dish or no I’ll make a new trattoria meal for this for you sherry because because I want to eat healthy sometimes too and it actually gives them the chance it gives them permission to do something super healthful that they wouldn’t have chosen before and so I find that very very like super super wonderful too because I I can influence them in a way that’s like it’s not pressure you at all and they actually get to do something that might spark in them oh I could do this more often right I could do this yeah for myself hmm yeah I won’t add one more thing about the restaurant thing please it used to be like so when I used to go out air early in the Nutri terian days and I go out and I think oh this is a chance to treat myself you know so I’d get whatever I normally would get at that restaurant yeah but as I got more into you know making better choices the treat became I get to eat new to Tyrion and somebody else’s fixing it for me the trains and now I enjoy it so much more to eat well when I’m out yeah so to leave a restaurant and not feel and I was just talking about this in my last video I used to go out to crop us all the time with my ex-husband and it was this wonderful we loved this it was a it’s what made my heart happy doing this before I got there but after I got there I was always so mad at myself I was too full I hated the way I felt and it was gonna take three or four days for that salt to come out of my system and for me to feel less bloated and all as always the worst thing after right yeah but when you get to choose that new to Terry meal just as you were saying and you get to leave with a happy tummy and you know you haven’t derailed yourself in any way that feels that better right it’s so good oh so you were telling me that you’ve been to one of his health getaways before is that right yeah oh nice tell us about that yeah yeah well that’s not something I would normally do but I I just this lifestyle is I’m just so convinced you know and so back in 2015 things were different you know my dad was living with us he had just been diagnosed with leukemia and I you know he was in a nursing home and I said you know that’s not gonna do so I brought him home with us and so it took a little more guts really to go spend the money because you know it’s expensive yeah but I saved and saved because I thought what a better thing to do with my money than to educate myself on health it just was become a priority you know if you’re making your health your priority then what better thing than to go and see dr. joel Fuhrman for a South we can eat vegetarian food so my goal was to get some ideas about food it was still a struggle back then to get the food on the table you know what are we gonna eat you know we not familiar with these foods we don’t enjoy them you know yeah that was happening so I didn’t join it week and I tell everybody when you’re eating buffet three times a day you know how much food that is we’d be like oh my gosh it’s time to eat again I’m still the last meal so we were stuffed all week long just these buffets and trying a little bit of everything and I still lost five pounds that week and I’m like how was this possible yeah you know so that the next one was um last year in May and it was a culinary focus right so had three marvellous chefs James Roy Bakker Robin Jeep and Martin Oswald and I thought how does an Austrian you know cook vegetarian yeah so anyway I thought I really want they offered a certificate in all right new to Terry and chef yeah that’s and that was an amazing leak because the notebook oh we just scribbled notes the whole week you know and with so many great ideas how you were asking one time how you know it’s a replace salt so you learn replace salt sugar make things creamy and make things you know more nutritious than they would have been yeah it’s just a week of all of that it was so wonderful so I got so many great ideas from that and I think I go back to it from time to time because you can’t do it all at once there was so much information yeah that I just incorporate it you know little by little and it’s just made an amazing difference in my cooking you know that it’s getting more tasty and you know just more satisfying that’s great yeah thank you for sharing that with us you know I wanted to mention when you are saying that it is very expensive that’s I’ve never gone actually because it’s too expensive for me one day I hope to some time in the future but I want to say I have seen dr. Fuhrman’s speak many times several three four or five times or something he speaks all over the country at different times in different places like they just announced an Indiana won and I’ve seen him in Florida I’ve seen him here in Vegas at different conferences to look at his schedule online and see if you guys can find a place where he’s gonna be speaking or get on the email list who can hear about his speaking engagements because even just hearing him once will open up a lot of new things that you didn’t think of before and sometimes they have you know dinners that come along with these speeches or whatever it is and so it can be a really cool way to like even maybe meet some people in a different area make some new friends I’m sure that at the new to terian getaway as well you met a bunch of people that you know I’ve made that I had the first year we are friends for life and yeah it was just so amazing nice yeah so get into the community that way and try to see if you can see dr. Furman lives because he’s doing stuff all over the country all the time and it’s really something she’s so the last question I want to ask is um what’s your advice for people that want to get started with this lifestyle very overwhelming so what’s your best advice for people starting up yeah so first of all I would say your priority if your priority is your health you know you have to have some motivation because this is not a real easy thing to do obviously but so when your priorities change to putting your house first or to solving a health issue that you have specifically think on that you know every day every morning make those better choices and as you make those better choices just one by one you will start to feel better emotionally physically psychologically because knowing you’re making this better choice how can how can you you know feel any better than knowing you’re doing something good I say and like I said dr. Fuhrman once she really he thinks it’s best and a lot of people say if you’ve got one foot on on each side of the fence it’s very hard to do that so some people need to go 100% and you ever look at yeah but um but if you do look back don’t give up what you just did has nothing to do with the next meal um the knowledge and that’s the second thing I would say acquire the knowledge I have my mishit Aryan Studies certificate and and by golly that that was a nine-month program you’re studying textbooks with jargon and scientific terms that you think you’ll never understand but if you’re interested and motivated you can understand it and then you go through the whole course about nutrit Arianism yes and who would you learn so much so the education just keep educating yourself once you have the knowledge you can’t look back you’re not going to unknown that and yeah and the science isn’t gonna change so much that that the G bombs are gonna be unhealthy right happen so once you have the knowledge you are Newt Rotarians you know what I’m saying it’s a certain extent and so and I think the other thing if I would say I’m a black belt or I’m a new to Tyrion I don’t I don’t say that I would say I’m a person who chooses to eat new to Tyrion because that’s more approachable if you say I’m a nutri Terry that’s not approachable for people they don’t know that but it you know so just say I choose to eat well you know or put it in some terms that people can understand yeah and think about it that way simplify it think of the new Jerian lifestyle as a diet of abundance mm-hmm a diet of you know tastiness a diet of nutrients you know think of all the good things that there are about it and that positive reinforcement will get you through a lot yes yeah wow those were some wonderful I mean I was gonna say gee bums but I mean truth buns is what I was really looking for that stuff is so good all of those things that you said right at the end rewatch that part guys because I want to make a comment about the Nutri Tyrion certificate you got that’s something that’s offered on dr. Fuhrman’s website you can do this nine-month program it does it has textbooks it’s you know you’re in school basically you can get a certification the same as the culinary again getaways the getaways in general of great things to do very expensive though so I imagine that these are things that you know you saved up for you considered for a long time you you know oh so much money but you can get there you can get there in your journey but start small start with little videos start with you know dr. Fuhrman has so many articles and so many recipes and my technique is always one recipe a week just try one new recipe a week minimum if you can’t yeah just just little things here and there and you can work up to those other things that Terry’s mentioning there’s so much you I mean you can give yourself a certificate with all the free content that’s online the other side of I think is really important is to look into like Facebook groups and the different places where you can get support too so if you’re just starting out all of the things that Terry said are so important that I think the education is probably one of the most important and you’ll hear dr. Fuhrman’s say it ad nauseam as well the education is the most important part you have to get that reasoning in your mind when you’re going to make these choices but also having support from other people who are doing it as well I think is very important and Terry you’ve done a great job you know you always watch my videos you’re always reading things and learning and I think that’s really and that’s my strategy as well I’ve always got an audio book going on at some place during the day so I can keep that information flowing yeah and so if you haven’t been through all of Sherry’s videos you must Sheri has been such an inspiration to me personally for these last couple of years and I watched when you did the 10 and 20 you know daily you know in your log o vlog do your cooking and eating and what you thought of it and all of that you know I was like I couldn’t wait to get to the next one you know I’m with you on that day you know so we you know unbeknownst to you we wouldn’t share you know opinions yeah we had the same thing happened on that kale soup the cheesy kale soup I thought I wonder what my sisters would think if I bring them this soup and you had the same thought about somebody you were anyway yeah think yeah Sheri is an inspiration she’s one of the few nutrit Ariens out there there are some you know when they’re getting more but but Sherry’s so real very personal and don’t you dare edit this out of because I’m speaking from my heart you’ve encouraged me through all of this knowing somebody else was there having the same feelings you know having cheat days or whatever you know not doing so well and saying how that feels it’s a real inspiration so use it it’s a resource to all of you that really want to start this lifestyle and get healthier and feel better and the same right back to you you’ve been such such a great support for me always commenting and and giving me some really good encouragement it’s um it’s people like you that I do this for and it’s people like you that have kept me going so thank you so much for everything over the years and I look forward to our friendship just blossoming and growing and and for us getting healthier and healthier and healthier and helping other people get healthy okay thank you so much Terry I think this has been just a crazy amount of awesome information I so appreciate you doing this interview with me if so remember we’re going to be giving some of Terry’s favorite recipes in a PDF so look for out for that thank you so much Terry Thank You Shari chorus okay so guys as always if you like this video you can tell me by hitting the like button and that way I’ll know you’re interested in more interviews like this also you can comment down below let me know what you thought what was the thing in this interview that hit you the most that really stuck with you the most because I know there was about 10 things for me and that is no lie I thought this was really really helpful so also please subscribe if you haven’t subscribed to get notifications for all the videos coming up in the future and lastly this is a small business I run this is actually a small business I’m a coach and I’m also doing all of these YouTube videos for free for you so if you can find it in your heart or your thoughts or your wallet to possibly donate just a little bit here and there would be so helpful and you can do that on my patreon channel patreon is the website we actually get some extra content that I don’t put anywhere else so if you are interested please check out patreon and put a link for that down below all the links for everything we’re talking about down below so you can check all that out thank you so much for watching thank you again Terry and I will see you guys in the next video bye thanks bye